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  1. where do I find the three drops of blood for the blood of the ancients quest? what is the Sids Riddle #6, treat a villain eats?
  2. Yes looking for the whispering grub. Thank you so much. How can you beat the wherebear? Cant find the anti salve to use on him? Merged posts. Don't double post. ~Mopiece
  3. Thanks for all the help. Hopefully I'll be right for a while now :-) Where is whisper woods? Or did I get it wrong? Please don't double post. Just use your edit button. ~Mopiece
  4. Spoke to Mystic, he says i'm trying to focus my mystic powers. Not really getting it?
  5. I can't seem to figure out how to find the tiny furniture. Help please?
  6. need to make agreeable potion. It went purple and I need a violin to fix it. Where do I get the violin? I seem to be running around in circles.
  7. Thanks so much. Now I am making a bit of progress.
  8. Cant find boots to walk through the water on the Hiberu quest? any help please?
  9. Feel a bit silly. Didn;t stand in front of scroll and buy it :-( got it now ;-)
  10. I am unable to buy the scroll. Been to gingernut cave and Ingrid says she forgot to get the scroll? Have I missed something?
  11. Trying to get robin to fight spirit, how do i get the scroll from crete street?
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