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  1. I've also had this glitch. My version is C and I got it from Big Fish. I've read somewhere it's rare, every file I've started has this glitch happen. Very odd. I think the glitch might have something to do with the save file (?) because I've tried going in the boat and reloading the file before putting the pomegranate down and getting in and there's no change. I've also tried walking out the cave and going back in, then putting the fruit down on the altar. Still no difference. I also found two walkthroughs of the game. Each one had the glitch happen. Not sure of what the policy of linking youtube videos in the forums is, so I'll just give the titles of the videos and the approximate time stamp of the glitch. The titles are Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest Walkthrough Part 11 - Climbing Mount Orion and 13 Aveyond: Saving the Druid of Music (walkthrough) and the time stamps are 6:11 and 3:41 respectively. Hope this helps reach a solution in some way.
  2. So I was going to play AP. I clicked on the icon, but then my screen resolution changed. No big deal, until when I tried to press the home button the resolution STAYED. I go into safe mode, do system restore, it seems like it's fine. I even personally go into my windows properties and change it myself, but it still goes back to that resolution, which I can't reach the change resolution button. Before, system restore has helped change it back but now it's not working. I know it's caused by AP, sadly, so ... Help! Edit: I've fixed the problem, and this probably wasn't put in the right forum to begin with (heh heh ...^^'), reason being that I was freaking out. Anyways, if this isn't in the right forum, could a moderator please move it to the correct one? Even though (I think) people might not use Windows XP as much anymore, I'd really like this fix for that version of windows (at the very least) be available for future reference in face someone does have this problem because, as far as I know, there isn't a post that specifically tells you how to fix it. For anyone in the future who has this problem (and uses Windows XP), this is how I fixed it: 1: Right click and select NVIDIA Control Panel 2: Scroll down to Display, then select change resolution 3.a: Since the screen size is small, you'll see a scroll bar. Move it down until you see the selection slider (the thing that looks like a rectangle with a triangle attached to the bottom) 3.b: Alternatively, before you do the step above, click on the edge that separates the "select task" section from the rest of the control panel. You should see a resizer before you click. after you click it, drag it to the left (your left) to increase the size of the options. This will be important to do later, regardless, if you decide not to do it as the third step 4: Click on the slider icon and drag it to the right. This, basically, is what you do with the screen resolution in the windows properties, only in this case it's actually accessible to you. 5: I don't know if this step is necessary, but the slider below the screen resolution one is also scrolled ot the left. Follow step 4 to fix the color quality (that is, if your color quality was at 32 bits beforehand) 6: if you haven't done step 3.b yet, do it now, because in this step you need to click confirm. If you hadn't done 3.b, the only option will be to select cancel and we don't want that. After you do step 3:b, the option to confirm should be avalible. Click that. 7: A prompt (or window) will pop up on the upper right (the screen's right) asking if you want to keep it. there will be a countdown, so click "yes" before it counts to zero. And there you go! That's how I fixed it.
  3. The story about Dameon's involvement with the hero party is simple, right? Guy turns evil; evil guy decides to make him have the hero fall for him (the guy who turned evil, not the villain. RhenXAhriman anyone? ); plan works; feelings turn real; reveals allegiances at final battle to the party; true turn towards good; guy and hero defeat bad guy; the two get married. That's what I thought, at first. Then I began playing the game again, and I realized that it might not've been that simple, intentional by the Aveyond team or not. First is him choosing to go to the sun temple just to turn Rhen to the dark side. We only see Indra say that Dameon needed to turn Rhen. We don't see Ahriman and Dameon talking about that, saying "Hey, so about turning Rhen to the dark side: do you think you can, like, head over to the Sun Temple after she rescues Rhinsu (however you spell his name)?" or whatever. It just ends off after Dameon suggests the daevas take the souls of the druids. We, myself included, just assume that's why he's at the Sun Temple. Him suggesting to attack the druids could've very well been Dameon being influenced by Ahriman's powers, and when Ahriman wasn't paying attention, Dameon could have very well have had a "this ain't right" moment, say something along those lines, and left, leaving Ahriman thinking "Um ...maybe he took Indra's advice ...?" I'm just picturing Ahriman all confused with that ...old guy face he has in AV1. Anyways, back to the subject, sorry if this is getting long, about Agas and the dreamer temple. When you face him, After Agas says "You're gonna die!" very dramatically, Dameon says something about how Agas was the one who nearly killed Talia, and Agas is like "You were never on our side to begin with, were you?" Dameon just replies with "...". That seems like an epic fail (to the players) at making us think he's actually on Rhen's side, but again, we didn't really know why he returned to the Sun Shrine, so, again, he couldn't switched sides again and decided to help Rhen and co. He could've very well meant what he said to Agas. So ...after that very long wall of text ...what's your guys' view on the Dameon subject?
  4. Because I was introduced to these games by Big Fish, I thought, because of the trailer for Aveyond 2, that Iya was a wolf-human hybrid ... Here's some more: Saving over one of my extreme mode files (I had back-ups. Don't worry.) Saving over files in general Attempting to scream "YOLO" in the earth relic dungeon in AP Trying to find a way to keep Iya's snow princess gown (I wish you could ...) Forgetting there was a southern part of dreamworld in AV1 ...After I had almost (up to the final area) completely played the game before Having all magic wielders in cursed woods (AV2) Dang bats ... Getting lost in the underworld (AP) My post two above (Admittedly, I was like wut", then started cracking up after the boss, the dreaded boss, went down in one hit) stealing from too many donation boxes in AV2 And I wondered why I couldn't beat the final boss ... Trying to get Gavin and Nicolas in the same team without the goodie Getting lost while heading to Velderah (Glad I'm not alone in this one) Trying to attack the feral chickens before getting to the academy (I had my revenge when I decided to buy two ice scrolls and attack them before going to the academy ) Misreading Elden as Bden (AP) Getting my butt kicked in the last area (Tej'ila (however you spell it) was a life saver then) (AV1) Thinking that the games were about a girl named Aveyond ... getting my butt kicked by the spiders in extreme mode forgetting to save after every battle in dreamworld Trying to figure out why I couldn't pick up the birdseeds (AV1) Getting scared by the ogre in Mt Orion (AV1) Nearly getting my butt handed to me in White Pass because I didn't have enough recovery items or, rather, lack of recovery items I would use before the final boss (AV2) I think I'll stop right there. There are more, trust me.
  5. I'd be a Wolf-human hybrid who looks absolutely adorkable and who wields dual daggers and uses earth and white magic. No, not a werewolf.
  6. My mistake was fighting the second daeva as the last boss ... Okay, it wasn't really a mistake. I just remembered just getting to the daeva being very hard as a kid (it was the riddles that got me), so I continued to put it off, put it off, put it off, after rescuing the time druid (forgot his name), I'm like "Okay! This is gonna be an epic battle!". I go to the riddle area, figure them out (I think. This might've been me playing on version A, but it could be B/C), I go up to the demon saying "Epic battle ensue!". Then I select all my strongest abilities ... ... ... ... He went down in one hit ...
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