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  1. I have never liked Discord. Dark and messy.
  2. I feel the same as Sporadicbelle. I love the old RPGs, especially those done with RPGMaker. and like EsmeAmelia said, I too always search on Steam for "RPGMaker". A game I bought at Aldorlea recently is called "Shadows and Lies", and is done by Aldorlea and Gemelle Games. I love the games that Gemelle is involved in. Another one I love by Gemelle is "The Tale of a Common Man". You might also want to search for "Brewsterland Studios" on Steam. Their games are inexpensive and fun old-school RPGs. I especially like "Shadow of the Black Dragon". And since there is now a huge Summer Sale on at Steam, it's definitely worth checking out their games.
  3. I have always pronounced Aveyond the way Callmedan does, and I always pronounced Thais the way Moonpeace said it's pronounced.
  4. I see that Bleepyh has used my comment about speed in his post. I don't want my comment to be taken out of context, and want to say that I had no lagging problems in the game. I only said that I would have liked to see my characters move a little faster than they did, but there was no lagging. There is a difference between lagging and characters just being able to walk in "walking mode" - it's the best way I can explain it. To sum it up, there was no lagging whatsoever in my game. Am using a Sony Vaio Win7, 64-bit laptop that is about 5 years old. Edited to add: I see that Bleepyh has taken my comment out of his post. Thank you.
  5. Oh, I am sorry. I hadn't read it properly. It's because the other 2 characters did get a physical object so I expected to see the pendant as well. Thank you for the explanation.
  6. If that is the case, I was told I won the Pendant, but never received it. All I got was the Badge of Victory, which Myst is using, and I got the Arena Master Wrench for Rowen, which she uses. I don't have any Pendant for Boyle.
  7. Oh, I see. No, I didn't have Phye in my party yet when I did the second tournament. I read here somewhere that the villain pendant is for Phye, so I assumed that's the one I am getting. Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. After playing for about 40 hours, I have now finally finished the game. (big thumb-up) Towards the end, I chose Boyle (level 60), Robin (level 60), Rowen (level 56), and Phye (level 54). The combination fights of Robin and Rowen and Robin and Phye were really very good. However, I was surprised that despite the fact that I had all the best armour and weapons, I still found those skulls up on Skull Mountain on the way to the end game incredibly tough. I would have thought that they would have been easier and quicker to kill. I loved the ending. A bit long, but very funny. I can honestly say that this is the best RPG I have ever played. There is so much to do, so many things to see, and the variety of tasks and quests made this a game unique. I never was bored for a minute, and I can't say the same about other RPGs. Pretty much at the beginning of the game there was the glitch that closed down the game when I gave Boyle a wrong armour. After that, I never came across any other problems. The game played flawless for me. What I really liked, and what was very useful, was that if I needed to heal someone while in battle mode, that was always dealt with before the actual fight started. So whoever did the healing was always the character to do their move before anyone else. In other games someone might only use the healing potion or spell after the enemy has already dealt with the character who was in need of healing, and killed him or her. (I hope this made sense, I am not good at explaining things). The one thing I would have liked to see differently is the walking speed of my character(s). At times, when I had to go here and back there, I wished I could have walked a little faster, but that was the only thing I would have liked to see differently. Thank you both Amaranth and John Wizard for a wonderful game.
  9. I fought and won all three tournaments, and received all three items. However, after I received the villain pendant, and when I wanted to hand it over to Phye, I didn't find it in my inventory. Is it possible that I have sold it? Can you sell it? I sold lots of things, so it might have been one of those objects.
  10. I hope it's OK to make a second review. I wanted to be sure that the devs see it, rather than editing my first review, and it's not seen: I have now played for just under 30 hours, and am still not at the end. Of course, if it hadn't been for Pokemon's wonderfully detailed guide through the dungeon, the game would have ended here for me. I could not have done it without his help. Anyway, this is the most wonderful, rich in story, quest-heavy (good) game with wonderful music and beautiful graphics, I have ever played. And I love the added cheekies. How cute is that? I am not one of those hard-core RP gamers who love nothing better than fighting their way through a game. I prefer the game to be heavy on the story and light on fights. And this game is it.
  11. Thank you very much, Hunterreese. I did have the water boots to begin with, but must have exchanged them for something else on the way. I have them now again, and yes !! I managed to get into that room. Thank you very much for your help.
  12. I am stuck in the mirror world. I used the step-by-step guide that Pokemon has so generously provided, but can't continue now. I am at Pokemon's number 36. I used the dark sword on the orb, and the bottom path opened. However, when I go through and then left, I am in a room with a blue-black carpet, and a guy at the other side, saying "splash" every time I step onto the carpet, and I am thrown off it again. Can someone help me, please? --- --- --- BTW, number 31 is not quite right. It says Down 1 (wizard), right 3 (green chest room)... but it's not right 3, but left 3. At least it was for me.
  13. I have only played for a good 6 hours, but just wanted to say what a treasure this game is. The combination of Amaranth's Aveyond style plus the humour that John Wizard always injects into his games is priceless. I love this game. It has everything I want in a game: quests galore, humour, beautiful graphics, and - most important for me - you don't fight your way through the game non-stop with little else to do in between. --- --- --- Edited to add: I have now played a good 18 hours and am still loving this game. I love the way I can transport through the mist, and I love the different quests, all of which are fun to do. I also like the night-time mode - really nicely done. I have come across a couple of glitches, but nothing major, and nothing I couldn't have prevented in the first place had I not done what I did, like when the first time I wanted to give Boyle some armour that wasn't actually for him. The game then just closed. But I just got back in and was able to continue. Thank you so much for this fun and entertaining game.
  14. Honestly, I have never heard such a request. The 60-day money back guarantee is for those gamers who are trying to play the game within this time limit, but had problems with it, and can't play it to their satisfaction, not for gamers who played the game, finished it, LIKED it. I have never heard of such a thing.
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