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  1. life as a caterpillar is sensitive and fragile

  2. @Argoyle Thank you for being a peacekeeper and putting a pause to this dispute. Removed comments that were inappropriate towards other users. ~Mopiece
  3. I believe there was a mention of Edward at the ending, when the was a two card flip game in Tor.
  4. Excuse me. What is this proverbial Pandora's box. When this website clearly promotes users a 60 day money back guarantee. Which is an endorsement to letting users have a refund. So clearly I am guaranteed a refund and there's nothing you can do about it.
  5. You really can't any pace faster, but the fastest walking character is Myst. Myst can climb ladders faster than anybody else.
  6. I am not saying that I do not like the game. Plus, completion of the game isn't all of the reason. I have health problems and I don't have life insurance. So I decided to refund the game to help me get life insurance. I apologize if I insulted anybody.
  7. I am looking for an herb named Rosemary in the game. I have no idea where it is. Does anybody know where it is
  8. No, it wasn't a cheeki. It was a Featherweight helmet for any character. It has 60 defense.
  9. I've completed the game and have no further use of playing it. I can't find any method of refunding the game. May someone help me?
  10. Yes, but the key was still in my inventory during that time.
  11. Does this key open anything at all? Its just in my inventory getting older as days pass by.
  12. its near the entrance before entering End of the world
  13. There are several places throughout the game The werebear sleeps in a pile of hay in the Boppity woods. The werebear eats chocolate nuts and leaves them in a bag in the Gingernut Forest. The werebear entertains itself by reading a book of the alphabet in the Silverspring Wetlands. You may continue the investigation in Busybeak hills once you have the Rascal Raccoon rank.
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