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  1. I purchased the game without trying the demo version due to good experience with Aveyond games in the past. I really liked those games, playing them a couple times over. Here are my thoughts: Characters: I liked Boyle, Robin, and Myst's characters, but that's where it ended. I didn't feel a connection to any of the other characters, and I really detested Ingrid...I just felt her character was so forced and became annoying after awhile. The character interactions were fun and witty at times, which I liked. Still, not up to the caliber of the characters from the first games. 6/10 Travel: This is what really bugged me. The Mist travel system was SO confusing and cumbersome. It took me many times going back and forth to figure out where to go. Generally the world was confusing. I think this could've been done a lot better. Also, walking was extremely slow and I felt it at times. A lot of back and forth quests. Some speed shoes would have been welcome. 3/10 Story: I really enjoyed the story for the most part, it was well planned out and I felt engaged with it. I felt Boyle's connection and concern for his dog, and Myst's concern for her brother. I wish they had taken a different direction than the forced marriage repeat, though. Also, my personal preference is more of the traditional adventurer's tale, as in the previous Aveyonds (royalty, mysterious powers, etc) and there was little of that here. I give the devs props for trying to be different, but frankly I liked the plots of the other games better. 8/10 Quests: The quests generally were engaging and fun, especially the Night's Watch quests. The Coven quests would have been better with less back and forth. My only complaint is that the journal could've been more detailed in where to go (I get some people like the guessing game, but I like being clear on directions). 9/10 Combat: Combat was fine except for the fact that 1) the white mage Hi'bertu wasn't that good and came late in the game(Myst's healing was limited), and 2) I felt that in the beginning of the game, the attacks from my side were very weak, and only by the end they had settled out. Often I had to rely solely on Myst in the beginning for attack power. Also I found Ingrid's transformation spells to be completely useless. Some bosses provided a fun challenge. 7/10 Graphics: The game looks very pretty at times (the starting areas mainly) and sometimes trended on the side of boring (many of the wooded areas). Sometimes the sprites looked too different from the background. 8/10 Performance: There was a lot of lagging at times. I'm not sure why as I have a graphics card. No rating. Strategy Guide: Not great, the forums were much better. Just didn't include enough information on the general questline, although at the end of the guide there were details about items and such. Overall: 6.8/10 The game was addicting and I enjoyed playing it, although it became tedious after awhile. Still, I have to agree with many here and I think the devs should've stuck more closely with the Aveyond world and formula. There's nothing wrong with trying something different, but I think those games resonated better with a lot of players including myself. This game has a lot going for it, in terms of quests, story, and characters, but it just doesn't reach the caliber of the previous iterations.
  2. Go to the inn in Halania. Once in the inn, go to the common room and ask for a wake-up call. Then go with Robin and Myst to the building slightly up and to the right of the inn. It has a distinctive sign. You should be able to start the Night Watch quests there.
  3. I thought the strategy guide was OK at times and sometimes not helpful at all. I found a lot more detailed information on how to do things on the forums. Sometimes it was way too vague. However, it does have a helpful list of things at the end.
  4. I finally managed to beat him in mid-late 40's using this strategy: Kill Crystallus first. If you kill all the dolls first, he heals himself so many times that it's impossible to defeat him. Use single-hit attacks and keep plummeting until he's gone. Then the dolls should be easy to defeat.
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