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  1. I am in pursuit of recruiting the 2nd paladin. Went and found him by the blacksmith, spoke to him stated he needed armor. Went in and spoke to the blacksmith whom stated I needed metal from gingernut cave and gave me a "teddy boy". Anyhow, I am in the cave wandering around aimlessly trying to locate this "metal". I have found like stacks of grayish metal bars but it won't let me pick anything up. I am not for sure if these are it or what I need to be looking for?
  2. I figured it out, i had to go back to the King and talk to him before proceeding thanks
  3. I'm a bit lost here, I am in the crusade area to look for the Paladin, went to the right area and looked all over and can't find him. I need him since the one wanted to stay a frog and took off. Any suggestions are helpful..
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