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  1. I cant get to whisper woods, the ferry won't let me on, now I am back at Tor and then Halina and I can't get back to where the ferry is even if I use the portals. I think there is something wrong with my game.
  2. I am replying here because I had to start my game over. I finished the game and missed a lot of things. I am trying to get to Whisper Woods but the ferry will not let me on, it has the mermaid head and no one there to take us and I can't get on the boat. But I need the grub from Whisper Woods and no way to get there. help please. I don't have Hiberu yet or the elf.
  3. I feel so dumb, I am in the night mode with Myst and Robin and I am in the Gingernut forest, I can't find the banana boy. I read the notes that said upper left of the forest. But I can't find him. I have collected bugs and owl feathers but I am still at zero and can't go into busybeak.
  4. I am not sure how to reply to the same post so it isn't spam. I am very new to forums. Can someone tell me why I can't get off the ship at the snow cave? I have gone to the snow island and opened it up but it won't let me get off the ship there. The little man comes up but I don't get off. I am not sure what else to try. I need the last demon blood. Thank you for any and all help. (I got it by using the keyboard numerous times) Thank you for your help.
  5. I have chosen Lorelai 's coven. I did the teddy bear quest she gave and I took the bear back to the child but now I can't find Lorelai's home. I have been wandering forever trying to find her in the wastelands. Can you help me?
  6. OH thank you so much, that works, THANK YOU
  7. Ok, I have a technical issue, It won't let me in the house after I got the water at the end of the world. What do I do? I finally found the last key. Now I have made my way to the End of the world. I can't go any further, It wont let me in the house. Here is where I am, "After you escape, continue through the Windy Valley and leave through the west side to get to the End of the World. Speak to the man who lives there and complete a short errand for him. After you help him, you discover that his family has been shrunk and he needs a potion to fix them. I can't get into the house after getting the water. Merged posts. Please stop posting multiple times in a row. Just use the edit button to add more information to your post. ~Mopiece
  8. I cannot get the last key in the Gingernut caves. I wish I had a map to get there.
  9. I went to that door, there is a blond girl in there but the only potion recipe she has is Higglety Pigglety.. Is it that one? Oh my gosh, so sorry, somehow I already have it. Thank you for your help. Please don't double post. ~Mopiece
  10. Can someone please tell me where the misc shop is in Halaina ?? I need the blabbermouth potion and cant find the recipe and I have been walking for hours. I WISH there were town maps in the stragedy guide.
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