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  1. Hey guys! It's been a couple of years, but I'm popping my head in again to say hello and check how things are going with you all. Anyone still around from my days? I miss the community. My time will be split between this and my branded account: JadedPhoenixStudios.
  2. I created a new account for branding purposes, but this is my game and company, guys! I know I've been gone for quite a while, but I hope some of you still remember me.
  3. I originally posted this on Facebook so some of it includes explanations which you guys obviously don't need. Ignore them. <3 Around the time I turned 11, my parents allowed me to become involved in some internet communities. I chose the handle "Marian Frae" because I was mainly doing roleplays with people and didn't want to have an internet handle, a pseudonym for publishing(eventually), AND a birth name. The first few years of my foray into the internet didn't really produce much for me; I enjoyed a few weeks each of writing really stupid stories with strangers and listened to a lot of Yahoo! Music--mainly Avril Lavigne's Nobody's Home on repeat. When I was 12 or 13, I started looking for a fun, inexpensive game to play; that search led me to Ahriman's Prophecy and a web-based community I would never have guessed would shape and change my life as much as it has. I wasn't very involved for a year or so, sheepishly posting on occasion and lurking in tons of comments and fan stories. Interestingly enough, though there were tons of roleplays I could have joined, I initially posted in General Discussions--typically in the serious conversations about politics, education, healthcare, and tolerance of various people groups. These conversations and debates led to a greater understanding of world culture than American media and schooling ever *attempted* to provide. Realizing my opinion could be valued and considered--not as a child's but as a peer's--by people I respected and were most often older than I boosted my eagerness to get involved. Amaranthia was the best community I could have possibly found at that age; it was open minded, family friendly, and based around a single, initial interest that bound us all together. As I grew more comfortable, I dove into roleplays and posted a few original stories. I'm not the type to do fanfiction; tons of ideas and headcanons swirl around in my mind but don't really make it to written form. Amaranthians didn't care; anything with a good story that was remotely readable gained followers, suggestions, and *constructive* criticism. Other people began reaching out to me for constructive criticism or to join their roleplay. While the attention certainly helped my self-esteem, I was humbled and honored rather than developing an ego. School friends and teachers had often told me I needed to further pursue writing, but they were a small sample size; this was much bigger. Amaranthia hosts "guilds". These guilds allow users to find a niche and family within the community--basically a portal to become more involved with guidance and support. My choice between the guilds took an absurd amount of deliberation--both personal and public; I'm pretty sure a few people became convinced I was never going to choose. At 15, Amanda Fitch gave me my first job; I wrote Amaranth Games' short, somewhat monthly newsletter. It mostly focused on her games and partners' games but occasionally featured exciting news from the community. I will never stop being grateful for that experience--however short it ended up being. Shortly after that ended, I ran an unofficial site-only newsletter as the chief editor. My team consisted of people from something like 7 different countries. Even more than my original debates and discussions, this forever changed my world view. The community--and its leaders--grew my belief in my own communicative skills and encouraged me to pursue my literary passions and goals. The community built up a great respect for game design and the positive impact it can have on several lives. Without Amaranthia, I would have never turned to game design for comfort and stability when I felt like my life was crumbling around me. I never would have met Legacy, ZackwellAesther, and literarygoth(from other websites) and so many others who continually contribute to my love of life and mental well being. I wouldn't be starting a game development company with them, and I would have no idea of the fantastic community we might be able to create. Without Amaranthia, I wouldn't have the drive to polish and complete Exsors with RaineGryphon. In fact, neither of us would believe our story could possibly be as loved and popular as it was while we were still posting its very rough first draft online. We probably wouldn't have continued past the first few chapters. I wouldn't look at the world with the ability to see past my environmental culture and realize both the faults and positives of all cultures. I have no idea what I'd be doing with my life right now if I hadn't had such a supportive community growing me, comforting me, encouraging me so early in life when I was *so* incredibly insecure. I know where I wouldn't be. I know what amazing experiences I would never have known. So thank you: everyone who was here with me and those who came after to keep it alive.
  4. I just wanted to let anyone who's still active and read this back in the day know that we're now at 878 paperback pages and are currently in the process of editing. The story will end up being three or four books in total. Please comment if you're still interested/newly interested and want updates on progress.
  5. Hey guys! Long time no update. How you doing? We have two updates for you: Sharon is better known to this community as daevaagas! Round of applause for the combined awesomeness of Sharon and Brent! Also, we've entered Magin as a nominee for the Indie Developer's Grant! All you need to do to help me win is make an account on the Bundle In a Box page and vote for my game to get the grant! We don't know exactly how much will be given to the grant winner because the amount grows as more people buy the Bundle In a Box! Magin's entry is near the bottom of this page: http://blog.bundle-in-a-box.com/?cat=5. We'd really appreciate a vote and some sharing of the event!
  6. Hey guys! I'm holding a contest to help advertise Magin! Everyone who posts the link on their page--FB, twitter, youtube, etc--before the 21 of this month will be entered into a contest for a $20 Target or Amazon gift card. On the 22, I will announce the winner of the contest. All you have to do is post the link on any of your social media sites. Multiple sites means multiple entries. Your friends can take part in this too! Just send me a link in PM to the advertisement post!
  7. Sorry for the multiposts! I've added new character profiles in the first post as well as a link to the Kickstarter! If you guys want Magin as quickly as it can be made, pledge your support and/or share the link with your friends! 480 people pledging $25 will reach our goal.
  8. This is the last update before the Kickstarter fundraising project launches THIS WEEKEND! With that launch will come the introduction of the Girls of Bhaile Montir--three new characters. Throughout the fundraising project, new information will be released with each checkpoint reached!
  9. I'm on a helpful kick lately and want to get re-involved in the community now that I have a *bit* of time, so if anyone would like this updated with new content, let me know and I will add spells bit mentioned earlier in the comments as well as anything else you guys would like to add. I'll actually create a PDF form this time as well.
  10. I have updated the first page with the "improved" version of the origin/mythology summary; I'll also include it below. A less-condensed version is available in my weekly blog and even more will be revealed in-game via easter eggs(such as books and random NPC conversations) and important cut scenes. The First Monarchs say that watching the world’s birth was like watching a painting stretch across a canvas without painter or brush. They were born with but not of the world and, as such, were able to witness its birth... and wield gifts of great power. One of these represented the physical embodiment of a door which held close a portal to another world; his name was Coeus. When he died, that door opened and allowed free passage between both worlds. While at first this free passage seemed beneficial to both worlds, the First Monarchs gradually realized it could lead to their world’s destruction. With great sadness, the Monarchs slowly barred passage to different types of people until only humans with open minds, untouched by cynicism and darkness, could pass between the worlds. Fearing that the common folk of their world would turn against them for this limitation and weary of the responsibility, the First Monarchs cast aside their throne and disappeared into the mists of history. Some of their descendents know of their ancestry and bear it with pride... but most descendents were left in the dark of even their parents’ parts in the world’s history.
  11. Just thought I'd update you guys a little bit. The Kickstarter will be launched on June 1. By that time, we plan to have at least one direction of Blaise's sprite completed and the story/origins sections will be greatly updated that day as well. In the hopefully near future, the layout of this thread is going to change quite substantially. In order to provide more information without blinding you with a wall of text, I'm going to compile information into image-based text modules. This will, of course, mean that this thread is going to become image heavy... but for those of you who cannot handle a lot of images, legacy-studios.org will still host a primarily text-based run down of the same information. One thing this new layout will allow is the inclusion of character profile pics and sprites within the same area as the character bios. The image section of the character profile .gifs will look a bit like the image below. . The weird looking areas will be filled in once the artwork for the grown-up version of Blaise is complete. The standing sprite is the real version of the coloring. The rest will all match once Brent is done. I wasn't specific enough about what kind of coloring I wanted at first. If you want any more updates, feel free to check the latest blogs. There's a sneak peek at Russel's profile picture. Please ask any questions you have for me or the rest of the team!
  12. Just letting everyone know that there will be some fairly big changes to the OP in the near future--including the addition of sprites! If you want a sneak peak, check out my latest blog post for a teaser of Blaise's sprite. Already, you can tell a major difference between Magin's sprites and those of the various RM RTPs. I plan to have our Kickstarter project running by the end of the month so keep an eye out for any announcements regarding that.
  13. MarianFrae

    The Agas Saga

    Yeah but I read a hundred pages most nights when I'm dealing with paper... so I'd be done with one act the same day I printed it!
  14. Alright, we've decided that it'll be best if agas draws Russel and comes back to Alicia afterward with a fresh eye. We'll probably be changing some of the facial structure to make it a bit more feminine. We'll definitely be narrowing the boots some more and trying to embellish the armor a little but there are some concerns about making it too busy. Adding to her bust isn't really practical in an armor sense(and Alicia's all about practicality... she'd bind her breasts closer to keep them more protected were she about to go into battle) so that will be a last resort. Samy/MetalRenard has finished the main theme and given it the fitting title The Wandering Dream! Finally, please check out my latest blog entry for a more in depth update. I've got some information about the Kickstarter project--which I hope to start the last week of May--as well as a sneak peek at the script! Comments on the blog can be given here or at LS.
  15. MarianFrae

    The Agas Saga

    Bloody monkeys in hell. FINE. FINE, KAZ, FINE. *copies entire story into document, formats for printing, prepares to take to Kinkos for printing and binding so she can read it like the book that it is* You're well aware that I love you and wouldn't be doing this otherwise, right? *walks away, cursing, and calls over her shoulder* Be back when I'm done reading through all--dear lord I just broke Google Docs. O_O I'll get back to you on how many pages there are... GD doesn't want to tell me. EDIT: 267 pages. T_T This is going to kill my wallet.
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