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  1. I answered this question already... just like I stated in the title that the key has been stored. I also don't have anywhere else to attempt to install it. Re-installing them fixed it. I blame my anti virus. Merged posts. Don't double post. Just use your edit button to add more information to your post. ~Mopiece
  2. It says the key is stored and the game opens normally. When I close out of it and reopen it, it's at the trial page and I have to reinput the key.
  3. Done this 3 times, restarted computer with same result. It's doing this for the entire series (excluding Aveyond I and II). Very frustrating. I have them installed on my dad's computer perfectly fine, but they're not working right on my Windows 10 tablet.
  4. Wanted to update, but I got the refund! Thanks so much Amanda!
  5. Ok, I guess I got lucky with the first e-mail then xD I think I'm going to count tomorrow as day one (out of five), just to help my patience a bit
  6. I requested a refund for a game I accidently purchased twice (but didn't really bother with it until now - kind of needing money, and realized that it was worth a try to see if it was still possible almost 5 months ago). A few hours after I sent the request, I got a message back saying they could send me $20 or give me a few games for free (I would've taken the games if I hadn't bought the games I already wanted so I did feel bad asking for the money choice instead (game was $19.99), and that was on September 3rd, it's the 6th now, and haven't gotten a reply yet. I understand that they may be busy, but should I wait a bit longer or should I attempt to contact them or wait and then contact them?
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