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  1. I just sent the file! I explained in my email, but quick update: now when I try to use that file I can't continue after I use the ledger. It no longer switches to my leading character or do anything other than wait for the fake customer.
  2. Great! Maybe I'll wait and go back to a previous save and try a different coven until the patch Thanks for your help!
  3. @Helkah Yes, I've sold a bunch of stuff successfully already. @Valkyriet It pauses for a second, as if waiting for the customer's reply, then Robin's sprite switches to my leading character's sprite and I can continue.
  4. Hey guys, The weirdest thing is happening right now. I'm trying to sell Jinx's Dress but whenever I walk into the store, Robin says "Come in!" and all the rest of his dialogue, but there's no customer. He's just talking to himself and then no sale is made because there's no one there. Jinx's Dress is currently the only item I have that I can sell because I started the coven quests so late. Has anyone encountered this or does anyone know the fix?
  5. I would love to beta test if you need more people! I don't have any experience with testing other than my own, much smaller, games but I have a lot of experience with the Aveyond series.
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