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    I kinda like the idea of Hi'beru x Rowen, for some reason. I've mentioned it in my AV4 review thread, Hi'beru is my favourite character, and Rowen is the only other person he shares a decent interaction with. Ingrid beating him up for his silliness doesn't count, because I really dislike that sort of belligerent sexual tension romance that is almost entirely based on slapstick, bickering and double standard. As for Rowen being married... well, her family are insignificant NPCs, so I can pretend they don't exist right? Conveniently forgets that, in the previous titles, I liked to make nonexistent backstories for random villagers who don't even know each other to justify their relationship.
  2. 1. Story - It's unique, and refreshingly so. I like the way it doesn't take itself too seriously and stays mostly in the humourous side of things, because that's precisely my main problem with the previous titles -- it fancies itself as this great, epic journey, but frequently falls back to the stock Hero's Journey trope, and when it does try to subvert some of those cliches, it's very forced, or rushed, or weirdly executed. The story feels much less contrived here, and I'm much more inclined to forgive unexplained plot holes when they're played for laughs. 2. Characters - A much better cast than its predecessor, offering a wide array of interesting personalities and better dialogues between the party members. The roles of each character in the quest is also much better established, and I find myself asking less "What are you doing here again?" to these people than I did in the previous titles. My favourite characters are Myst and Hi'beru. Sadly, the latter is quite underused, and there's a lot of missed opportunities with his development, especially with him being from a far away land. I'd really like to know more about the world outside Aia, especially since the setting as we know it already has a very diverse range of cultures that seem to undergo very large changes in a short amount of time, and I want to know how much more alien the other continents could be. 3. Graphics - The tilesets and backgrounds are very nice to look at, but the maps are otherwise difficult to navigate. At least the animal props no longer block your path, else it would be even more infuriating to get around places. The menu interface is also confusing and needlessly complicated. The layouts in AV3 was more organized and neat. As for the character art, I appreciate the unique design concept, but I don't actually care for the art style very much (too cartoonish and oddly proportioned for my tastes). 4. Performance - Here's where I have the most issue. The more polished graphics makes the game a lot heavier to run, so there's a lot of lags, especially when climbing up/down ladders and walking across bridges. The fact that there's no feature to boost the movement speed (like the speed crystal) and the inconvenient portal system (the mist realm, as opposed to the mule express and magic mirror in the previous games) makes this problem all the more glaring. Also, this creates a weird anachronism with the universe's timeline - one would think that the technology for travel would improve with time, instead of getting worse. Overall score: 7/10 Stats: Difficulty - Medium Time - 22 h 41 m Levels - 57 to 62 Ending - No Marriage
  3. Also, if you've taught Rowen to be a Sword Singer, it's really good to have her in the party. The Wind Vale song is a particularly useful skill to use.
  4. ^ Just because it's not canon doesn't mean it's a crack pairing you know. The Mystical Waif archetype is typically (one of) the love interest for the classic RPG hero, so if this wasn't an Aveyond game I'd expect the development to go that route (same with Devin & Talia, Rhen & Lars and Mel & Edward in the previous games). But given Amanda's track record of deliberately NOT going the typical route, I suppose it's only natural that she wouldn't pair those two.
  5. I didn't get sufficient attraction points with anyone (too lazy to complete all the steps), so no weddings for anyone. The epilogue cutscenes were hilarious, though I find many of them rather weird. Phye randomly getting together with that bridge harpy, for instance. Do they actually know each other? I've never tried talking to her while playing the game... And why is Hi'beru suddenly looking for love? Nowhere in the game was it even hinted that he's even considering romance, much less settle down with someone. Boyle finding a loophole in the curse by getting the priestess' "love for everyone" was funny though. Well, at least he didn't hook up with her. I actually like the militant squirrels segment the best because it's so bizarre it kinda cross the line twice. Can we get one as a party member next time?
  6. A walkthrough of the game can be found here: http://www.crestfallen.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3904 It's not complete, but at least covers the two previous posts
  7. Indeed. In my opinion, anything I post in forums is nonsense.
  8. Well, my main dislike is less about the site's new layout, and more of the fact that many of the threads and posts from the old site didn't get imported here. The old collegium, the contests "arena", the Clubhouse threads, etc. And yeah, the lack of guild is bugging me as well.
  9. Hi. Adept here, formerly known as theAdept_Rogue. I've actually been a member of this site for a couple of years, until I left a couple of months ago, due to the site's inactivity. However, now that I've returned, I don't feel like logging in to my old handle (which, now that I think about it, is too word-crufty for my liking), so I created this new one.
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