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    Elsa got a reaction from Specter in Aveyond Mac OS Official Thread   
    AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! XD XD I've been ghosting this thread ever since I got rhens quest for eans quest, but didn't expect aveyond 4 at all :D
    What do you mean by unofficial though?
    Also, willl I get a coupon for this one?
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    Elsa reacted to Specter in Aveyond Mac OS Official Thread   
    Aveyond is available for Mac!
    You can get all of the games DRM FREE from RadialApps
    Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist
    Aveyond 3: Orbs of Magic - Complete Collection
    Aveyond 3-1: Lord of Twilight
    Aveyond 3-2: Gates of Night
    Aveyond 3-3: The Lost Orb
    Aveyond 3-4: The Darkthrop Prophecy
    Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest
    Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest
    Old post (please do not follow the links in here):

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    Elsa reacted to Specter in Aveyond Mac OS Official Thread   
    This is unofficial as of now, though you can get it from my site here:
    (tag: Aveyond 4 for Mac )

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    Elsa reacted to UltimaCJ in Destiny of a Wizard II: Beyond the Vale (In development!)   
    Hey there fellow Amarthations, UltimaCJ  here with UltimaCJ Productions.  I've had some folks asked if I was working on a sequel to the first game of Destiny of a Wizard here at Aveyond.  Yes I am working on a sequel and it's still being heavily developed.  Those who have played the game, thank you very much and I've hoped you've enjoyed it.
    The second installment in the series, continues where the first one left off.  The game will have many new features including:
    >New combat system
    >New graphics from various resources (such as the DS/DS+).
    >Merc recruitment system were the player can pick up to ten different classes (such as the witch-hunter or the green mage) offering different playability.
    >New game play Mechanics such as new puzzles and mini games.  That weren't implemented in the original.
    >Expanded save points:  While many have voiced their opinion on the saving system, DoaW2 will feature something similar but this will be expanded to were saving will have much more variety to it
    >New voice overs:The talented Paul Gaglione will return to do voice overs for at least one to two new characters as well as the recurring characters.  There will also be several new characters in the sequel that will be voiced over by a few new people
    The game is still under heavy development and eventually I will be looking for beta testers down the road.  To see developmental progress and screen shots please visit our website and Facebook page: 
    If any updates over time are added, they'll be posted to the websites.  As always, I welcome feedback and I feel the second installment in the series will be better than ever!  Please note if you have yet to play Destiny of a Wizard, the developmental page does contain spoilers about the game's story, so please do not click on our website links unless you want to be spoiled.
    Questions and comments are welcomed directly through here, or through PM or e-mail.
    Have a great day!
    CJ Fantuzzo / UltimaCJ Productions
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    Elsa reacted to Specter in [FanFic] Aveyond: The Lord of Twilight - In Progress   
    They didn't need any long debate to decide their next destination. As Galahad, who had most experience with these things, examined the facts Edward told him, it seemed evident that the first place to go was the Istir forest. While it was true that Dragthor was not far off either, it was definite that the Istir would be easier to approach. Dragthor lied on the peak of a mountain, which was surrounded by dangerous hills and no one seemed eager to go mountaineering so soon after they had returned from the northern mountains. Moreover, the area was now occupied by the drakes, whose allegiance was another thing to question. Mel hoped they would be helpful; it didn't sound pleasing to fight an army of fire breathing beasts.
    They bought a reddish maroon hooded cloak for Tei'jal for two reasons, the first being that she had already started complaining about the harsh sun and the second that vampires mostly wore clothes from their death day, something that looked horribly out of place. In the end, Galahad too sacrificed his old armor and the drape of Sedona and donned a thin plate mail covered with a bluish cloak. He, however, didn't wear a hood, feeling heavenly as the sun struck his face after the years passed.
    The Istir forest was situated at the north-westernmost part of the mainland and the area was usually covered with snow, and it was known impossible to cross in winter. Even in summer, few ever traversed it right to the center, where the castle lay. Trade to the lands were rare and there were no organized trips or means of transport that led there.
    They stocked up their supplies in Harburg, hoping to get anything they missed in Thais. Having Tei'jal and Galahad was an asset: they could carry huge loads with seemingly little effort. After making sure they had enough to last for many days, they took leave of the town, making way for the brightwood forest. It took them some convincing to make sure Tei'jal rode a horse too, to make sure no one suspected anything strange.
    They rode slowly, something against which Tei'jal protested a lot, but the majority won. As a result, it took them almost more than half a day to reach Thais. By now sure that they hadn't missed anything, they didn't stop, for there seemed to be a good time of some four hours of light. In the end, they stopped at the merchant city of Ralora, still a good way from the border.
    Ralora marked the center of the Thial territory, while the capital fell a bit to the east. The city served as a junction to the hundreds of travelers that went across the kingdom. Being located at the center also meant safety, which in turn led to huge amounts of wealth being stashed away into the houses. The city was heavily armed and was a strategic fortress for Thais. Like the capital, it had a wall and legend said it had once sustained a ten year siege from the west.
    The city was worth witnessing, Mel realized as they trudged along the roads. The buildings were flashy and gleamed red in the setting sun, along with the numerous colors they were painted with. They were tall, reaching four to five storeys in some cases, though they weren't as beautiful as the ones in the elite parts of Thais. It seemed to be busier than Thais, for the roads were crowded even at this time. Merchants with slaves and horses pulling carts were the commonest sight to be seen. A quick inquiry revealed that most of the merchants were headed to the center of the city, where the union's warehouse was located. Merchants would use it in harmony and it served as a storage for anyone who was willing to afford it. The five travelers walked slowly along the red tiled path as they experienced the grandeur of the rich city.
    The inn and the tavern seemed to be no different than the one they usually went to in Thais. Mel and Stella sat quietly together, while Edward seemed to be trying to have some conversation. Tei'jal had insisted not to come while Galahad was in deep conversation with a strange looking man on the other end of the large room.
    'Mel' Stella said, returning from her lost look. 'How did you ever meet Tei'jal?'
    'She saved me from Gyendal' Mel said. She explained the events of the night in full detail. She still could remember the stench in the water laden sewer.
    'And then she brought you to Thais?'
    'Yeah, and I was forcefully enrolled into the academy'
    'But' she frowned. 'Didn't you tell anyone in Harburg that you were leaving?'
    Mel shrugged.
    'There isn't really anyone like that, though I did owe ten coins to Boden, my employer. I guess I should have returned those yesterday... I'll probably do it the next time we go there'
    'What of your family?'
    'I don't have any' she said. 'Or at least, none that I know of' She told her everything she had told Ted and Steven all those days back. She hoped Ted wouldn't be mad at her when she went back.
    'I'm sorry' Stella said as she finished.
    'It's long gone' Mel said carelessly. She paused. 'Do you remember anything of your family?'
    'No' Stella said quietly. 'I wish I could, though. I don't know, but maybe we'd have a small house on the hill, a small stream that runs by. Maybe I'll have a sister, just like you. You're so nice to me, Mel, even though I've never done anything for you. I really wish we had met before'
    She smiled innocently and suddenly, unawares, Mel realized her eyes were slightly wet.
    'Well we have us, at least' she said, looking away. Mel smiled like she had never before, for there was something in her eyes that had just touched her heart.
    'There is news' Edward said taking a seat opposite to Mel. 'And it isn't good'
    He picked up a small cherry from a bowl of fruits that had somehow ended up on their table and put it in his mouth.
    'There has been unnaturally heavy snow near the Istir since several months and the road is practically blocked for everyone'
    'Who told you this?' Mel asked, leaning ahead.
    'He says he's a regular merchant to the region and business has been suffering due to this snow' He eyed a man wearing a furry coat a few tables away.
    Mel frowned, unknowingly taking a cherry from the basket too.
    'What choice do we have anyway?' she asked. 'What does the man say?'
    'He says there is a way to get in, bypassing the block through the caves, but the path is dangerous and dark. Anyway, he says that now this path is blocked too, which is the reason why he's still here'
    Mel went back in her chair. Before they could talk any more, Galahad put down his glass, which still was full, in front of them.
    'The road...' he began.
    'Is blocked' Edward completed, nodding.
    'Very well' Galahad said, looking surprised. 'Now it seems that we must take a bit of deviation first'
    The three leaned ahead.
    'The man I was just talking to says that there is someone who is a master of the ways of the Istir. I had to buy him many drinks to extract this, but it seems that this particular man resides in Stormbend'
    'I've been there' Edward said, straightening up.
    'Well and good' Galahad said again. 'Now this drunkard says that the man has extensive knowledge and hence, he can lead us right to the capital. However, he also mentioned that he has been acting strangely from late and may not accept payment in means of money'
    Mel bit her tongue.
    'That could be a bit of hassle' she said.
    'It could, for all we know, but let's hope otherwise. Anyway, this seems like the only way ahead for us. Does anyone have any other suggestion?'
    No one spoke.
    'It's finalized then' he said, getting up. 'Tomorrow, we change route and make instead towards west, heading for Stormbend'
    'Where are you going?' Mel asked.
    'I've to hunt down a vampress before she does anything bad' he said. She noticed the slight grin on the corner of his lips.
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    Elsa reacted to Specter in [FanFic] Aveyond: The Lord of Twilight - In Progress   
    'It's doesn't look much good' Tei'jal said as Mel finished narrating their adventure and the inscriptions at Naylith. 'It looks like you'll have to find this broken key somehow before you can get there'
    They were in the study of the Darkthrop Keep. The lone window was barred and absolutely no light entered, making it safe for the vampire couple. Edward was seated near the empty grate, Stella by his side. Galahad was standing near the door, looking into infinity while Tei'jal paced around. Mel looked on, seated in the old armchair, tending to her wounds.
    'We probably can get to Istir or Dragthor' Edward said. 'As they are on the main lands, it shouldn't be much difficult. Venwood and the Orc kingdoms will be difficult, to be optimistic. You can't get to Venwood without a ship at all and the Orc kingdom's eastern gates are sealed, so we can't approach it directly from the Naylith route. I asked my father about it and that's what he said'
    Mel suddenly realized she had forgotten something.
    'Hang on' she said, straitening. 'You didn't tell me how you knew we were coming here'
    'I don't know, actually' he said sheepishly. 'I had a vague intuition...'
    Mel looked at Stella, who seemed as surprised as her.
    'Anyway, I would have reached much earlier if I had not had a bad accident in the mountains. My horse slipped down into the valley and... then these... vampires... whom we just killed... found it'
    'How did you escape?' Tei'jal said sharply.
    'I didn't. I hid in the ledge on the cliff and two came forward followed by another red cloaked one...'
    'Gyendal' Mel and Tei'jal said together.
    'Yeah, well he looked like their boss and stopped their quarreling'
    'What were they quarreling about?'
    'I don't remember exactly, but it was about someone being trustworthy and that this person had great power. By the looks of it, they were talking about this red... about Gyendal'
    'That's strange' Tei'jal said slowly. 'I didn't know there were chances of mutiny'
    'Well, they stopped talking about that soon and one said something about the area being unnaturally barren ... O yes, then Gyendal came and explained that my horse had drunk water from some important stream that caused it's blood to be harmful for them'
    'The white stream...?' Galahad said, slowly turning around.
    'That's what it was. What is it anyway?'
    'It's a legendary river that few believe exists. The water is enchanted, just like the streams of Aveyond. It's never been found, but it's power has known to have resurrected the dead long back, when a lone traveler returned from the lost world. No one knows where it is now'
    'Well they said it prevented them from smelling around'
    'That's stranger' he said. Tei'jal had stopped pacing, Mel noticed. 'Even if it did have drunk the waters, that shouldn't happen'
    'Something I can't believe I missed till now' Tei'jal said suddenly. 'I can't smell you either. It's simply indistinguishable from everything else. It all seems blotched by something'
    Galahad ran his hand over his hair.
    'That would need sorcery, and very powerful at that. It is incomprehensible. Have you been to any shrine or place of magic?'
    'No' Mel frowned. 'We directly went to Naylith from Thais'
    'We did meet someone, actually' Stella said suddenly. Everyone looked at her. 'In Alur'
    'Yes, I wanted to ask you about that' Mel said. 'This man comes to me on my table and asks me if I'm haunted by a ghost. Then he says it's a corpse, because... well he said it's a corpse anyway. Then without answering any question about himself, he throws around hundreds of things from his bag and gives me this'
    She held out the small vial Stella had just passed her below the table. In a flash, it was in Tei'jal's hands. She examined it closely, shaking the contents and looking again.
    'Was the man cloaked?'
    'Yes' Mel answered.
    'Did he sound pleasant?'
    'Do you know him?'
    'Was there a gash near his right hand?'
    'There was!' Stella said, something that Mel had missed.
    'Who is this man?' Mel asked again.
    Tei'jal smiled, slowly turning it to a grin.
    'He's a wizard, who is very popular among us' she said. 'I can't believe the old man could actually complete it!'
    'So what is that?'
    'Were you carrying water from the Alusa?' she asked, ignoring the question.
    'Yes' Stella said, taking out a water skin. Tei'jal took it hastily, her eyes looking greedy.
    'What are you doing?' Galahad asked as she emptied the vial's contents into the water.
    'You try it first, husband' Tei'jal said. Without warning, she splashed the water onto his face. He screamed loudly before looking up again.
    'Are you crazy?' he said, though he looked normal.
    'No, I'm generous' she said, splashing the rest on her own face. The three others were looking at her apprehensively. Looking satisfied, Tei'jal walked up to the end of the room. Everyone gasped. In a swipe of her hand, the boards have way and the bright morning sunlight streamed inside. There she stood, unafraid, looking outside after hundreds of years.
    'I think your quest just turned a lot easier' she said, turning to them. 'He did owe me this small favor!'
    Galahad slowly walked to the window and looked out. He seemed to be sensing something heavenly.
    'I don't know who he is' he said, fire in his eyes. 'But surely, I do owe him a lot now'
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    Elsa reacted to Specter in [FanFic] Aveyond: The Lord of Twilight - In Progress   
    Stella crouched behind a tree as the rider stopped in front of the gates. He looked around slowly in the dark, his eyes lingering a little longer on Mel's horse, which was still on the ground, wounded but alive. A second later, he jumped down and closely examined the horse. Then suddenly, he turned and ran off into the woods.
    Stella kept down, sitting where she was, unsure what to do. The rider had left the horse behind, so it was evident that he would return and she didn't want to be caught off guard. She badly wanted to help Mel, whatever she was, but there didn't seem to be any rational and possible way to do it. Slowly, she raised her stance slightly. With a flash of metal, the sword was at her neck. She stumbled and fell down again.
    'Stella!' Edward exclaimed, helping her to her feet. 'Where's Mel? What are you doing here?'
    Stella looked at him, unbelieving her eyes. She wanted to ask how he had reached there, but held the question.
    'She and Galahad went to the Darkthrop Keep. Galahad talked something about Tei'jal needing their help' she stammered.
    'Who's Galahad? What keep is this?' There was a slight tone of urgency in his voice.
    'Galahad is a friend of hers. I don't know how they know each other, but Tei'jal and him are in the same league. The keep is there' She pointed in the general direction they had gone.
    'One more thing' Edward said, albeit slowly. 'Stella, are these really vampires?'
    'Yes' she said firmly. 'I don't understand why you didn't believe Mel, Edward! Why would we lie to you?'
    He looked at her for a second, biting his tongue.
    'Do you have a bottle or a small vial?' he asked suddenly.
    'Yeah. Why?' She handed him a small bottle of water she had just half finished.
    'Perfect!' he said, running to the horse. He slowly ran his hand over its back and whispered something in the horse's ear. A strange expression on his face, he drew out a small knife.
    'What are you doing?' Stella asked, her eyes wide. 'Edward?'
    'You'll know soon' he said. 'Just bear with me for some time'
    Much to the astonishment and disapproval of her, Edward made a small slice on the side skin of the horse. It's blood ran over the knife.
    'Edward!' Stella said again, looking horrified.
    'I'm sorry' he said, taking a few drops of blood in the glass bottle. The horse stood still without complaint, which intrigued both of them. Quickly, Edward closed his palm on the slice, waiting for the blood to stop flowing.
    'What was that for?' she asked, a bit loudly than usual.
    'You'll know' he said shortly, checking if the cut had reduced.
    'Wait!' Stella said, running forward. She removed his hand and kept her palm on the wound. Slowly, she closed her eyes and chanted softly. When she removed her palm, there was no wound.
    'That was awesome!' Edward said, all the same hurriedly getting on the horse.
    'I've been practicing a bit' Stella smiled as he helped her behind him.
    'Hold on!' he shouted, as the horse broke off into a gallop, making way for the old tower.
    The two vampires were skilled in battle beyond measure. The consoling fact was that Galahad seemed even better. Mel hardly did anything at all except dodge and throw some blows at them as Galahad unendingly stopped them from reaching her. The sword clash was spectacular, to say the least, but Mel didn't feel too excited at all. She was exhausted and wished it would all end.
    'This is getting nowhere!' she shouted, dodging another swipe from the vampire. The vampires, as well as Galahad, were fast but not as fast while they were fighting.
    Galahad didn't respond, mostly because he was too busy defending himself. He had barely been scratched till now, though the two vampires had numerous gashes through which no blood flowed. Mel was sporting a bloody lip and a cut in her forearm, but neither were worth bothering. She dodged another blow and sent her dagger cutting through the vampire's finger, inflicting a small wound.
    'This is impossible!' she shouted. 'These things are too strong'
    As if in answer to her question a knife flew out of thin air, hitting one of the vampires. Most unexpectedly, he screamed loudly and fell to the ground, withering badly. The others stopped the fight as the vampire became still, looking around for the source. From completely another direction, a glass vial flew through the air, smashing onto the other's head. He screamed as loudly and soon was lying beside the other. Mel looked at the corpses, bewildered beyond thought. In answer, Edward and Stella came into view, riding in from behind the forest.
    'Edward!' she exclaimed. He got down and hugged her, letting go quickly.
    'How is this possible?' she asked.
    'We can discuss everything later!' Galahad said in a commanding voice. 'Dawn approaches fast!'
    Mel gasped, noticing the already blue sky. Without waiting for them, Galahad quickly opened the huge door of the keep, the others close at his heels. Mel cursed as they ascended the fifth stairwell as the sun seemed close to horizon. The keep had few windows and most were barred, but she hoped the sun would hold itself for some more time.
    They burst onto the terrace, which commanded a beautiful view of the surroundings of Harburg though that was the last thing Mel wanted to see. The first rays of sunlight were almost visible. Galahad swiftly drew out his sword, cutting free Tei'jal, whose eyes were closed as they arrived. Tei'jal looked at them, confused for a second.
    'Run!' Mel yelled as the sun hit her face. With the vampiric speed, Tei'jal and Galahad crossed the length of the terrace, running back into the safety of the darkness. Mel sighed in relief. The night hadn't been a complete failure after all.
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    Elsa reacted to Specter in [FanFic] Aveyond: The Lord of Twilight - In Progress   
    Meanwhile, in the study of the Darkthrop Keep, Galahad tossed aside another inch-thick manuscript onto the already huge pile. It threw up a lot of dust, something that happened every time he did this. The room was quiet and desolate and little light entered from the lone window, which was the reflection of the village in the distance. Cobwebs hung from the ceiling, though he had cleared most of them before sitting in the old, unused armchair. The grate was empty, and a cold draught blew through the old tower.
    'There's nothing here' he said. Tei'jal didn't look up, her nose an inch from the frayed page. 'I wonder why the sorcerer didn't take better notes'
    He stretched his legs and looked out of the window for a second.
    'Give me something else' Tei'jal said, throwing the book in the bin. 'This one talks about making solutions that cause you to laugh'
    Galahad passed her another book from the huge, daunting bookshelf. Reluctantly, he pulled out one for himself too. The two read on in the silence, getting more impatient by every passing second. The few night's work had yielded nothing, and it was seeming to be increasingly pointless to continue. He was already through his fourth book, when Tei'jal make a slight noise.
    'Read this' she said, tearing out a page from the manuscript. Galahad took it gingerly and read it aloud.
    '"It has long before and shall remain for the long future the fall of many a wizard, for the case of the sorcerer of the Istir is exceptional. For too long has this been the fear of many, for it cannot be foreseen or cannot be prevented if fate has already decided upon it. Nevertheless, I must make provision which will be a precaution for the prophecy, though I know not if necessary it is. My fears are little, for I can always turn to the last way, but then it might take longer than projected for the fulfillment, which I can risk not, for time limits me. If I run out of magic, I can tap that of another " The last is written in red'
    Galahad looked at Tei'jal, who looked serious and read it again.
    'I think...' Tei'jal began, but couldn't complete it. Ropes flew out of thin air, binding her hands and feet to her body. Galahad remained seated, his hand on the hilt of his sword.
    'I don't know what you think, but I confess that indeed, it is a very interesting and useful discovery!'
    'Gyendal!' she said, grinding her teeth. He stepped out of the shadows, wearing his same old red cloak. 'How regrettable!'
    'Shall I destroy her, my lord' a voice said from behind. From the darkness, two more vampires appeared, holding Tei'jal from both the sides.
    'No!' Gyendal said in his commanding voice. 'Make her die a slow, painful death... tie her up on the tallest turret and let the sun do the dirty work'
    The vampires laughed. In the blink of an eye, the two and Tei'jal vanished into the darkness, their voices echoing in the tower. Galahad stood up finally.
    'My fight is not with you, dark knight' Gyendal said, looking at him. 'I know you are forced to do my sister's bidding'
    'She stole my soul' Galahad said angrily.
    'Wait till dawn, and you shall be free' Gyendal said coolly. 'Never shall she be able to torment you again'
    Galahad looked at him and then at the window. His gaze fell on the town below.
    'Burn her alone!' he cried, storming out of the old study. Gyendal chuckled.
    'Do you think that was wise?' a voice said, as the two vampires returned from the dark. 'I'm not sure he can be trusted so easily'
    'He can't' Gyendal said, nodding. 'Keep guard on the tower. Kill him if he returns. If he doesn't, he'll be a valuable man to have in my army'
    The vampires laughed again and vanished.
    The door of the local bar banged open as the blonde warrior entered. More than one pair of eyes followed him to the counter, owing more to the vertical scar on his right eye than his rather pale color. He carried the heavy armor like silk and none could guess he carried a total of four, carefully hidden swords.
    'Bartender!' he shouted. 'Ale! Wine! Give me anything!'
    The bartender hurriedly banged down two mugs of ale in front of him. He picked up one and thrust it forcefully to his lips. Two men seated on the, one old and the other young were watching him closely.
    'She deserved to die for what she did' Galahad cried out looking at them. 'She stole my sole and turned me evil. I was one a noble knight, a good man. The vile creature made me this! I should be enjoying this drink, but it tastes dirt. All I want is... blood'
    The old man chuckled. Galahad turned to him, surprised.
    'Did I say something funny?'
    'She sounds like my wife' the old man said, putting down his glass. 'Nora's been dead for thirty years now. I hated her till the day she died. I realized too late that I loved the woman'
    'Trust me, good man!' Galahad said coldly. 'My wife is evil'
    'How bad could she be?'
    'She'll eat you without a second thought'
    The man pushed the glass across the counter to the bartender. Everyone was watching them now, though the two seemed oblivious of the fact. He scratched his nose.
    'Is there nothing redeeming about this woman?'
    Galahad looked out of the window. The hundreds of years passed hadn't weakened his memory, but he failed to recognize how he had overlooked many a thing before. Slowly, his hand ran through his hair.
    'She stopped a demon from conquering the world and now she's trying to prevent a vampire from enslaving humanity' he said suddenly.
    The bar was dead quiet by now. Only the old man chuckled again.
    'Well, it looks like her bark is worse than her bite!'
    'You might be onto something' Galahad said,a sudden light on his face. 'As many times I may have heard her talk about eating humans, I've never actually seen her do it!'
    The man stopped smiling.
    'You need to stop drinking, friend' he said warily.
    'Yes' Galahad said, putting down the mug. He drew out the long sword, to which everyone took a step back. 'I need to save my wife!'
    Without looking back, he ran out the door, leaving the bartender cursing behind. It was a few seconds before anyone spoke.
    'Do you really think he believed his own story?' the young man on the counter asked. The older shrugged.
    'We get all sorts these days' he said over the resumed loud talk. 'I think I'll have another ale!'
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    Elsa reacted to Specter in [FanFic] Aveyond: The Lord of Twilight - In Progress   
    Edward stumbled forward, the valley dangerously hovering below. He was on the edge of the mountains, where the plains started. The side he was on was dangerously steep and went down a good five hundred to thousand feet, before the sudden flat forest below. In the distance, he could see the southern mountains beyond the plains. The rock was dry and solid and very unpleasant to hold as he carefully moved forward on the narrow path. It was wide enough for two men, but he clinged hard to the walls, fearing the edge and straight drop to death. Fortunately his hands were not sweaty and he could get a firm grip wherever he entered his fingers.
    He cursed himself for the mess he had gotten into. The move had been utter foolishness and he now had to account for a dead horse too. The sun was barely visible to the west, and it would be dark soon. He wondered what he would do then. Slowly, as he reached a wide ledge, he looked above. He still had to climb at least fifty feet to reach the usual beaten path. There was, however, absolutely no way he could climb the slick stone without a rope which was absent.
    'Blast it!' he moaned, wondering why he had ever fallen to the vague intuition of going to Harburg. He would possibly have done better to just stay safely in Thais. Just as he was about to think of trying the impossible vertical climb, he felt dust and tiny rocks fall in his hair. Looking up again, he vaguely saw something move.
    'Mel!' he shouted, though he had not the slightest idea if it was actually her. Few people passed on the lands, and Edward hoped it would be someone friendly. Nobody looked down and nothing even moved again. He looked above again for a couple of seconds, but nothing. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something move right on the path he had come from. Quickly, unsure, he scrambled inside a small dark hole to the side of the ledge. It, thankfully, hid him completely from outside view.
    Two men came, completely hooded and cloaked in black and turned behind. For a moment, he thought one had seen him, but he turned away without any sign. One of them was pacing back and forth on the ledge, his footing light and making hardly any sound.
    'Do you think the scheme shall work?' he asked. 'It has been said far too many times, but never did it really fan out as wanted'
    There was something about the voice that Edward didn't like. It sounded disconnected from the world, and felt colder than any other he had heard before. It was pitched like his voice, but without the lively emotion in it.
    'It will, surely' the second said. 'This time, we have him, for everything in the world. He is far too powerful than any of us. He has far more knowledge than all others I've known'
    'Have you spoken to him?'
    The second shrugged.
    'Only few ever have that privilege, maybe because he has his own followers whom he trusts more. I have heard him speak, though it was only a shadow to see'
    The first paced back and forth faster.
    'I don't know about this' he said. 'I don't understand why we are even trusting him. Why does he even want to help us?'
    'It was he, if I'm correct, who designed the entire scheme. It was initially not a matter of us trusting him, but he trusting us. I don't doubt there would have be many more who he could have gone to'
    'Could he now? To whom? Orcs? Elves? The dirty dwarves? I don't think that is really what it is'
    The second shrugged again. There was a silence for a few minutes. The first stopped pacing for a moment.
    'There's something about this place I don't like' he said roughly. 'It's too barren, even colder than the Abandoned Hills'
    'What's wrong about that?' the other said. 'These ways are rarely used, isn't that expected?'
    'This used to be a trade route long ago, the times few of us remember. I once had traveled along this very path and it was full of life and activity. Such ways leave their traces, but I can find none'
    'It's the heat' the second nodded. 'Probably the heat is responsible for the wear off'
    'You don't understand. The scent is too strong to go in a few hundred years. Something is not what it should be. There is some witchcraft happening here'
    He stopped pacing and looked above heatedly. For a second, he sniffed and inhaled strongly and then looked below again.
    'Nothing' he said, resuming the walk. 'I suspect it's a clever mix, or maybe sorcery, though I doubt it's both. I think I need to check on this...'
    'No' the other said firmly. 'He has told us to wait ahead and we must stay. He'll have your head if you stray'
    'I have to investigate this. This is most unnatural!'
    'I wouldn't advice that. He should come any second now and it's not usual that he asks us to go ahead'
    Thee first man grunted and made a rude gesture.
    'I don't care. I'm going...'
    'Nowhere' a voice said from behind. It was powerful and commanding to say the least. Edward guessed it was their leader. Again, he could make out the chill in the tone.
    'I'm very displeased with you, Rowin' he said, coming into view. 'I couldn't have imagined you'd question my wisdom when it comes to these things. I already had discovered what you did long back'
    He wore a similar black cloak and hood, but it was thicker than the two and Edward wondered how he could wear it in the sheer heat. The man was well built and looked like a warrior, though he could only see his back. A sword hung at his side.
    'There is no time to waste for these silly things. We must make haste or we shall be too late'
    'My Lord!' Rowin said. 'These circumstances are most unnatural and I'm sure some trickery is going on. We must explore the area to see if anyone is hiding around'
    Edward sunk an inch deeper into the hole. A single drop of perspiration appeared on his forehead.
    'Silence' the leader said sharply. 'I care not if anyone hides here, it is no business or importance to us. If you are not satisfied, let me show you something'
    He whistled sharply. For a moment, the man stood with his hand outstretched. Edward gasped.
    'Touch it not, for the creature has been to the White Stream and drunk it's water' he said, stroking it. 'By my guess, it was a wild beast who strayed to the unknown lands before making way back to civilization. No other animal could have survived such a fall'
    It was Edward's horse. He had seen it fall into the valley himself, and now he couldn't believe his eyes.
    'Let's kill it' the second man said with a distinct drawl. 'Maybe we'll have a feast'
    'I dare not touch it' the leader said, turning away. 'Even the blood of the beast shall be contaminated with the White Waters and if that is, it shall be doom for all of us. No! We tie it here to die slowly, and make on our own way'
    It was a direct order and the men didn't dare question it. Quickly, efficiently, they tied up the white horse to a nearby rock, securely binding it. The creature didn't resist, something that Edward couldn't understand.
    'Do we leave immediately?' Rowin asked, still eyeing the horse.
    'Yes!' the leader said. 'We have absolutely no time to waste. The sooner I get insights in this, the better it shall be. We travel fast now, and I no longer need this'
    He took off the black cloak to reveal a blood red cape. Edward suddenly noticed that the sun had set and it was becoming dark.
    'We'll corner them right in the tower. Keep to the shadows and wait till I give my signal. Do not act unless we know what we want'
    The two men nodded. Edward blinked. The next second, they had vanished.
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    Elsa reacted to Queen-of-Ice101 in Heirs of Darkness- A AV3 fanfic (AU)- In Progress   
    The moon was shining brightly over a dark forest, wind whistling through the trees. Crickets and frogs could be heard all over the forest, the occasional hoot of a owl adding it's own song to the sounds of the forest.
    But then a soft sweeping noise could be heard and it all fell silent as a lithe figure ran soundlessly through the forest, a predator that even monsters feared. Red hair glinted in the moonlight as the figure darted through the forest.
    Fifteen year old Te'ijal jogged back to the cave that her and her little brother were living in with a bag that held the body of two wild chickens. Looking at the barrier at the entrance that she had placed earlier that day Te'ijal placed the bag carefully on the ground before moving it out of the entrance.
    Once the boulder was far enough out of the way Te'ijal grabbed the bag with their food and walked into the cave silently, dropping it near the entrance before looking over at her brother.
    There was no answer and the black haired lump under the blankets at the other end of the cave didn't move.
    Te'ijal sighed.
    "Gyendal, I know your awake. You need to eat."
    Finally her twelve year old brother moved, sitting up and glaring at her. His dark forest green eyes were puffy and red from crying and the light if the moon reflected off the two fang scars on his throat, making them shine silver.
    Te'ijal's fingers instinctively flew up to touch her own marks before she yanked her hand away, angry at herself for no reason she could understand.
    "I'm not hungry. Leave me alone."
    Te'ijal rubbed her temples tiredly before dragging the bag along behind her.
    "Gyendal, we need to feed. Mother and father wouldn't want us to starve ourself. I know that meat doesn't taste all that good anymore but we don't really have anything else to eat......"
    "It makes me feel sick to eat cooked meat!!"
    "I know, it does the same to me. But if we eat it raw we'll get sicker."
    Te'ijal walked over to the fire and pulled out the two chickens before grabbing her knife and getting to work. The scent of the blood made her mouth water, but the animals in this area were infused with magic because of the Druid that resided over this area so the blood of the animals could very well kill them.
    If she cooked the meat the magic wasn't nearly as concentrated. They would be ok if they ate the cooked meat.
    The smell of food filled the cave although it appealed to neither of them.
    As Te'ijal sat and watched the meat she became aware of a odd sound outside the cave.
    "Gyendal, do you hear that?"
    Her brother looked up at her from the grass he was for some reason tying n knots and listened intently before sitting ramrod straight.
    "We need to-"
    Te'ijal was cut off by a arrow whizzing by her head, missing her by only a few inches. She let out a yelp and jumped sideways, nearly falling into the fire.
    Gyendal grabbed her arm to steady her although she had already caught her balance and the two of them stared fearfully at the mouth of the cave as two figures dressed from head to toe in black emerged.
    Shaking slightly Te'ijal wrapped a arm around her brother.
    "Well, well. What do we have here? It's not just a helpless little girl Ricky, we've also got a even more helpless boy. How interesting."
    "W-what do you want? The food? You can have it! J-just leave us alone!"
    The two man laughed, but the laugh was not at all kind.
    "Look Jake, they think that we want the food!!"
    Te'ijel's grip tightened on Gyendal and she glared at the men.
    "Leave us alone!!!"
    The laughter stopped and they shot her almost identical leers.
    "Poor princess thinks she can order us around."
    "Oh don't worry, that will change once some cruel slave master buys them. Well....after we have our fun as payment for finding some new slaves. That little boy should get a good price for sure..."
    "Te'ijal......" Gyendal's soft whisper echoed through the cave and the men laughed uproariously.
    "He thinks she can protect him! How sweet!! Poor little boy, your sister can't protect you from what's gonna happen to you once we've got you."
    At those words fury coursed through Te'ijal and without thought to her own safety she adjusted her grip on her knife and lunged for the man closest to her.
    The man, caught off guard, didn't have time to react and was unable to stop Te'ijal as she drove the knife down into the man's chest.
    Suddenly the cave was filled with screaming and yelling as the other men and Gyendal began to shout things that Te'ijal cared nothing about.
    Te'ijal had never killed before and knowing that she was the one ending this man's life made her throat close up. The only thing keeping her strong was that she had no choice. .
    There was no way in hell she was letting anyone hurt her little brother.
    The man was dead in a matter of moments and blood covered Te'ijal. Suddenly her brother let out a shrill scream and Te'ijal whipped around to see the other man was storming towards her.
    "You brats will pay for this!! I'll take you back to our team and we'll make you pay!!!"
    Te'ijal shoved herself to her feet with her knife clutched in a shaking hand as she prepared to fight the second man.
    But the scent of blood that filled the cave made her head fuzzy as every part of her vampire instincts screamed at her to feed. Te'ijal tried to take a step and fell to her knees, watching in terror as the man grinned and raised his own weapon. .
    Then Gyendal snarled, lips pulled back to reveal sharp fangs as he lunged for the man, burying them in the man's neck.
    Te'ijal gasped as she watched the man shriek before giving a jerk and falling limp as he went white from lack of blood.
    Minutes later Gyendal stepped back and the man dropped to the ground, dead. He was panting and shaking, his once pearly white fangs now dripping red.
    Te'ijal met Gyendal's gaze in shock and horror, seeing that his green eyes were already starting to have a reddish tint.
    "He would have killed you. He would have killed both of us.
    Gyendal knelt down facing her and placed a hand on her shoulder.
    "Are you alright?"
    He studied her eyes before attempting a smile.
    "It's fine. Besides, I'm not starving now. We don't have a choice about how we feed anymore sister, perhaps it's time to accept it."
    Te'ijal closed her eyes and took a shaking breath, trembling as the scent of blood washed over her senses.
    "He said that he had friends just like him. Perhaps we should get rid of them." Gyendal suggested quietly.
    They looked at each other silently before Te'ijal nodded.
    Her voice shook as she spoke that one word and she angrily cleared her throat before trying again.
    "Alright. And after we've......fed we should start searching for that vampire town we've heard about."
    It was nearly morning when the siblings returned to their cave, full for the first time since being turned.
    They bypassed the bodies lying on the ground and gathered their belongings before leaving. Together they ran through the forest towards what was known as the cursed wood which was rumoured to hold the entrance to the underground city where the vampires resided.
    As the sun began to rise Te'ijal and Gyendal found another small cave to hide in during the day. They set out their bedroll before taking turns hiding behind the rock ledge in the cave and changing out of their blood soaked clothes into clean ones.
    As they climbed into their bedroll Te'ijal watched as the weak light in the cave reflected off of her brothers eyes.
    The beautiful forest green that was just like their mothers was gone now, replaced by a blood red colour.
    If Te'ijal could look in a mirror she knew that her own violet orbs would have turned red as well. Glancing down at her skin it was already going white, and the more she and Gyendal fed the paler their skin would go.
    It probably wouldn't take very more feedings until they wouldn't look even remotely like their old selves.
    Te'ijal glanced over at Gyendal who had turned in the bed to face her and was looking at her with worry in his newly scarlet orbs.
    "Are you.......angry with me for doing what I did?"
    Te'ijal blinked.
    "For biting and feeding on the guy. I just didn't want him to hurt you."
    Te'ijal felt a lump grow in her throat and she reached over, abruptly hugging Gyendal.
    "No. You did what you had to in order to save my life. Then we fed so that we could survive. We don't have a choice anymore. I could never be angry at you for something like this."
    Her brother lay there quietly on her embrace, head tilted to rest on her shoulder. He very rarely liked physical contact but at that moment they were both scared and desperately in need of comfort.
    Eventually Gyendal drifted off to sleep, his breathing becoming even and slow.
    But sleep wouldn't come to Te'ijal. She lay awake as the birds chirped and various animals chattered as they frolicked outside of her cave. She didn't know how long she was awake for when beside her Gyendal let out a whimper.
    Te'ijal sat up slightly and turned to look at Gyendal only to see that his face was screwed up and his hands that held onto the covers were clutching them so tight his knuckles had turned white. His breathing was irrational and he made another whimpering noise.
    "Shhh, it's alright." Te'ijal whispered, brushing hair out of his face gently as she tried to sooth her little brother.
    It took a few moments before he relaxed and the lines in his face smoothed as his breathing evened out again.
    Te'ijal watched her brother for a moment and swallowed hard as she gently tucked his raven black hair behind one ear that had become pointed since they had turned.
    "Goddess, I know that you might not care about us anymore after us becoming vampires but if you can hear me I beg you to protect him. I don't want him to suffer anymore, I'll even give him up to fate if it means he can be happy. Please goddess..."
    She felt a slight breeze stir the air in the cave and as she settled back down in her bed, holding onto her brother tightly and slowly drifting off to sleep another whisper fell sleepily from her lips.
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    Elsa reacted to Queen-of-Ice101 in Shadows of my Twisted Destiny (a AV3 fanfic)- Completed   

    The Oracle stood before her mirror watching the unconscious Darkthrop girl lying there as the battle raged around her. They planned to end this and take her home to Thais where she was supposed to start a new life, maybe even marry Edward or one of the young men from the line of Lars.
    But that was not her destiny.

    The scarlet thread of fate didn't tie Mel to any of her companions. Instead it tied her to a tall black haired man who currently sat in the prisons below.

    Oracle sighed and brushed her fingers along the frame of the mirror gently, her wrinkled face falling as she gazed at the girl with sad eyes. 

    "You've already suffered so much, why does your life have to be like this? I wish......"


    The oracle turned to see one of the most advanced and oldest priestesses in her order standing at the door. 

    "Yes my dear?"

    "Is something the matter? You've been watching in the mirror for over a day now and the other priestesses and I are getting worried. Is something bad happening on Aia?"

    The oracle was silent for a moment before returning her gaze to the raging battle. 

    "No, not now. The prophecy is being fulfilled but it is also being ended through my chosen heroes. But the girl, her bonds choices to follow a darker path has twisted her fate alongside his and now........now I cannot do anything to help her. She is out if my hands."

    The oracle bowed her head, a expression of sadness and pain washing over her face. 

    "There is truly nothing you can do?" She whispered, seeing the distress in the Oracle's features. 

    "There is nothing. Even I cannot mess with the fates tapestry. Now all I can do is pray that my shadow counterpart shows enough interest in Mel and Gyendal that she will guide them and they will be protected."

    "Protected from what?"

    The oracle gazed at the mirror wordlessly for a long moment before turning to the priestess. 

    "Protected from the Shadows of her Twisted Destiny."
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    One Last Night   Characters: Rhen D., Lars T.

    Idea: I wrote this in under 3 hours because I had sudden RxL feels. This happens the night before they face Ahriman for the first time. Rhen has a tiny moment of weakness but i got carried away and added more 

    Note: Ahem... suggestive themes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) they are human after all ehehe I was trying SO HARD to cover the fact that I was a hardcore Rhen x Lars shipper but as you can see from the titles I've written, well, not doing a very good job at that lol


    The sorcerer sat on a ledge by a window, staring out into the dark Southern night. They'd retired to an inn in Veldt just a while ago and as always, the party separated and had gone about their own business. Lars chose to watch the sky and brood about what they were to face the next morning.
    Escorting the last druid to Aveyond had been exhilarating. But the quest wasn't over and he knew it. They all knew it. The real danger was out there; ready for them to face it, ready for them to face him. Rhen was handed the legendary Sword of Shadows and Eithera had given them the location of Ahriman's Lair, and then they were promptly kicked out of Aveyond to finish the job. It turned out the demon's lair was in the basement of Eithera's Temple, which was in the Southern Isle, and the party headed there (perhaps for the last time) with heavy hearts. And as he stared out into the purple night, Lars couldn't help but feel as if the end had come.

    The sound of footsteps echoed in the corridor and Lars looked up to Rhen turning the corner. She hadn't noticed him.

    He watched silently as she approached him, her feet dragging against the floor. Then she looked up and blinked, surprised to see him.

    "Hey," he said.

    "Hey," Rhen replied.

    "What's wrong with you?" he asked, then quickly rephrasing his sentence, "I mean, what's the matter?"

    "You wouldn't believe it if I told you, Lars."

    "I've seen a lot of unbelievable things throughout this journey, Rhen. Try me."

    She sighed, almost sadly, and clasped her hands together. "I am afraid, Lars. We've come so far. We defeated daevas, we saved druids. We encountered goblins, wyverns, werewolves, three-headed snakes, demons... we've met the Elf people, we've seen vampires, we've been into the nightmare realm..." Rhen trailed off.

    Lars said nothing and waited patiently for her to continue.

    "We've done all of that and yet, I've never felt afraid. Scared, yes, I've felt scared. I felt scared when this quest was bestowed upon me. I felt scared when we faced Nanghaithya for the first time. I felt scared when I found out I was the lost Pendragon. I felt scared when I thought the clock was a fluke and couldn't slow Aesma down."

    Lars laughed. "Yeah, I remember that."

    Rhen smiled a distracted smile. "But that was nothing, nothing compared to the fear I got when I held the Sword of Shadows, Lars."

    "What happened in that room?" he asked gently, referring to the secret room Rhen had entered to retrieve the legendary sword.

    "Fear, fear is what happened. I saw it on the pedestal and I reached out for it. The minute my fingers curled around its hilt I felt this immense fear within me, Lars. I was afraid. I mean, this is it. We are finally about to face him. Ahriman. But what if we fail? What if we are not able to stop him, to bring him down? All of the things we've done up until now will be, would be, for nothing," Rhen exclaimed, flinging her hands up in the air in exasperation.

    "At this point, I truly understand if any of you were to back out of this quest. You can leave too, Lars, please, I don't and won't hold it against you. Ever."

    By now Rhen's eyes had gone as wide as saucers and had filled up with tears.

    "Rhen. Stop it. Listen to me. You are not alone and won't ever be. We are with you, all of us. We will face him and bring him down together. You're the Chosen One. You will be able to finish this. You were prophesied to bring down the Dark Lord himself. Please don't think of yourself that way."

    "I am also human. This is a matter of life and death. We might die, Lars. We might die, right there, in his lair and that scares me. No, it terrifies me. What about you? Doesn't that scare you?"

    "It... it does. But we would have done our best. So if we fail - if we die - then so be it; we die together."

    Rhen looked down. "Why are you doing this? I'm giving you a way out. Please don't make this any harder," she whispered.

    "A way out?" Lars gave a soft laugh, shaking his head. "I've been with you since the very beginning and trust me when I say this: I will continue doing just that, every step of the way, until we kick Ahriman's ass. Besides," he said, winking, "I don't want you hogging all the glory to yourself."

    Rhen let out a sad, relieved laugh, her tears finally spilling down her cheeks from the corner of her eyes.

    In a sudden bold move, Lars got off the ledge and placed a hand on her cheek, cupping her face. Rhen closed her eyes (causing more tears to spill out) and pressed her face against his hand, saying nothing.

    "Please don't cry," he whispered.

    Rhen continued to say nothing. Watching her cry reminded him of the old days. Pained, Lars hesitated, then opened his mouth to speak. "I- I am sorry, Rhen, for what I did to you in the past," he said in a broken voice.

    She opened her eyes and gazed at him curiously, tiny teardrops stuck onto her eyelashes.

    "Lars... why this again? You've apologised in Sedona. And you've done so much more to prove that it wasn't mere words."

    "Because... because I think about it every day. Every single damn time I think about the abuse and the torture I inflicted on you, every time I think about how I did nothing while my mother hit you - oh God, Rhen, I am so sorry..." Trailing off, Lars looked away painfully, unable to meet her gaze.

    Rhen reached up to touch his face. "The slave trader captured me, not you. It wasn't something you could've controlled."

    "But after that, Rhen! After that! When you came to our house..."

    "Back then, you were a child, Lars. An ignorant child, but a child nonetheless."

    "That is not an excuse, Rhen, and you know it."

    "Okay. Yeah. That was... pretty bad. Horrible, actually," she said in a low voice. She held his face so that she could look at him. "But I've forgiven you for that. Yes, it was traumatising, it was painful, but I've forgiven you. You changed. You apologised. You're my friend now. Please don't beat yourself like this up anymore."

    Lars held her gaze, giving her a small nod.

    "In a way, in a weird kind of way, if the kidnapping hadn't happened, I wouldn't have met you. All of this wouldn't have happened," Rhen continued.

    Then, on a sudden impulse, she tiptoed and pressed her lips against his'.

    Lars remained still and she pulled away to find him gaping at her in stunned silence, his lips parted and his eyes wide.

    "Oh. Oh. Oh shit. I'm so sorry. I don't know why I did that," Rhen stammered. She pulled away from him, wringing her hands nervously. "I... I'll leave now. I am so sorry."

    She started heading down the corridor.

    Lars quickly grabbed her wrist, stopping her. "No, wait," he said, "don't go."

    "I shouldn't have done that," she said, avoiding his gaze.

    "No, you should've, and sooner, too," he replied. He slipped his arms around her waist and pressed his lips on hers. Rhen returned his kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. Hidden longings and desires were affirmed as the teenagers enveloped into an affectionate embrace. The sorcerer deepened the kiss and the sword singer tightened her hold around him, as if afraid he would slip from her grasp.

    "I've... I've been wanting to do that for a very long time," Lars said breathlessly, once they broke apart for air. He pressed his forehead against Rhen's and closed his eyes, his arms never leaving her waist. Sighing, he whispered, "Rhen Darzon, I trust you with my life."

    Being so close to him for the first time, Rhen studied his open, honest face. His brown skin was tanned a few shades darker (thanks to the vicious Southern sun) and he had a scar on his eyebrow, given to him by a wild bat when they ventured into Halloween Hills. His brow was strong and his jaw was firm and rough under her fingertips. He had a slight frown on his face and his thumb rubbed the small of her back. Exhaling and closing her eyes, Rhen placed her hand on his heart. "Lars Tenobor, I, too, trust you with mine," she replied sincerely.

    Lars pulled his face away, an amused laugh escaping his lips. "That... that sounded like we were exchanging vows of some sort," he said playfully, his face pink.

    Rhen laughed and her cheeks turned red. "It does, doesn't it."

    "Yeah," he replied, then lowering his face for another kiss. Rhen stood on her toes, her lips meeting his. Then she pulled away despite his protest.

    "So, um..." she whispered.


    "What do you suppose people do after exchanging vows?"

    "I don't know," he replied, impatient to kiss her again.

    Rhen smiled and murmured, "Well, they..." She left the sentence hanging and leaned forward to kiss Lars, slowly and surely, on the neck. His skin was warm. Her hands moved up his chest and he did not stop her; instead, he inhaled sharply at the unexpected move and made an inaudible sound. Gathering all self-control, he gripped her shoulders and looked at her, wildly searching her face for a clue to her thoughts. "Rhen... surely you don't mean..."

    If Rhen's face was red before then it was burning now. She wrapped her arms around his waist and hid her face in his chest, blushing furiously. That alone gave him confirmation on her thoughts and all doubts he had were gone in an instant.

    "Are you sure...?" he asked carefully, sincerely, in a low voice.

    "Only... only if you want to," she replied.

    Lars didn't need to be asked twice. Assertively, he pinned her against the wall and kissed her hungrily. Rhen giggled against his lips. "Is that... is that your answer, Lars Tenobor?" He responded by tightening his grip around her waist. Then he pulled away, eyes heavy-lidded. "Let's find someplace more... comfortable," he said. He turned away from her.

    "Wait!" Rhen cried, grabbing the front of his robes. He stopped and watched her, wondering about the sudden redness in her cheeks and ears. Lars pressed his forehead against hers once again, cupping her face.

    "What? Having second thoughts?" he asked, amused.

    "No! Not that," Rhen said huffily. She patted his robes, stalling. Lars waited patiently, watching her with a crooked smile on his face.

    "Um... this is, this is really dumb - and not at all relevant - but uh... this... this..." she stammered.

    "Yes?" he cajoled.

    "Well, this... this is my... uh... my first time," she blurted out, rushing the words. Groaning in frustration, Rhen buried her face in his chest.

    Lars' mouth turned up into a wicked grin.

    He enveloped her in an embrace and whispered in her ear, "This is my first time too."

    "Really?" she asked curiously.

    "Really," he confirmed, "and... thank you for telling me. You told me it wasn't relevant but your face said otherwise. If it is relevant to you, then it is relevant to me. And by the way, you look absolutely dashing with those pink cheeks."

    Rhen groaned again. "Let's go," she whispered, breaking away from him and walking down the corridor.

    Lars went after her and linked his hand with hers.

    Grinning, they ran down the corridor with their linked arms swinging between them, their anxieties and burdens disappearing for the night.
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    Elsa reacted to rosetyler in rosetyler's Assorted AV1 Short fics   
    Welcome to Ghed'ahre
    Characters: Rhen D., Lars T., Te’ijal R.
    Idea: I'm pretty sure the party faced conflict when they first entered Ghed'ahre also tweaked a bit of things, such as not buying the garlic necklace. This happened after they defeated Nanghaithya, so their relationship would've improved after realising that they shouldn't take their lives for granted.
    The town was quiet when they reached its gates. Rhen Darzon thought it odd and surveyed her surroundings. She nudged at a weathered signboard, the words "Ghed'ahre" hastily scribbled across it in drippy red paint.

    Her companion, Lars Tenobor, looked up at the sky.

    "Since when did it get so dark?" he asked.

    Rhen followed his gaze. She stared up into the sky then back to the road from where they came from. They'd left the tavern just a little after morning, she was sure of it, and then trekked across Halloween Hills. It had been a bumpy journey but it couldn't, shouldn't, have taken them the entire afternoon.

    At most, they'd travelled three hours, maybe four, tops. So for it to be dark so quickly, it was indeed strange.

    "It's the hills," she said, pointing, "they cast really long shadows, and we've been going downhill, maybe that's why it feels like night." Sure enough, if they'd paid attention earlier they'd realise that the town was nestled away in the dark shadows at the foot of Halloween Hills, on a downward terrain that made it difficult for the sun to shine across, even in the hottest of afternoons.

    "Well... this place gives me the creeps," Lars said behind her. He kicked a rock, sending it flying.

    She nodded.

    "Yeah. It's so strange. Where is everybody? Vohu Manah said the druid Rashnu resided in this town, didn't he?" Rhen looked around the quiet town again, frowning.

    Lars didn't reply.

    Rhen suddenly felt uneasy and swiftly unsheathed her sword, whirling around in the process, only to see Lars' arms held behind his back in a tight one-arm grip, his silent captor's other hand clamped firmly on his mouth. Rhen saw Lars' eyes widen in a wild panic and his irises darting about as if to warn her of something. The warning came a tad bit too late and Rhen felt someone kick the sword out of her hand. The sword went clattering to the ground and before she could go after it she felt the sharp tip of a blade pressing against her neck.

    "Don't go having any ideas, missy," a voice said from behind her.

    Rhen stood completely still; the blade was extremely close to severing her neck and she didn't want to risk anything. The person holding the blade against her throat laughed, and it wasn't a pleasant one.

    "What's this... Overlanders?"

    Rhen saw two, then three, and then a huge number of people approach them from the shadows of the houses. They emerged as if they were the shadows themselves, soundlessly and wordlessly. Their skin were stretched and pale to the point of being grey and their eyes, hooded in their sockets, were now staring intensely, with an uncomfortable interest, at the newcomers.

    A woman stepped forward from the crowd, smiling. Her hair was black as night and her skin was a pasty, sickly grey. She laughed and said, "Overlanders again. Do you people never give up?"

    "It seems they never do, Eva," a man in the crowd said.

    "What are you talking about?" Lars growled, managing to free his mouth but not his arms. Rhen struggled too but quickly she realised it was no use. She saw Lars' staff lying a distance away from him and her sword laying nowhere near her.

    They were done for.

    Ignoring Lars, Eva laughed a high, chilling laugh and turned to Rhen, smiling.

    Rhen decided instantly that she did not like that smile.

    The woman waved at the person behind Rhen to move the blade away from her throat. The person complied, then grabbed Rhen's arms and gripped them tightly behind her back.

    "Look at you... so beautiful, so alive..."

    "Listen, we're not here to harm anybody, we swear, we just-" Rhen started, but the woman cut her off.

    "Ahh yes, yes, I'm sure you're not, whatever," Eva replied absently, tracing a cold finger down Rhen's temple to the base of her neck, the action sending chills down Rhen's spine, "... you see, girl, we were always, ALWAYS caught off guard. But this time... we were READY."

    "What are you talking about?" Rhen cried.

    "It matters not, now," Eva said, grinning. Then, quick as lightning, she gripped Rhen's cheeks and tilted her head up, exposing Rhen's neck. The milky white skin of Rhen's throat, flushed red with her struggles and anger, seemed to glow bright in the low light, and Eva was not displeased.

    "Mm... it's killing me that I can hear your blood rushing through your skin so clearly... what torture. And it's also not helping that you smell... so... tasty," she murmured, bending close and sniffing Rhen's exposed skin.

    "What are you doing-"

    Rhen felt the woman lick her neck and she flinched.

    "Don't you DARE try anything," Rhen spat. She struggled, again, to fight off her captor but was held back by the same extraordinarily heavy grip, one she couldn't understand.

    Rhen knew she wasn't THAT physically tough, but the countless training at the Academy under Lorad had made her not only strong but had also heightened her agility and speed. She knew she could've easily taken one person down, even with a blade pressed against her neck, if she were quick enough. She did, after all, defeat the demon Nanghaithya with Lars... so why was it so hard this time for this bunch of crooks?

    "Hey, leave her alone!" Lars said angrily. "What do you want with us?"

    The woman straightened herself and laughed, revealing two elongated canines, sharp and eager.

    Rhen gaped, realisation dawning upon her.

    They’re not crooks; they're Vampires!

    "Vampires!" Rhen echoed her thoughts.

    "Vampires," Lars repeated faintly, all colour leaving his face.

    The woman narrowed her eyes, which Rhen now realised, were blood red.

    "Oh, as if you didn't know, Overlanders. Drop the act; we know you're here to stake us... one by one," Eva snarled.

    "Stake you? Why would we do that?" Rhen said incredulously.

    Eva hissed. "Isn't that what all of you Overlanders do? Come into tiny little Ghed'ahre, kill us and make us your trophies. Is that not what you're here for? Too many times have we been unprepared, too many times have we lost our brothers and sisters. Well, not this time, right?" Eva directed the last sentence to the crowd, who murmured in agreement, eyes glittering.

    "Are you crazy?!" Lars cried.

    "Yes, are you crazy?" Rhen repeated, glaring at Eva. She let her temper get a hold of her, a grave mistake Rhen later learns she should not have made. "Why would we do that? Trust me when I say this; we're not here to kill anybody! We're here on a mission and I'd like very much for you and your friends to let us go or I swear to the Goddess I will-"

    "You will... what?" Eva interrupted quietly.

    The atmosphere changed and Rhen immediately regretted her words. The vampires did not like and did not take to threats lightly; it was obvious in Eva's steel-like gaze. Rhen's heartbeat quickened.

    "Oh, oh it's not good, dearie, to throw threats when you are so pitifully outnumbered and helpless, you know," Eva drawled.

    "No, wait! I didn't mean I was going to kill you. I'm sorry! I swear we are on a mission! We're here to see-"

    "Lies!" Eva hissed, cutting Rhen off. Deciding she was done speaking to Rhen, the woman turned away and focused on the struggling Lars. Smiling, Eva gripped his face firmly.

    "Hey, don't touch me," Lars snapped, but Eva ignored him and pressed her lips against his. Lars made an inaudible sound and Eva released him, licking her lips. Then, without any warning, the woman threw a lightning quick punch at him, hitting him hard in the gut.

    Lars fell to his knees, the wind having knocked out of him. With his arms still held behind his back, Lars was unable to do anything but wheeze and double over in pain.

    Seeing this, Rhen panicked.


    Immediately, all the training and lessons she learned with her professors back at the Academy on how to face or react during tense situations like these flew out of the window. She turned to Eva just as the woman was about to throw another punch.

    "Stop! Stop it! Don't do it! Why can't you just believe us when we say we come in peace?"

    She paused, but when Rhen saw that Eva was not listening and was in fact, lifting her arm up to give Lars another hit, she panicked again. She started talking again, words flying out of her mouth.

    "We're not here to kill you! We're sent by the Oracle! On a quest, on a mission! Ahriman! Demons! Attacking the druids! Must warn them, must save them! We're here to see the druid Rashnu!" Rhen exclaimed in a rush. Then, taking a deep breath, she screamed, "AND HE MIGHT BE IN TROUBLE!"

    For a moment a heavy silence hung in the air.

    Breathing heavily, Rhen risked a glance over to the crowd. Mention of the druid's name seemed to have an effect on them for they started murmuring. Even Eva lowered her hand and turned around to face her.

    "Don't lie. You're just saying this so we'll let you go," Eva said, voice dripping with malice, "And then when we let you go, you'll turn around and stab us in the back with a stake when you think we're not looking. Don't think we don't know these tricks of yours."

    "It's the truth!" Rhen pleaded.

    "Nice try. Oh well, it's been good knowing you like this, girl, but I think it'd be greater knowing you as my dinner."


    Eva approached Rhen, baring her fangs, and Rhen squeezed her eyes shut.

    "That's enough, Eva," a clear voice rang out from behind them.

    Another silence hung in the air.

    Rhen opened her eyes but in her position, was unable to turn around to put a face to the voice but the look on Eva's face made her wonder who it was, for the person made Eva sneer, and if Rhen hadn’t been so close to death just a moment ago, she would’ve smiled at that.

    "Oh, you."

    "Let them go. I believe that they are speaking the truth," the voice said again.

    "Oh, you're so sure, are you," Eva replied sarcastically, "...but then again, someone like you would believe all the hogwash escaping from this girl's mouth."

    The owner of the voice stepped into view, and the first thing that Rhen noticed was the lone streak of white in the shocking red of the woman's hair.

    "Let them go, Eva. Seriously, do they look dangerous to you? They're children. And are they even carrying stakes with them? Go on, go ahead, check their things," the red-haired woman said. Two men stepped forward and ransacked Rhen and Lars' knapsacks eagerly, only to be disappointed when they found nothing but bread, folded cloaks and aquifolium.

    "Well, then, there you go," the red-haired woman said, with a smile.

    The crowd, Rhen noticed, had slowly started disperse when the two men could find no stakes in their knapsack. Eva noticed this too, and turned back to the red-haired woman.

    There seemed to be a moment of uncertainty, but finally she spoke.

    "Alright then, fine. I don't believe a word she says but I'll let it go, just this time, just this one time. If anyone dies today at the hands of these two humans, it will be on you, Te'ijal, remember that," Eva said, then turning to Rhen, "How unfortunate, girl... and I was looking quite forward to knowing you better... as my dinner. Don't think I've let you off the hook; I'll be watching you, oh yes, I'll be watching you very closely indeed." At this Eva stalked off and Rhen felt the grip on her arms loosen as her captor ran after Eva.

    In front of her, Lars was also released and the man disappeared off into the shadows silently. Lars fell to his feet, groaning.

    Heart in her throat, Rhen grabbed her sword, tucking it in her scabbard. She then grabbed Lars' staff and ran over to him.

    "Lars! Speak to me!"

    Lars laid down on the grass, turning onto his back. "Damn that woman... she's crazy," he muttered, "and that hurt like hell." Groaning, he placed his hands over his abdomen and started murmuring the words of white healing magic. A faint white glow emitted from his palms, swirling and wavering as it came in contact with his clothing. It then absorbed into him and disappeared. Rhen watched quietly, still gripping his staff.

    When he was done, Rhen handed him his staff and Lars accepted it gratefully.

    "Feel better?" she asked.

    "No... just numbed the pain. Pretty sure she broke my rib," he said, getting to his feet.

    "I'm sorry, Lars, it was because I threatened her she did this to you."

    He was just about to wave off her apology when someone cleared their voice. Rhen turned to see the red-haired woman, standing in the same spot. Suddenly feeling awkward, Rhen got to her feet and slowly approached their saviour.

    "Thank you... for saving us. If you hadn't come, I do not know what would've become of us," Rhen said, gesturing to herself and to Lars.

    "Well, I believe you, humans. Besides, you don't look like the usual vampire hunters we see. You're much too... soft," the red-haired woman said, "Let me introduce myself. My name is Te'ijal Ravenfoot."

    "Rhen. And he's Lars."

    "Hi," Lars said, giving a feeble wave.

    "Well then, Rhen and Lars, best you be off on your mission, what is it, to warn Rashnu? To save the druids?" Te'ijal said, starting to walk away.

    Rhen frowned.

    "Wait! Why do you believe us?"

    "I know Rashnu. In fact, the whole town does. He's a good person. He protects this town. And if he's in trouble, as you said, we would want him to get all the help he needs. Speaking of which, we haven't been seeing him around, so he might have landed himself in some trouble. That's why I believe you."

    "Thank you," Rhen said, "wait, please, how do we repay you? We don't have much gold, and well, we don't have much actually but..."

    Te'ijal laughed.

    Rhen decided instantly that while she did not particularly like this woman’s laughter, she did not hate it either, and she was fine with that.

    "Foolish human, I have no interest in gold. I do however, long to walk the lands of the Overworld," she said, looking up into the dark sky, "but the sun will surely kill me." Turning to Rhen, Te'ijal continued, "But I have heard of a lotion that deflects the sun; if you find such lotion and give it to me, I'll consider that as repayment. How's that?"

    Rhen grinned in relief. "I will! I'll keep a lookout for it."

    "Great, looking forward to it, human. Oh, and, Rashnu’s shrine can be found in that cathedral, over there," Te'ijal said, pointing to a distant church in the middle of the town. She then turned her back and walked away.

    Rhen watched until Te'ijal disappeared into shadows, then turned around to see Lars shaking his head.

    “I don’t trust her either,” he said.

    “She saved us. She saved our lives. You and I would’ve been vampire dinner if it wasn’t for her."

    "But still, vampires. I only read about them in books; never expected to encounter one in my entire life," Lars muttered, as they began making their way into town. They didn't meet any more of the vampires on the way but curtains twitched and shadows flickered, making Rhen feel uncomfortable. She knew the locals were watching them, watching their every move.

    "Yeah, I still can't believe it."

    "Well, believe it. She almost ate you," Lars said.

    "Don't you think I know that," Rhen snapped, recalling the moment where Eva licked her neck. Instinctively, she pulled up the collar of her uniform around her throat, hiding any exposed skin. "That was very, very close. Much too close for comfort. I really thought I was going to die.”

    “Imagine that, the Chosen One, dying at the hands, at the fangs, of vampires.”

    Rhen made an annoyed sound. “I didn’t know they were so hostile about Overlanders. I also didn’t know about the whole staking of vampires being an issue in these parts. How barbaric. You know, now that I think of it, I don’t really blame them for behaving the way they did.”

    “Ever the kind-hearted one,” Lars said, rolling his eyes, “After what she did to me? I’m never letting that go.”

    “That was because I threatened her first. I’m sorry, Lars. But, er, you know, she kissed you," Rhen said, looking around absently. She noticed, not for the first time, at how quiet Ghed’ahre was, not a sign of crickets or critters alike as they approached the looming Cathedral.

    "Don't. Don't remind me. Her lips were cold. It felt like death, actually. You know what, let's just rescue the druid and get out of this place. Like I said, it gives me the creeps."

    "Couldn't agree more, Lars."
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    Elsa reacted to rosetyler in AV1 Cinematic Posters (10th Anniversary Edition) - COMPLETED! -   
    Pirate John! Not satisfied with his one AT ALL!       I tried my best ;_;

    (now on to Mad Marge! lol)

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    Elsa reacted to rosetyler in AV1 Cinematic Posters (10th Anniversary Edition) - COMPLETED! -   
    @LHMH2016: Ooops! Okay, will call you Lem


    Elini! (I wasn't too happy with her poster, sigh)

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    Elsa reacted to rosetyler in AV1 Cinematic Posters (10th Anniversary Edition) - COMPLETED! -   
    Yes his hair was fun to do xD hahahaha!!! He does give out a handsome vibe, doesn't he? I always imagined Galahad ad handsome but annoying in the game lol
    I have a question! Currently creating Pirate John...
    DOES HE HAVE A HOOK??? I can't find any reference/fanfics depicting him with a hook... hmm....
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    Elsa reacted to rosetyler in AV1 Cinematic Posters (10th Anniversary Edition) - COMPLETED! -   
    I can't post both at once (even though I have them both) I like to space out my uploads hehehehe
    so I decided to post Galahad, since I've posted Te'ijal

    A little trivia about Galahad's poster: Galahad, as a character, is visually confusing. in AV1, the "realistic" faceset depict him as old, with greyish brown and cropped hair. In the "anime" faceset, he's depicted as young, with black and cropped hair. In AV3, in his faceset he's depicted as young, with blonde and cropped hair. In the AV3 cover art however, he's depicted as middle-aged, with brown and cropped hair! So which is which?!

    So, what I did was, I followed his sprite. His sprite is the only thing that remains constant about him throughout the game, so...

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    Elsa reacted to rosetyler in AV1 Cinematic Posters (10th Anniversary Edition) - COMPLETED! -   
    10 years ago (has it been that long? Wow!) Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest was released to the public, - in February, I know I'm late - and I just wanted to create a special series of movie posters to celebrate this wonderful game

    50% Painting
    50% Photomanipulation
    100% Sweat & Tears
    Hope you all like it. I'm currently working on the others; I plan to complete all 8 of the party members!

    I think I'm experiencing lack of sleep because I have no idea how to link my dA images here, so here's the links instead:

    Rhen: (x)
    Lars: (x)
    Dameon: (x)
    Te'ijal: (x)
    Galahad: (x)
    Elini: (x)
    Pirate John: (x)
    Mad Marge: (x)
    View the 10th Anniversary Album here: (x)

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    Elsa reacted to Specter in Aveyond Linux Official Thread   
    Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest for Linux is OUT! Check it out!
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    Elsa reacted to Specter in Aveyond Linux Official Thread   
    Hi everyone!
    Amanda has given me permission (for now) to distribute Aveyond for Linux!
    You can now get the game here:
    Note that the Buy Now link may not work for now (I have just set up the account, so it may take some time to verify)
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    The three reduced to two galloped back the same direction they had come from, with hardly any sign that Edward had stopped anywhere, for they could clearly see the fresh track even in the rocky dry area. Mel had been hoping Edward would return soon, but she didn't feel so confident anymore. The journey back towards the south west seemed to take much less time, not to mention effort, chiefly because their course was broadly down hill. They didn't stop at Gheledon at all, deciding to bypass the longer path altogether, though it meant going by a newer way. They didn't lose track, though, and surely, the path led them to the border town of Alur before dusk.
    Alur was, by any means, an interesting town to be brief. It was named after, and situated on the banks of the river Alusa, a short stream that flowed no longer than twenty miles in the Thial territory before it vanished altogether abruptly. The waters of the Alusa were known to be mysterious and dark, but also powerful and blessed, for their charm was beyond the understanding of men. They were known to heal the wounds that none other could, but more than once had the left the user blind to the sunlight. Often, the river would flood, leading to mixed consequences, ranging from wild and uncontrollable growth of vegetation to painful deaths for those who drowned or got drenched in the water. The river, as a result, had a great hold on the variety of people who dwelled on the town, many of whom had traveled long distances from lands far away to learn and experience the powers of the magical river.
    Mel and Stella spent the night as usual in the local lodge, but Stella took out time to visit the river and feel the water, as many others did, which had no unearthly feel to it, as many who hadn't ever been there claimed.
    Mel, meanwhile, was scratching her head, trying to tame the unkempt hair in the tavern, when a brown cloaked figure came forward and sat in the chair opposite to her. She sat up straight warily.
    'Am I right' he said. 'In saying that you're being haunted by a ghost of the past?'
    The man had a pleasant voice, and as she couldn't see his face, it was hard to guess his age. He was completely covered, including his hands and right down to the toes.
    'No' Mel said, taken aback.
    'Is it a corpse then?'
    'Why should you say so?'
    'You smell' he said flatly. Before Mel could open her mouth, he drew out a bundle of paper scroll and threw them on the table. Carefully, he scanned through them, picking out a couple.
    'Yes, so as I was saying, I'm pretty sure it's a corpse'
    Mel moved back slightly. The man swooped down onto her and picked up something off her shoulder. It was a red strand, very thin, but visible. He put it to his nose and carefully inhaled.
    'Interesting' he said, putting it down. 'That it should stay there even after days. I guess it might be due to excess of animal fat'
    'Excuse me' Mel interrupted. 'Can I please know what's going on here?'
    'Not much, young lady!' he said, again joyous. 'Life is as usual, though I have something for you!'
    'Um..' she fidgeted. 'I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm the person you want'
    'Oh, that's not a problem, since I don't know myself whom I'm looking for! Nevertheless, I feel quite sure you are the one I've been searching for since a few days, now. Not exactly you, but I guess it'll find way to whom I want it to with you'
    Mel's eyebrows were just in danger of disappearing into her hair, when she saw a flash of violet. Stella crossed the room swiftly and put down the cloth bag onto the table. She looked at the hooded person, who was rummaging through a huge bag which Mel had no idea had come from and then at Mel, looking questioning. Mel shrugged.
    'Oh, I didn't know you had a companion!' he said, looking up, still throwing scrolls and now small vials out of the bag.
    'I hope you don't mind, but who are you?' Stella asked politely.
    'I wouldn't have minded at another time, but this not the moment!' he chuckled. 'You'll know anyway, if you are the ones I seek'
    'Okay' she said slowly. 'Can you at least tell us whom do you want?'
    'An old friend, actually! We dwelled in the same town for long, before I left. I had this one favor left, though'
    'Which... town?'
    'I wouldn't tell you that' he laughed. 'Neither is it in need, for here it is!'
    He drew out a small blue vial and kept it in front of them.
    'Actually, that's a lot, so maybe I could've removed a bit... anyway, I don't have the time' he said, more to himself and stood up.
    'Wait!' Mel said loudly. 'What's this?'
    'You would want that dearly, young lady, for it'll earn you an ally beyond measure!'
    Mel bent down and picked up the tiny vial gingerly. Stella's eyes followed her.
    Her voice trailed away. The hooded figure was gone, with no sign it has ever been, except the vial in her hand. She looked at Stella uncertainly.
    'I'll keep it' Stella said, tucking away the vial in her dress. Mel looked at her for a second and then turned away, making way for their room. It didn't seem harmful, but she didn't feel like staying in the town for long. The next evening, though it had turned darker than Mel liked, they were already in the southern Thial mountains, a mere fifteen miles from Harburg when the sunlight ceased completely and the crescent moon was all they had.
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    Elsa got a reaction from Specter in AK Android App   
    Sounds great, though I never really bother installing untrusted apks (My phone is rooted, so who cares ) Hope you can keep adding functionality!
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    Elsa reacted to Specter in [FanFic] Aveyond: The Lord of Twilight - In Progress   
    They took leave of Gheledon early the next morning, though several of the dwarves had already gone into the mines. Probably, Mel thought, because goblins were more active during the day, though it seemed to counter the common belief that they slept during the day and fed in the dark. The three had barely left behind the last of the small, and cosy dwarfish houses when suddenly the path vanished altogether.
    They now simply treaded through the rough ground, their paths unexplored. The trees, Mel noticed, was slightly regaining the color they had lost for the last few days. Nobody seemed to live in these parts, and they didn't encounter anyone on their way, man or beast. At around mid-day, they reached a river, shallow but a relief from the hot sun. Edward's gaze followed it down on the mountainside. They could no longer see the forests around Thais, as of earlier at the start of the mountains.
    'This must be the river of Narol Isin, famous as a mark of the end of the way' he said grimly. 'Few ever cross it, and the lands beyond are known often to be hostile. Further in this direction, beyond the mountains, lies the kingdom of the Orcs, who were long ago allies of men, but the relations are now strained. We're not far now, though'
    They didn't say much as they ate the dwarf-made meat sandwiches. They were rough and spicy, but all the same worth giving a taste. The ground was cracked due to dryness, despite of its proximity to the river. The river water was saline and muddy, and they didn't bother to refill their bottles with it.
    They rode slowly, for the way had turned increasingly narrow and dangerous. The horses padded the ground nervously and the wind was blowing loudly to make things worse. A few rocks often tumbled from above, almost falling on them. Their speed had become painstakingly slow, and they hoped the wind would stop soon.
    As evening fell, the wind had indeed reduced, but there was a slight drizzle in the air. Taking refuge in a cave, Edward lit a fire on which they warmed their hands, eating the now slightly stale sandwiches. Stella was quiet, though Edward and Mel did chat for some time before silence fell. The place was imposing onto them. They decided to take turns to watch out for anything dangerous, though they had encountered none as of yet. Mel fell asleep soon, being extremely tired of the journey.
    Edward woke her some time later, but it was still dark, and Stella was looking outside at something.
    'Have a look here' Edward whispered. Mel suddenly noticed that the fire was extinguished, seemingly stamped out. She slowly crept up beside Stella and looked into the valley below.
    A large creature, seemingly a bird was perched on a spire. It was the size of an elephant and was completely black, with only the moonlight shining on its wet back.
    Every now and then, it would turn and look around.
    'A Wyvern' Edward whispered. 'I didn't know any still existed'
    'Why is it here?' Mel asked. To her surprise, Stella answered.
    'It's a guardian of the lands' she said slowly. 'The protector of all that flies and walks in its domain. It stands against anything that goes against the dwellers of the land and sky'
    'How do you know that?'
    She turned around, looking puzzled.
    'I don't know...' she said hazily. 'I feel like I was told this long back... as a child'
    She turned around again. There was a crash as rock fell, throwing up lots of dust. The ground below Stella had given way.
    'Stella!' Mel cried out. She, fortunately, was still hanging off the edge. Together, the two pulled her back up.
    'Hide!' Edward yelled suddenly. For a moment, Mel couldn't understand. Then she heard it, and saw it as she turned.
    The Wyvern had left it's perch and was making straight for them. The huge wings beating the air were causing a ear-splitting roar. Mel and Stella ran inside the cave, but it was shallower than they had expected. Edward moved back, drawing out the Excalibur as the Wyvern levelled with the cave.
    It was larger than anything Mel had seen move. Veins extended onto the wings, making it look like a dragon. The beak was large enough to eat her whole. The whole body gleamed brightly in the moonlight. The ancient creature would have looked magnificent if she hadn't been fearing for her life.
    'Who are you, thief in the dark?' the Wyvern spoke slowly, the old, but extremely powerful voice resonating through the night.
    'I come in peace, great guardian of the mountain!' Edward said loudly. 'I hail from the kingdom of Thais, and we forever have been of help to these lands'
    'I do not trust anyone. What seek you in my lands?'
    'I seek naught but safe passage, great guardian' Edward said loudly. 'I wish to cross the mountains into the lands beyond'
    The Wyvern breathed out loudly.
    'You are a thief and a liar, fool!' it said, menacingly moving closer. 'Tell me the truth. Why hide your companions if seek no harm? Let them come forth to bear the same fate of yours'
    Edward stepped back too.
    'We're not lying!' Mel said, stepping forward. 'What is that we could possibly want in these lands?'
    'Relics beyond the understanding of men rest in these lands and the skies. Few men ever know of them but they come here for no reason other. Now tell me why you have stepped in my lands'
    'I swear, we only wish to go to Naylith' Mel said aloud.
    'Ah, yes' the Wyvern said, sounding satisfied. 'But tell me now what seek you in Naylith'
    It wasn't an easy question to answer.
    'We go there not for our gain, but for all' Stella said.
    'Yes, the third. I knew there were three men somewhere tonight, but I couldn't have guessed that there would be someone whom I have heard before'
    'Before?' Stella stammered. 'You're mistaken, guardian of the skies, for I have never before been in these lands'
    'Again, you lie, but I know not why. Tell me what seek you in Naylith, master of Elethor'
    'I'm not a master of anyone' Stella shouted. 'But I can tell you this: our passage to Naylith is vital, for all life shall be endangered the other way'
    The Wyvern roared. It lay its claws on the mouth of the cave.
    'I know not why you are so keen, but you cannot go to Naylith' it said. 'The key has been broken. The alliance has won. Elethor is gone, and he shall never return. I am Remedath the terrible, and forever shall I remain! It would be a pain for Elethor, ever should he return, but I cannot let you pass'
    She had no idea what it was speaking, but it didn't sound good.
    'Die, now for you have destroyed the peace in my heart, and awakened me from my slumber!' it said coldly. Without warning, it swept onto Edward, throwing him inside the cave. Stella ran forward, Mel behind her.
    'Stop!' Stella shouted. 'We mean no harm!'
    The Wyvern stopped.
    'You serve not me, Elethra the Blue' it said. 'Elethor would have had to let you go, but not I. All are foes of mine!'
    It swooped down onto her. There was a blinding flash of light, which seemed to have come from Stella. The Wyvern screeched and they all clapped their hands to their ears. Swiftly, still screeching, it flew away into the darkness, their ears still echoing.
    'Are you hurt?' Stella said immediately.
    'No' Edward replied, standing up. 'Thank you for that! How...?'
    'I know it this time' she said looking outside. 'I guess you were right, when you said I was from the healer's clan. Wyverns protect their lands, but often not by will. They are bound to the cause by their masters, who themselves are healers. The Wyvern answers to ones whom it protects only'
    'So that means you...'
    'No' Stella said, shaking her head. 'I don't need to be the one who bound it. Any healer can punish the Wyvern if it doesn't follow it's oath'
    'But you said it answers to those whom it protects' Mel said, puzzled.
    'Yes' Stella nodded. 'I couldn't believe it when it said it had heard my voice before. So when it came close enough, I took a chance. "Nyum aror tyu itsil" - literally meaning "Go back to your oath", an ancient spell in Naysil'
    'He called you something like "Elethra" and master of Elethor...' Edward said, his voice trailing off.
    'I know...' Stella said, looking confused again. 'But I've never heard of either'
    They didn't speak for a few seconds, Stella looking at the now distant silhouette of the winged beast.
    'You knew this all along?' Mel asked.
    'No' Stella said turning away. 'It came back the moment it looked back at me... I don't...'
    Her voice trailed away. For a few more minutes, they didn't speak. The drizzle had completely stopped.
    'You must sleep' Edward said finally. 'Both of you look terrible'
    They nodded. He was about to turn when he died abruptly.
    'Stella' he looked at her. 'How do you know Naysil?'
    'I'm not sure...' she said, looking into the distance.
    'What's that?' Mel asked.
    'The language of Naylith' Edward answered. 'Not many people speak it these days'
    'Then can't Stella be from Naylith?' Mel asked. 'That seems likely'
    'No she doesn't' Edward said. There seemed to be a hint of laughter in his voice.
    "Why?' Mel said stubbornly. 'How can you rule that off like that?'
    'Trust me' he said, positively smiling now. 'You'll know soon enough'
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