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  1. @tiniponi Oh, in that case: *dives into the webarchives again* Here we go 3kb.
  2. @tiniponi : Found your avatar while looking through the webarchives to see if mine is somewhere there. XD
  3. Try these: Close out of everything except Aveyond 3. Make sure antivirus is not scanning since that's a resource hog. Go to task manager and see if anything is hogging a lot of resources unncessarily and close those as well. See if that works. Better explained here except look for aveyond instead of pokemon: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemonphoenixrising/comments/8o0cm2/a_fix_for_those_experiencing_lag/e02f2tt/ Alternatively, try this https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemonphoenixrising/comments/8o0cm2/a_fix_for_those_experiencing_lag/
  4. The installer should have installed the exe automatically. I have a feeling what's happening is either your windows defender or antivirus is removing the exe file without alerting you because it thinks it's malware. It's a false positive as all of the Aveyond games here are clean. You can get around this in several ways: In Defender/Antivirus - Add an exception to the Aveyond 2 folder so it won't remove stuff from it again Turn off Defender/antivirus momentarily and try installing again. Find the exe in which ever quarantine folder has it, put it back in Aveyond 2 folder, and add an exception. The name of the file is Aveyond2.exe and is 1584 kb big. For windows defender, you can add exceptions/exclusions following the instructions here:https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028485/windows-10-add-an-exclusion-to-windows-security
  5. Is the game giving you an error message when you start it up? As far as I know, rpgxp games are windows 10 compatible.
  6. It's been a long while since I've played Aveyond 1, but looking at the goodie file, it looks like a map file. Where are you installing it? Is it the same folder as the Aveyond folder with all the other maps? Did you overwrite the existing one? Is it Aveyond v2.0?
  7. Working links to maps and guides are also located further down in the FAQ thread:
  8. Yeah I know I showed a video yesterday on the Arena, but I got a bit too excited after finally figuring out how to respawn 20+ enemies without lag or crashes! To be fair, this is without spamming items and spells for quickbar, and I may end up disabling those anyway because there was considerable lag between input key and spell/healing happening since you keep getting whacked on all sides. Or I might disable just spells/attack items since I think the game engine simply cannot get through all complicated coding for spells correctly when there's a maximum of 8 enemies attacking you at anytime. It doesn't crash, but it doesn't cast the spell correctly either. In this test, looting is disabled for testing purposes, and also cuz I got annoyed at picking up items when I wanted to kill things quickly. I may take a page out of Assassin Creed Syndicate/Odyssey Fight Club/Arenas and leave it disabled all together and you get a lump of gold at the end for your efforts. Theoretically I can make the game respawn 100+ enemies for a marathon level of fighting.
  9. Took a bit of headdesking and frowny face, but wooot, repeatable Arena fights with 8 enemies! Barebones stress test since the game usually only allows 4 enemies to spawn at any point of time on screen. I think it worked rather nicely without any noticeable lags. Now I just need to work on what type of tournament progression system. I'm also pondering whether to stick a fight club in Thais courtesy of Jack's connection because money is kinda sparse in the early sections. Definitely will earn less money than if you participate in Tar Vedron, but the catch is that Tar Vedron monsters are also gonna be harder.
  10. Thanks! Dragon's just about done. I caved and did a somewhat easy fetch quest though I limited it to you can't get him until you beat the Dragon King. After wrestling with so many hard stuff and frustrating bugs, I took a break and coded some easy casino stuff. Also I needed gold and didn't feel like fighting monsters. Introducing functional slot machines, dart game, and shell game. Dunno about the balance of them since I just used random numbers. I don't plan to touch the other two tables since I have no idea how to play the real life equivalent games. Onward to the repeatable coliseum fights cuz that sounds fun.
  11. Presenting Talia: First of her Name, the Dragon Queen, The Master of Guilds, Vanquisher of Monsters, Mother of Dragons Bugs. So. Many. Bugs.
  12. Tentatively done with shortcuts, quickbar, maps, and all related stuff to that. I also tweaked the UI so it displays exp. It's a bit busy but I kinda like it. Also now features difficulty settings though no guarantees for balance since I'm not good at that and just did blanket multipliers to increase/decrease HP, exp, atk, rewards. Tentatively set at: Easy = 2x more rewards and enemies have 2x less HP/atk and hard being 1.5x. So many bugs to stamp out. Have had only 1 crash so far due to event not implemented bug so not bad so far. Also got distracted because I wanted to fly a dragon. So I'm changed out the air balloon for a dragon because Dragons. Tentatively plan is you're gonna find a dragon egg after you beat the Dragon King and after X quest, you're gonna get a transport dragon. Will be able to enter cities/towns but not buildings, caves, or mountains. Won't be able to fight while you're on the dragon. I'm also thinking of a two level system where the top tier is you're flying around the world map for quick zooming around and the next tier is flying just above the ground level so you can move with more nuance. Unofficially entering the part where I add random stuff cuz it seemed like a good idea at the time lol.
  13. Never heard of the game but is it the same one on steam? https://store.steampowered.com/app/370640/Midnights_Blessing/ Appears to have a steam forum section there. Following the links to the creator/publisher's website results in a forum thread for Midnight Blessing 1: http://www.aldorlea.org/officialsite/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=135&t=9046 And 2: http://www.aldorlea.org/officialsite/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=135&t=9216 If you're looking for specific posts on a dead website, you may get lucky with http://web.archive.org which might have a record of that website.
  14. Alternative since the above didn't work for me on Wins 10: Download the fonts from here: rpgmaker.net/users/kentona/locker/Fonts.rar Go to C:\Windows\Fonts Drag the 4 font files from the Font.rar file into Fonts. Voila, non squished fonts.
  15. I had a light bulb moment with the invisible barrier bug: See, it happens when a switch activates erroneously since that's what prevents you from fleeing a boss fight. But if it turns on too early, than it creates an invisible barrier surrounding the boss preventing you from going forward. So, if you make the switch first check that you are located at X spot before turning on, it should theoretically fix the random invisible barrier bug on it's own rather than having to manually edit the save file. More testing required, but it should be relatively easy to program. Unfortunately, for the "event not implemented" bug, I still cannot locate the cause.
  16. Do a windows search for Save01.lsd which is the save in spot 1. If it's not in the game folder, than I'm guessing it's either in the appdata folder which can be located here and in one of those 3 folders , local, locallow, roaming: C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData Or in Documents located at: C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\
  17. Video showing shortcut bar. Can assign any spell, skill, or consumable to 10 slots via 0-9 keyboard. Can spam attack/heal with spell/skill/consumable while number is selected via spacebar as long as you have enough MP/items. Deselect by hitting number again, shift, or ESC. Also shows dead Jack being revived and healed via toolbar. I've programmed it such that it will auto toggle to next available hero when facing an enemy so that you can't just run through the map with a dead character which, while funny, broke balance completely lol. I've tweaked the ESC button so that first click auto zones to Toolbar lvl 0 and second click goes to main menu. This was due to me getting tired of scrolling through Talia's 12 lvls of toolbars. Misc features: Maps, toggle toolbars on/off, tweaked spell pgs UI so that more spells per page, can use combat bar in safe zones so you can heal quickly and safely without going to main menu, and probably other stuff I forgot at the moment. Currently, I am working on refining the code and stamping out bugs. Suggestions/feedback is welcome.
  18. Thanks! Feeling mildly proud of myself for finally figuring out how to get rpg2k3 to detect whether an event is next to you without having to edit every single event on every map in the game. I know you can do this easier in later rpgmakers via scripts but I don't have scripts so XD Shortcuts are done functionally (that took Forever) and I'm stamping out bugs while also attempting to refine the code a bit so it's less stress on the engine. I've also decided to allow opening toolbar in non-combat zones for fast healing without going into the menu cuz I'm lazy like that and this is my mod. I think the only thing left of Shortcuts is to mess with the UI on main menu to easily show which item is connected to a shortcut and ~maybe mess with images to show how many items are left on the toolbar though that may be the straw that breaks the engine's back.
  19. KTC

    Hi! Again!

    Nice to see ya again too!
  20. Hiya! I'm not used to the new look either lol. Kinda miss the old warmer colors. No downloadable upgrades yet since I'm still working on it and just showing WIP cuz I'm quite excited at this major milestone. Still lots and lots of bugs to stamp through as well as programing an additional ~25 items/spells.
  21. Update: So I was successfully able to get attacking spells and items to work from tool bar. Those are essentially done and functional. Healing items is a bit more problematic due to the lack of buttons and I've been wrestling with this issue cuz ideally I like it to be spacebar to confirm healing, but space bar is also the action key and I really don't want to edit every single map with monsters to account for that. I might end up caving and use shift key to be confirmatory button or bite the bullet and edit every map. Level 1 Tab is reserved for Shortcuts which has proved more....difficult than I anticipated so I'm leaving that last while I wrestle with healing items. I'm also debating what to do with revival items like cassia leaves and myrica infusion since the current system doesn't allow toggling of dead party members. I may/may not take those off the toolbar and leave those for the main menu journal if I can't figure out an elegant way to choose who to revive. Feedback is welcome. Here's some video demonstrating the new toolbar. If you noticed the levels skipped a few levels while going through the bars: It's because I've programmed it to skip to the next level if you do not have the spells/items on that bar. That way you never end up on an empty bar.
  22. In my excitement of finally figuring out how to get shortcuts/quick keys to work (and I am friends now with CommonEvents. I'm not sure why younger me was so scared of them. They are glorious.), I also pondered on an interesting scheme that would make battle infinitely more user friendly....but also be a completely and extremely painful to program (I can see why Amanda stuck to this scheme cuz the amount of programming = oooooohhh boy. But I am that level of excited right now). Battle Menu is going to automatically be open in combat zones Shift: Switches between Item/Skill Bars, Shortcut Bar, Toggle Hero/Save/Battle Menu Toggle/Map Buttons Bar. 0-9: which spell/skill to use. ESC: Menu unless facing monster in which case it does nothing. Space: Attack with normal/spell/skill. It's not possible to have the spell be used instantly once selected since the game wouldn't know which enemy is being targeted. That's why you have to hit space again after choosing a spell in the original game. Doable? Surprisingly yes, yes it is. I know the basic programming of how to do each of those individually and have done small rudimentary testings confirming each of them. Tedious to program? You have no idea. I would have to program an additional 10 buttons with each button being about ~100 variables give or take 20, revamp the whole item/skillbar AGAIN which involves roughly 200 variables give or take 50, and it's probably going to make the whole game even more unstable due to how much extra is going on. I also am not sure if my attention span is wide enough to finish because it's an incredibly daunting process. Well, if I disappear again for a long while, this is probably why though I will release what I have if that happens.
  23. Shortcuts and switching at will are officially happening! Figured out a nice neat roundabout method so I don't mess with Amanda's original code too much but still be able to do stuff to it. Now debating which buttons do which. I'm thinking: 1-9 = shortcut spells/items 0 = Save Shift = Toggle Hero. rpg2k3 can use the symbols / * - + ., but the problem is that they only work if you enter using the numpad so I don't think it would be convenient to use them. Also I'm gonna include healing items in shortcuts cuz why not. I don't wanna keep going into the menu to heal when I GOT BUTTONS TO WORK and I'm gonna exploit the heck out of it Common Events and I are friends again.
  24. Thanks! In exploring the code I found that it's actually quite easy to stop the toggling heroes automatically, however it also requires literally changing every single monster on every single map so into the todo list I guess. Common Events are my friends and enemies.
  25. In game maps! I wanted to be able to display maps+where player is on the map because I get lost quite frequently as a player, especially if I have to go through Witchwood Swamp frequently or other locations. I've figured out how to manipulate the number keys so I think the shortcut/quick keys might actually be possible which I would love to do since scrolling through 7 levels of skillbars (via all guilds)+1 itembar is a little more tedious than usual. Between 0-9 and shift keys, that's quite a bit of buttons to work with to make the combat more streamline. I might also try to get rid of the need to close out the battle menu and press enter again in order to use the spell, and have it as soon as you hit whatever spell/item does it automatically though I'll definitely need to analyze the code more.
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