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  1. JosephSeraph

    The King's Heroes (Aldorlea Games) [Commercial]

    I really really love the artstyle in this *0* that's some REAL quality character design *u*
  2. JosephSeraph

    A Question on Setting.

    Yeah, a setting totally depends on the game in point! I have no preference at all tbh. Your average tolkien fantasy world is pretty amazing on its own, and so is a futuristic world, a modern world... But I have to say I really long for creative settings. Chrono Trigger had a fantastic setting! Or rather, settings! It is something quite unlike anything else even if the isolated settings could sometimes be rather generic. (I mean, guardia is generic as hell. Zeal is a bit generic too but BOY ASK ME IF IT IS ATMOSPHERIC AND AMAZING and 2300 AD was pretty great!) Now, I'm a sucker for astronomy and I'd love to see games mixing astronomy with fantasy in a coherent and interesting way! Please NO ALIEN WARS i'm tired of intergalactic space shooting. But yeah, the universe is, well, a universe of untapped storytelling potential!
  3. A ripped resource is any resource that has been ilegally obtained from another game or somewhere else in general. It's ok to use resources from other people if they let you tho! But... They might ask you for a written permit if your game is commercial I think! Welp welp hope I was of help. Have a gooday!
  4. JosephSeraph

    Similar Battle System

    I think Moghunter's Memories of Mana is the most solid similar game there is... As he's one of the creators of the XAS engine himself (one of the best ABS engines for XP>) but really, Ahriman's Prophecy has a magic only 2k/3 eventing can bring. Oh, the good times. I remember the first time I played it and was blown away by the atmosphere and systems, miss those times~
  5. a short game by JosephSeraph ~Synopsis~ This is a rather subjective game, as such it is suggested that you try to look for meaning beyond the obvious and interprete it. It also ended up being a much more personal game than I had planned for. 3 young ones are tasked by a mysterious voice to grow The Tree-- Having no memory and no knowledge of how they got to this mysterious forest, it is up to them to find the Miracle Water needed to grow The Tree. Why they are tasked to do that, what they are doing there, these are questions whose answers lie nowhere but within themself. ~Gameplay~ In Resonate your party of 3 characters explore different Realms in search of said Miracle Water. Equipment management is a heavy emphasis of the game, as magic is dictated by the cards you have equipped in your six [other] slots. They are not only for spells but for equipment/acessories. As such you want to have spells suited for each scenario equipped in each character, as well as equipment that emphasizes their strengths. There is a fair lot of freedom, however, in you you manage to build that up. ~Images~ ~Links~ STEAM GREENLIGHT Contest Entry RMN GameJolt ~DOWNLOAD~ Thank you for playing the game! I hope you do have a good time. Please-ease-easy, I'm looking forward for feedback! It is very much treasured as I slowly polish the game for its 1.0 release!