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  1. I am trying to do a complete uninstall/reinstall of the Ahriman's Prophecy game & I made sure I deleted the whole C:\Program Files\Ahriman's Prophecy folder.....my problem is that after reinstalling it, I still have all the saved games & I want them all gone. How am I suppose to do this? Is there a hidden place that it saves the files to or is there a way to just delete ALL the saved quests?

  2. Yeah, just rename the new pic to sunset and is a .png format.
  3. KTC

    Introduce Yourself :)

    I'm not actually, I've only recently come back after several years of inactivity due to someone pming me haha. Not sure how long I'll be staying this time, but we'll see. You can contact Amaranth to fix the name issue stuff and I think the club is gone sadly.
  4. KTC

    General Game Discussion

    I recommend playing it! It's really fun and worth it even if it gets nerve wracking and tensions remain high till the very end.
  5. KTC

    General Game Discussion

    Game discussion thread since the last thread seem to have disappeared with the revamp and none of the games I'd like to talk about are mine so it wouldn't fit in the Free Games section of the forum. Anyone played good games, want to discuss one, or rage over bad ones? Recent games I've played have that actually rewoken my interest in rpg maker games: Misao, Witch's House, Mad Father, Ib. (All are free and available here) Before those games, I didn't think it was possible for someone to create a good horror game from rpg makers. Boy was I wrong. They all have solid storyline, creepy athmosphere, lots of scares, and Witch's House in particular scared me badly. I don't want to give spoilers away so I'll just discuss my impression of them after playing through them. Misao: More humorous than the rest (developer even says it's reminiscent of B horror films), still had plenty of good scares and storyline. Ib: Graphics are on the weak side even for an rpg2k game, but filled to the brim with monsters, puzzles, scares, and storyline. Mad Father: Ho boy, story is filled with many twists. Scary, puzzles, and monsters! Good audio and atmosphere. Love it. Witch's House: This game is my favorite of them all. While playing, I became increasingly paranoid and twitchy due to literally everything is trying to kill you. The sound, music, mapping, etc. were all great to create a sufficiently scary and creepy atmosphere. The storyline is also awesome and I actually froze in place with my jaw to the floor at certain revelations. This game is somewhere in my top X list. I recommend playing these games with headphones, alone, and all lights turned out. Helps with the experience greatly.
  6. KTC

    The Rpg Maker XP vs VX thread...

    I prefer rpg2k3 over both of those. Mostly because I am quite familiar with rpg2k3 having spent a large amount of time working through AP's custom system. AP v1 was a breeze compared to APv2. I don't make games and haven't had any need to mess with xp/vx. With that said, I've played some truly awesome games from rpg2k, rpg2k3, xp, vx, Wolf RPG editor, etc. It's less which game maker you use and more if you have a good storyline, characterization, music, etc. that makes a good game.
  7. KTC

    I'm tired of waiting for aveyond 4!

    Pssh, try waiting 8 years for Half Life 3 and still have no ETA when/if it'll ever appear.
  8. Bumping this since I'm somewhat back on rpg2k3.
  9. Uploaded a goodie with exp bar, invisible barrier fix (since most common bug), and reset guilds.
  10. Updated all links to account for forum update and removed bad links.
  11. Reuploaded everything I found on my harddrive. Probably missing a few.
  12. Looking through my old folders and found it again. Enjoy.
  13. KTC

    How does Amaranth survive?

    EA doesn't make the games, they publish the games from companies they own. I'd argue that some of the companies are known much more for their story/characterization than the shooting part. It's just unfortunate that EA, due to forcing companies to release games before they're ready and stick in badly implemented multiplayer, ruins the product. Bioware for example has made great games that usually have awesome characterization and somewhat decent storyline. If you asked me whether I prefer Mass Effect or Aveyond, yeah sorry Aveyond. Mass Effect is it (if I just ignore the last 10 minutes or so). My love of quirky Teijal doesn't hold a candle to the love I have for my dorky archaeologist turned badass Liara haha. Same with Dragon Age: Origins which doesn't have any shooting unless you've archers in your team heh.
  14. KTC

    Aveyond Kingdom is LIVE!!!

    Came back because someone pmed me (THAT was suprising), but nice changes. A bit sad about Brotherhood being gone, but to be fair we were the least active guild anyway. Might pop in every now and then to see what's new.