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  1. Luthie

    I'm Back?

    Hiya! Same me too as I just login for such a long time Seeing some people coming back feels so nice! *eventhough I am too just ghost-ing around the forum lol Well so welcome back too MarianFrae ~
  2. Have you tried to look in Tor? You might find one.
  3. What was the last thing you do before going level up to level six, Astarye? Maybe I could help.
  4. You're supposed to do another quest to access two other clues. Do the main quest more and I hope you find it ^^ (Highlight for the P.s) P.s: the two other clues are on another place.
  5. Did you pick the one of those eyes, one of them? If you're aware, you will see the shadow of something in one empty room.
  6. If you still have any slot then count me in! I'm so excited to beta-test as well! My mid-term exam is over so I'll have some quite free time as well ^3^
  7. Wow after seeing lots of things up there, it's kinda exciting to see what it will be likely done! "Remember, nothing lasts forever.." this sentence is making me kinda sad seeing Wanda all alone in the world then seeing someone the same as him(?). Aww so cute but maybe it will be kinda sad though seeing the story.. I guess there will be a sad ending? (Assuming Wanda is the blue and big one.) Where's your face anyway, I just see your back lol xD
  8. Height, I love challenges mwahahahha. Mineral water or Soda?
  9. Edward! Much more handsome than the spoiled brat D: Since it comes to the Aveyond, Rhen or Mel?
  10. I don't like horror movies anyway but my boyfriend does and always make fun of me lol like jump scare me, something like that haha.. =.= I assume Anna is asking the same question as above? It is one of Brave Frontier characters featuring Elza and Alice. The story is so sad though like the art and I think the art is really good lol. Umm.. what is your favorite genre in watching a film? (like horror, comedy, romance, etc.)
  11. Home. But when I am on holiday, I miss my college though. CocaCola or Sprite?
  12. My favourite song huh? Usually I hear Anime Songs like from Fairytail, OnePiece, etc. I love Japanese songs xD Do you love horror movies?
  13. Windows, never use Mac so I don't know how to operate one. Android or iOs
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