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  1. As per what KTC said: 1+1= 2 Whether you say it aloud or go through the equation in your head in English or whatever language you use, it will be: "one 1 plus(+) one 1 equals(=) two (2)" (unless you're trying to be funny by making this some cheeky trick quiz or something). English or any other language is a medium in which you use to communicate information, ideas and concepts like that of Maths, Science, History, Geography, Home Economics...etc... I personally went through 3 different phases/levels of education in 3 different languages, I'm referring to main language medium used to conduct lessons in. Primary/Grade school : Mandarin Secondary/Middle school : Malay Tertiary/College & University: English So even if you asked me the same math equation (1+1=2) in any of these 3 languages, I'll still be able to answer you. All in all, school subjects are split up according to what the "specialized" subject matters are going to cover. They are very different in the content of what should be taught but ultimately everything sorts of links up to one another or another. But you cannot dump every thing into one subject as there are just too many things to cover and it is as a matter of fact "impossible" to learn everything and anything there is to know of. Breaking up lessons in various subject matters provides a form of direction or guideline on what needs to be focused on what are the extent of lessons to be covered. As you learn the basics of each subject, you will begin to notice how things link up and by putting bits of information together, you'll see the big picture of how things link up.
  2. I've just played this. This was a very good story line for a short game. Good job and efforts My only complain is that the text are a bit too small in proportion to the huge amount of unused it has in the text box.
  3. In a sense "heartaches" aren't necessarily a "bad thing", at least (for a lousy point or two) it proves that you are a human with actual feelings and that you had actually took that feeling towards that someone/something seriously. As the saying goes, we always hurt the ones we love. If you didn't love or at least care for that particular person, you wouldn't have given a darn about what will happen to him/her. Personally, I think you might want to start with building up your people skills by building a connection with an actual person rather than over the net. Get to know the person first before deciding on the possibilities of whether to pursue a romantic relationship with the person. Don't rush as some relationships take time to cultivate before it can blossom (in a way, they're like plants *coughs*), otherwise people might see you as being "pushy" or "desperate" and you get pushed away rather than being drawn closer to the person. As for getting over heartaches or broken hearts, there is no definite cure or less painful method to get around it. Such wounds take time to heal and it differs for each individual. But just for the heck of it, playing violent bloody gory video games as KTC mentioned is something you can do to distract yourself for a bit so that the effects of the heart break wears off as time goes by. Whatever it is, just take your time and doing in your own pace. At least for one thing I believe in the phrase that "True Love Waits" Even minor profane words aren't allowed. ~Mopiece (Edit): Oops, sorry. Thanks for headsup, Mopiece.
  4. @LikaLaruku True, I'm one of those people. @-Moon Reader - I once considered biotechnology as an option but later decide against it in favor of Psychology. I like people and studying about how they interact with life itself As for being someone who studied a certain degree and worked as something else...I'm a psychology grad that had worked in Corporate Affairs (mix of admin, corporate and public relations) and now Human Resource and Admin. During my transition from student life to working life, I had worked as a teacher (casual staff) at Kumon and worked as an intern during my uni term break in an NGO (National Cancer Society) and in Environment, Safety and Health department of a hard drive maker. I also volunteered as a mentor for a mentoring project that was organised by my uni. I've been told by some that my work history has seemingly not very much "connection" to one another since it's like a collage, a little experience from here and there...But it was an experience for me and it helped me see what I liked and didn't like to have in a career so it guided me along. IMO, a degree or any other certification is one of those many steps you take towards your future career. There is so much more to deciding which career is best for you than just what level of education you have. Do find out where your interests lie, what are your strength and weaknesses (abilities, skills and personality). All in all, whatever anyone tries to tell you what is "Good" and "Bad" about a certain career path, you are ultimately the one who will decide if the path you had chosen works for you or otherwise. You can in following situation: 1) Love your job despite the miserable pay it gives you. 2) Loathe your job but love the $$$ that it rolls in. 3) Loathe your miserable job and the miserable money it makes 4) Love your job and love the pay that it comes with (best of both world) At the end of the day, job satisfaction or whatever ways you want to measure your career success with is determined by how you want to see yourself to be. As for stable prospective careers, at least from where I can see, accountants are in high demand anywhere in the world (as long as the corporate and finance world still stand strong). I personally can't do accounts cause I just don't quite grasp the idea of it. I only came to understand it a little more during my work in Corporate Affairs.
  5. @Moony, I'm sorry to hear about what happened. I'm just thankful that you have been safe all these while. That guy was not only stalking but was also sexually harassing you with all those unwanted attention! :x In any case, if you can, avoid going any where alone especially in isolated places where there aren't many people. Avoid going to places that have dead ends where there is only one entrance and exit point. (In other words, the entrance itself is the only way out or vice versa. If you simply have to go somewhere alone (e.g. while at work), do let your other colleagues know where you'll probably be heading so they know where they can find you should any emergencies arise. Always carry something that you can use as a weapon to help you escape. Even if it is a ballpoint pen, I suppose you can stab (?) him in the eye or something if the situation calls for it. As some of the Amaranthians had suggested, don't use violence unless he tries something that you need to defend yourself. Depending on his level of "psycho-ness" or how "sick" of a person he is, certain violence or harsh/cold treatments might actually "turn him on" instead O_O Since you're working in a hospital, I don't suppose you can bring a cellphone around in certain places. Anyway, it is good practice to have the local police department's no. stored in your phone -- You'll never know if you would need it. In my neighborhood, the police even give out their cellphone numbers to the local community for emergency contact. I don't know if other authorities elsewhere do this anymore, it was some time ago since I last went to the police station with my dad to lodge a complaint about some crazy neighbor in the neighborhood who was threatening and harassing us with baseless claims of things that we have no idea what the heck it was about.
  6. Welcome back, Taz! Not sure if you know/remember me but I sorta kinda remember you At least your name, my memories a bit patchy. Thanks for link, it really bring back memories. Sweet ol' memories
  7. Online dating...Whether you're rooting for it or against it, it balances itself on that fine line of utter disaster or unexpected happiness. We've heard of many stories of how online dating lead to disaster dates or worse. But there are also some who unexpectedly found happiness. I know of an ex-colleague who found happiness through online dating. She was divorced with a daughter who was in primary (grade) school. In spite of her circumstance and not to mentioned language barrier, she was Chinese and he was Korean, all turned out well. She took the effort to learn the language and after several (I don't know exactly how many ) dates spent in each other's country, they finally got engaged to be married. For "real life/person" dating,I've seen disastrous outcomes when the relationship ended. Boy Y and Girl X, splits. Mild cases, both moves on as if the relationship or the "acquaintance-ship" never happened, both walk past each other like how one walks past a stranger. More extreme ones - they hate each other guts and some even go as far as to tear down each other's things or reputation. This happened a lot during my uni days, since most people tend to date people from the same faculty (due to the "structure" of my uni, different faculties don't get to mix around with one another except for when there's a sport tournaments, charity/sale project going on) After all that's been said about dating and love. If you asked me about experience on love and dating, I *coughs* only *coughs* have experience of by-stander -- 3rd person's perspective view of what happened between Girl X and Boy Y. I somehow always end up being sandwich between the drama, whether it was of my own will or not. ("People, leave me out of your love vendettas!" would be what I might say but no, I somehow "have to get myself mixed up with the gossip networks, and gossip pops up in front of me without warning ^^; ). Anyway, I'm going out of topic... In my own sincere opinion, Love itself is no less (or even more - ?)dangerous than any form of dating. Why? Love (itself) is a battlefield ("Love is a Battlefield", Jordan Sparks). We take our chances on people, make plans and strategies on how to attract [d]capture and imprison[/d] our love interest. Sometimes we score, sometimes it's just a big screw-up that'll fill up yet another spot in the hall of shame. That's how "The Game of Love" (Michelle Branch) is like. Take a chance and love like you never been love before, but be warned that you might have to cry your heart out. A word of advice, even when you are on cloud nine during the dating/honeymoon period. Never neglect your friends, they are the one who would cheer you on when times are great and in times of despair, they'll scoop you up from floor and piece you back.
  8. I'm a BA (HONS) Psychology grad, working in the Corporate Affairs Department of a holdings company whose main business is trading and manufacturing of automotive outer body parts. (Now that's quite a mouthful ) A lot of people asked (and some are still asking) what a psych. grad like me doing in the a job that has little to seemingly no relations to what I've studied. Well, there are many factors, e.g. require further study (knowledge) and experience to actually practice in certain fields of psychology as a professional, no $$ munnie $$ (I'm broke in one way or another and need to put food on the table for the family) etc etc.... However, after all that's been said and done, I'm proud to be a psychology graduate as after all the [d/]physical, mental and psychological torture[/d] training and discipline that I've been through during those 3 years...It had helped me in many ways in understanding people around me (in life) and (for my workplace) I'm able to cope and withstand (almost) all sorts of craziness came along with my job and demanding bosses. Personally, I'm of the opinion that the career of one person is not solely depending on what one's academic qualifications are but also how well one makes the best out of one's knowledge and experience throughout the learning process.
  9. @honby50 I'm very sorry to hear what happened to you when you were a child. Despite all the pain and suffering you had to go through, but I'm glad you'd managed to find strength to lived on. @All I once met a pervert when I was on my way to school in my early teens. No serious harm was done, though I did tried my hardest to claw-scratch him as hard as I could with my then untrimmed nails before I ran like the wind to the safety of the main road. Still the incident shook me back then. though I was safe but the thought of it stayed on for several days before I return to my usual self and it was after a year or so that I was able to speak of it freely when similar topics risen. Having faced a sex predator, whether the victim was a child or an adult, there would be a certain amount of damaged made to the person in various aspect (especially mentally and psychologically). The incident alone is enough to traumatized the victim but post events that follow the exposure of such sexual crime by the victim can sometime bring more suffering to the victim. Anyone can easily say, "You should have told someone/authorities and the pervert could be taken care of". Unfortunately, many a times standing up to such incident can backfire and hurt the victim more. Going up against such sex criminals are not easy and requires a great amount of courage and a lot of support from the people around you. There are people who will force the victims into silence save theirs or the predator's skin, especially in cases where the predator is a person who the victim knows or a person of high social standings. There are also people, especially the "passerby crowd" who does nothing to help but their constant stares and attitudes towards the victim may unintentionally put the victim in the spotlight as if he/she's been branded for life and that they would have to bear the shame and humiliation all their lives. Sorry, I'm totally out of topic. I guess as a female myself, I sort of feel strongly about such incidents, especially violence against women. People should recognize such problems and learn how best to help the victims. I'm sure there are articles online and in magazines nowadays that'll talk on such matters. Back on topic...As for minors, they should be punished for whatever crimes or misdoings. Too young to understand? What nonsense! Then make 'em! :evil: Sorry, I'm a little carried away... But at the very least the minors must learn that whatever crimes they had done were wrong and should never be attempted again.
  10. @Stardale In regards to the applicant's info,what's this about ID number? Surely you don't mean ID as in identification card number? o_O *thinks some* ...or did you mean user identification number? The uid number that appears at the end of the url link to our user profiles?
  11. @Princess_Moogle The site was probably down when you visited it. Here's a notice from the admin.
  12. @tealovebug1 Sorry, I can't remember how that part goes...Have you tried checking the previous pages? I know there are a lot of pages, at least try the search option. I'm not sure if anyone else who played the game are available to answer your questions for the time being. @griselmay Picture 1: Like it said "Explore the Jupiter signs". Go around each part of the sign and click on space part to see if anything happens. You know it is the right spot when something happens. Picture 2: Do as it says...Just walk around this whole patch of ground until something happens. You'll know you are on the right spot when something comes up. Make sure you cover every available step on this land to make sure you don't miss a spot by randomly running all over.
  13. @littlebro Just change the font colours to white.
  14. @Nick You look great even with lighter, darker or your natural hair color Can't remember how many different colors you had based on your previously posted pictures @Aeternus Congrats on your graduation! ^^ Madness? I totally understand it xD I, myself had finally and officially graduated about a couple of months ago... I completed my course a year ago but due to "cost saving purposes" and what's not, we only had our convocation a year later (April 2010) with 3-4 batches of graduating students from our university and some of our partner universities. Just my faculty alone, we have about 3-4 different batches of students from different intakes. It was a huge delay but I'm glad there was a "proper closure" for the uni bit
  15. @NiCc o.O Whoa...The resemblance xD (except that Jimmy Neutron has a much, much larger head )
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