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  1. Repost of Bonds by KikoAyumi @KikoAyumi: if you wish to post this yourself. Just tell me and I'll delete this. This is for the story index. ----------------------------------- Hey all! I am completely hooked on Aveyond right now. I haven’t even beaten it XD Anyway, this takes place after they’ve arrived in Sedona and Rhen bought the mansion! I love Lars and Rhen, so I wanted to write a little something. This is more friendship-like, though. Enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own Aveyond or any of the characters in this story! ----------------------------------------------- Bonds ----------------------------------------------- “I… I wanted to apologize for being so horrible to you.” “Thank you, Lars.” The sudden apology from hours before still echoed throughout Rhen’s mind as she lay amongst the yellow covers of her new bed. She could still vision his face as he spoke the words… eyes downcast, lower lip gently twitching. Never before had she seen the all-confident, narcissistic brat look so… defeated? Lost? And that’s why, on first instinct, she almost laughed. She wanted to shove it in his face after having to listen to his whining and ranting about how she would never amount to anything; never earn the right to be considered something greater then ‘Peta’. He’d given her nothing but hell throughout the entire journey. ‘So why didn’t I shove it in his face?’ Rhen thought, blindly staring at the purple and gold rug lying on the floor, ‘He deserves it.’ But, thinking about the little changes she’d seen within him during their voyage, she couldn’t quite make herself believe that statement. Sure, he still threw around insults and put-downs, but something had changed. Those words were no longer filled with venom, his eyes no longer gazed upon her in disgust. In fact, in their last big battle with Tawrich, she could have sworn she saw something akin to respect in those eyes after she landed the finishing blow. But maybe she was hoping for a little too much. She sighed and tried to burry her head deeper within the soft pillows. “This is degrading!” With the familiar voice ringing in her ears, Rhen lifted her head up and looked toward the hallway questioningly. “Don’t make me bite you, you little brat!” She could nearly see Te’ijal with her fangs bared. A smile quirked at the corner of her lips. Moments later, Lars came into view, glaring over his shoulder while carrying a plate of goat cheese and salmon. With an undignified snort, he turned his attention toward Rhen and held out the plate. Sitting up, Rhen looked at him skeptically. “Te’ijal and Dameon said you skipped dinner. Now take it,” Lars commanded, practically shoving it in her face. Rhen leaned back with a grimace before obediently taking the plate. Great, he was in another hostile mood. “All of you should go to bed. We’re heading up to the Northern Dock first thing in the morning,” Rhen spoke, taking a bite of her cheese. “What is with you people? Always trying to tell me what to do,” Lars remarked, turning to head back down the hallway. Rhen grit her teeth. ‘I should have shoved it in his face!’ And with that thought, she grabbed what was left of her chunk of cheese and flung it at the back of his head. Lars froze on contact. “I’m not ‘telling you what to do’, you jerk!” Rhen exclaimed, seriously thinking about throwing the fish as well, “I’m trying to make sure you’re well-rested in case an enemy attacks! Is it so hard for you to accept friendly advice?!” The expected explosion of words never came from Lars. He didn’t even turn to face her. His hand, however, did travel to the back of his head so his fingers could comb out the small chunks of cheese embedded in it. There was silence for the next few moments. ‘If he takes one step toward that hallway without saying anything, I really will throw the fish.’ But, he never did take that step. He didn’t even yell. He… chuckled? Rhen stared, dumbfounded, at his softly shaking shoulders. “Did you just…” A few more chuckles escaped him before he turned around to face her with an expression torn between being baffled and amused, “throw cheese at me?” As the words sank into her brain, she could feel her face heat up. In the rise of her anger, throwing the cheese seemed like a perfectly plausible idea. But now, she could see how extremely… childish, if anything… it was. Trying to save herself more embarrassment by letting him see her face grow to a tomato’s shade, she turned so she was facing the wall. “Just get out!” She exclaimed. She didn’t hear any footsteps. “Ok, so maybe I did deserve that,” Lars spoke slowly, surprising her, “I did mean what I said earlier. It’s… hard to break old habits, I guess.” Rhen’s eyes widened. “And when you do dim-witted things like throw cheese, it makes them all the more harder to break!” Rhen promptly turned around and threw the fish. Right in his face. And later in the night, when the lights were out and her body was snuggly tucked under the covers, she smiled. Lars would always be Lars. And she could live with that. ------------- P.S. - Fixed it! Omg, I KNEW her name was Rhen... I really do NOT know where Rhea came from x.x Sorry about this! -- People who just read that and thought wtf?, nvm.
  2. reposting kleptin's archive. Hope ya don't mind klep NOTE: I will NOT retrieve any of the characters. Think of this as a "new" archive for rps. ------------------------------------------ *If you have questions, PM me, this topic is for RP character entries only* This is the archive, and in my opinion, will soo be stickied as it will be the most important part of the Tavern for RPers. Here, you will submit your characters into a database where we can easily access information. You may edit your characters at any time, but please, ADD THE DATE YOU EDITED YOUR CHARACTER. I want this to be a very strict archive, with little deviation. Please post in the following format: YOUR USER NAME: YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: a)Physical: b)Magical: c)Other: YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: CHARACTER WAS LAST EDITED ON: Here is a short guide YOUR USER NAME: Self explanatory YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Create a name for your character. First and Last, try to make it easy for people to remember, since we will be interacting with you. If you must use names with many, many syllables and punctuation, give a nickname as well. YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: Self explanatory DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: Self explanatory. YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Traditionally, classes will come from D&D type fantasy. Mage, Fighter, Thief, Barbarian, Ranger, etc. If you must create your own class or job, please include a full description. YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: D&D type species such as Orc, Human, Elf, Dwarf, etc. Again, if you must create your own species, please include a detailed description. YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: If you are using a species other than human, please put the human equivalent of the age in parenthesis. YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: Here you will list the abilities that make your character special. a)Physical: In hand-to-hand combat or in fighting with monsters out in the field. Poison resistance, for example, or great reflexes, or if you can throw a stone 100 yards away. b)Magical: Here you will put all the types of spells you can cast, if you have resistance to specific types of magic, or strength in particular magic. c)Other: Things like bargaining with shop keepers, able to hear from miles around, being able to tell what herbs are good for what purpose, etc. In this section, also include any special weapons or items you carry. YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: This is an overall description of what is good about your character, what this character excels at. YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Superman is weak against Kryptonite. What is your character weak against? Garlic and crosses for vampires, for example. Maybe your character is picky about food. CHARACTER WAS LAST EDITED ON: This is important. If you wish to make some changes to your character, please note when you made the changes. *********************************************** Do NOT add any extra information. This is a general outline of your character. It is to be kept as basic as possible because the characters will enter different RPs. ***********************************************
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    Magic Debate

    @everace: sounds like a: 1. april fool's joke 2. hoax 3. weird human thing that doesn't necessarily make it 'magic'. @love: angels? you'll have to come up something more than that. Here's the thing: what do you mean by angels? Because when I think of angels, I think of random dudes in white with wings and halos. Not very magical, just very corny and, imo, not magical. I don't believe they exist. As for magic itself: bah, i already said what i think of it on the other topic. I don't feel like repeating myself. So here's the nutshell: It doesn't exist (shooting fireballs one). When you can show me that one without any of the standard/illegal tricks: I'll start taking it seriously. Until then, I'll enjoy it in stories and writing, but it's not real. as for love: One word: humbug. lol
  4. @pandaba: Not here. this is only a listing of actual rps/stories. Kleptin was the one who posted the character archive.
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    Making amv: You could use window movie maker. Should come with the computer already. It's pretty easy: Just get the clip, snip it where ever you want and put it in. Turn off audio. As for getting clips: depends on what ya want. Like I've done movies before (for a project I needed snips of films) so I needed to put the whole dang thing in my computer. You could get clips off other places if they let you. Now, I've never made an amv (unless you count picture amv)
  6. Use the search (CTRL + F) to jump to what you want: Active Roleplays [ARPY] Finished Stories [FINS] Active Stories [AVS] Anthology [ATOY] Poetry [PETY] (@naram: I hope ya doesn't mind me reposting this) Black entries with no links means they were lost in the crash, but I leave them up here. If the story has been reposted, please post the link in this topic. The old format as seen below is the same Welcome adventurer, to the Hungry Boar Tavern! Where dreams come to life, and the past, present, and future join into the wonderful thing called a story. This is my attempt to link to all the active stories and RPs in thread, and also list inactive RPs and Stories as well. It also lists the rp as formal, informal, rule-based, etc. For the summaries, any summaries you post will be changed by me to be more flavorful/ grammatically correct (shame on you!). If you don't like the way I've done it, please tell me. If you have not titled your rp or story, I have done so for you. Be sure to write in the url of your story. this is the format for posting so that all I have to do is copy and paste. I WILL IGNORE ALL POSTS THAT ARE NOT IN THIS FORMAT [u rl=MY STORY URL] STORY TITLE (by AUTHOR NAME):[/url] SUMMARY HERE. Please also put if it's finished, active, etc Thanks!-ktc Be sure to leave the space bettwen then u and the rl in url, so that the code actually shows. Please, after posting a summary or query, delete your post (if possible) to reduce clutter If possible, I hope mods can contribute too, because I might not be able to update the thread at times. Also, I don't have enough time to go through all the old stories whose authors are inactive and post these here. I can aonly do a few at a time. I also need suggestions on hoe to address the following problems: -The thread, as time progresses, is going to get increasingly cluttered. Any solutions? - it is becoming more and more difficult to update because each story entry takes up a lot of space in the source code. Eventually I might hit the word limit (there is one, right?), and spend almost as much time copyiong the info in as finding the correct alphabetical position of the entry. Any solutions? Active RolePlay: [ARPY] Amaranth Senshi RP(by PokeGal): This is an RP for the Amaranth Senshi. We could play as our own characters, but maybe someone could play as other Sailors, like Sailor Iron Mouse, if they wanted to. Since this is fan-made, Your character can be good or bad. "Change the Destiny" (By Asiunia1008): Everyone can enjoy this. Storyline is about group of friends why try to find a kidnapper and defeat the enemy. In this story everyone can be magic, sailor senshi, angels, knights, etc. Children of the Moon (Open RP) There is a legacy that said that once of every ten years on the night of the blessed festival of the moon goddess Aphelia, she would send down children born of the darkness and the moon. Some say these children were to destroy the world and the children were demons. Others say they were to save the world and were the fallen angels. And many others thought of it as just a fairy tale. Now either side could be right...no one really knows for sure. But one night of the festival, several stars fell from the darkened sky. These were the children. The children ended up in different parts of the kingdoms, ending up in special and gifted people who will protect and fight with them. your journey starts here as one of the guardians! Dragon Lord Academy Finals : An RP Quest (Formal): The graduate of Dragon Lord Academy, Duranna and her dragon Delkra, along with a member from the four other guilds must retrieve the five parts of the Sword of Might, forge them back together in the Flames of Fire Rock and return the Sword and a Dragon to the King of Thais. Time period, approximately 40 years after Aveyond 2. Land of the Star Horizon RP: Land of the Star Horizon RP is generally about nations that will fight only to accomplish one goal. Join any of seven nations each under the leader of a shaman. Quest to Find the Blue Mage (Formal): Led by Amusa the genie and accompanied by Vendius Cantum the merchant, a band of adventurers set off on a journey to rescue Rorrim, the blue mage. Tavern Fight (Informal, No Character Description) - SUMMARY HERE - The Fight for Independence -RP (formal): A nation under siege. 50 years have gone by so until resistances start to emerge. A rural setting, the choice comes down to whether to leave to fight or to stay behind with your family, likely death or (possible) survival, independence or oppression. The Fighter's Pit: Reloaded (Informal, Pure fighting, Brief Character Description): Challenge another character and FIGHT! The King's Title: For rp chars who wish to fight for the prize of a title and for a city of their own. This is an open rp so even if u see other rp chars ahead, it doesn't mean you can't join still. You would just be starting at challenge and move your way up.(just to clarify that) You will be given many challenges, you may back out anytime. Note: please try not to enter more than two of your rp chars, it gives too much of an adavantage! and also they wouldn't be fighting together forever! Waves of Destiny](by Stardale): The Pirate Festival roleplay which is all about Skyten and his fellow orphan friends set out on a journey to find what they really want, by becoming a pirate. What is this thing that they really want? That is up to them to find what it is. Rena's Flame: The Spark: An RP Quest Rena must survive the constant attacks the villagers make on her, and must fight Cara and run from the village.(Fight with Cara is the final level in this one.) Rena's Flame: The Flight of the Flame: An RP Quest The sequel to Rena's Flame: The Spark (6 years later) In this one a boy one year older than her( he's 17) who's called Razor joins Rena. While Rena has PheonixFire, Razor has a green dragon, SlasherClaw. Together, they seek the Flame Feather, a spiritual item that captures souls, and it contains haf of Rena's and half of PheonixFire's soul. The Tavern (Informal, Conversational/Gossip/Stories/Fight Tavern, Brief Character Description): Come on in! Time for some R&R, bring your favorite characater, and join everyone at the local tavern. While you are here, you can: gossip, swap stories, trade goods, bar fight. Have fun! Unnamed, Unknown(Formal, Brief Character Description): The story revolves around the Unnamed Espionage Group, or as our characters affectionately call it: EG. The RP takes place in Washington DC US, circa now. The EG is a group of oddballs, outcasts, and conspiracy theorists trying to take down the "walls of lies, secrets, and propaganda". Think of the Lone Gunmen from X-Files, multiply that number by 10 or so, and add females... and take away the newspaper. I suppose I could've just said Mulder and Scully... oh well. As the RP advances, many mysteries and things to solve will come to the surface. Vagabonds: A Traveling RP(Informal) This RP is open to anyone who wants to join in on an adventure. Just wayfarers meeting up for a time on the road, come what may. We may decide to go off on a quest or just sit around the fire and share a meal. This RP takes place in Aveyond 1. Feel free to take advantage of the locations and maps, houses in any part of the game. Everybody's welcome as long as you follow the rules. Finished Stories[FINS] Bemused's Assorted Fan Fiction (by Bemused): Individual fan fictions under one thread. Bonds (by KikoAyumi): A short story of the friendship between Rhen and Lars. Burning Epiphanies (by KTC) A story between Teijal and Rhen. Will the flames burn? Or will it fizzle out into nothing? ETERNAL POISON (by Kirroha): You hide such a cruel heart behind such a kind facade, Rhen. Why are you playing with my feelings so? Why are you manipulating me...? Why did you have to force things to the point where we can't return to how we once were... This is a Lars/Rhen story in Lars' point of view, about how his relationship becomes so drastic their story turns into one of a tragedy... Fallen Star - Stella's Fight in her Darkness (by Kirroha): I wasn't made the Guardian because the Naylithians believed I was powerful. They just wanted to get rid of I - because after all, I wasn't one of them... So be it. Let me die. Then, she met him. "I'm sorry." Life is hard to bear when you are alone. She could feel the darkness she created in herself... and she said, Sorry... Falling (by Rena): Stella has been falling as long as she can remember--and those few months she has memories of seem so short. Still, life goes on, her quest goes on. Still, she falls. Fire Meets the Stars (by phoenixgirl): A lady finds friendship and salvation through magic He Asked Her Twice (Aveyond Build C)(by Blurble): Rhen and Lars don't get married. A very short R/L drabblet. He Had Cared : (Sana96) Te'ijal after turning mortal,finds herself thinking about past memories. About how her elder brother had cared for her. Her Star (by Elemental): Mel and Edward are now engaged, but Edward finds himself worrying about Mel's true feelings for him after her response to his proposal and the star he dedicated to her. A MelxEdward one-shot with slight GoN spoilers. His Moment (by nic_c12): Ahriman's Prophecy, Aveyond 1 and 2 fic. Every story has an ending. Almost every person has a happily ever after, which apparently he remembers. Yet his true story, was still beginning. Kidnap (by Rena): Rhen, Elini, and the others awaken to a camp with a missing companion. Elini immediately decides to find her dearest pirate John, who has been kidnapped. While the two are separated, their feelings come to the surface. KTC's Whacky Short Stories (by KTC): Just my mad musings and stories using the Aveyond Characters. Expect romance, angst, some adventure, craziness, and above all: my warped humor! Midnight Ball (by Rena): Perhaps Cinderella was not quite as innocent as we were led to believe. Perhaps her stepmother and sisters were not so wicked as we were told. Perhaps her gaining the crown was not so well deserved as we thought... Mortal Again (by EsmeAmelia): On the morning of Mel's wedding, Te'ijal ponders her new life. Prince Nicolas's Stories in Aveyond 2(by mikasalla): This "journalistic" story tells about Prince Nicolas's travel and his quest with Ean. It is mostly about the cities and villages in Aveyond 2. Postmortem (by Rena): Over three hundred years ago, the paladin Galahad caught the eye of the vampress Te'ijal. Since then, he has filled himself with resentment toward both the vampress and the girl who brought them together. Now, though, he has met a similar girl, and he cannot bring himself to hate her as much as he hates the other. Slay All Your Dragons With Kindness (by allybandy): How DO you slay your foes with Kindness? Check this out to find out! The Ballad of the Genie's Garden (by OneFeather/nancyheavilin): Xanth causes all kinds of mischief. The Ballad of the Lazy Shepard (OneFeather/nancyheavilin): Prez Perez raises floating sheep. The Late Night Caller (by sansark): A funny short story about a man, his wife, and a late night call. The Long Kept Secret (by Ninetta): Rhen is trapped within the web her decisions have woven. She must return to the past in order to be able to go on with the future... The Queen's Choice(by kazaana/kaz) A queen, a demon, and tough choices. Will the queen choose duty over love? The Squirrel Ballad (by marian_frae): A tale of the militant squirrels in Aveyond. Uncertainty Principle- A Runaway Bride ending story (by Blurble) : In which Rhen Darzon, in a display of defiance that she definitely inherited from her blood mother, runs away from her own wedding and discovers that 1. She's not as famous as she thinks she is 2. Teaching swordsingers is not as easy as being one 3. Lars is a pompous jerk. Actually, she knew that one already Wedding Dress and Balcony (by Blurble): Two Stories. 1. Mel puts on her wedding dress. In the process, though, quite a bit more goes on inside her head. A Mel-centric one-shot. 2. Post-wedding, Edward goes up to the balcony. Yellow Ribbon (by Rena): Mel wears a ribbon on her head. Every morning, it is the first thing she puts on, tying it carefully into a bow. One day, a friend asks her why that is. While she promptly dismisses the question, refusing to answer, it stays in her mind. She knows why she wears it. She will never forget. Active Stories: [AVS] A Dying Dream(by Kirroha (rainy)): A girl born into a slave home is warned by her dying mother to run. Why? she asks. Because HE is after her. HE wants to kill her. And if she remains... the balance of the world... might never be the same again. Ahriman's Prophecy (by Zorom): A story of Devin and Talia's early days during Ahriman's Prophecy from the time Talia becomes of age to when they defeat Ahriman three and a half years later, with many twists and obstacles on the way... Angel's Saga (by Marianfrae): A young woman, beaten by life is given a break from the pain and torment she's come to know by a mysterious young man. As they get to know each other, their two stories unfold in three parts: Hunted, Haunted, and Healed. Aveyond : Director's Cut (by Kinnison): The story is about a girl named Zhen Zarzon, who were chosen to save 'her' world from Ahriman with her twisted evil plots and behavior. Will she be able to do it along with a boy named Mars? Aveyond Fan Fic (by princessfurball): A story set in Aveyond with a new character introduced. Aveyond: Rhen's Journey (by beutiful_liz): A slower paced adaptation of Aveyond from Rhen's point of view. Aveyond-Rhen's Quest (a parody of the whole AV1 story)(by TrueShadow): As the title says, a parody of Aveyond 1. Enjoy the story with a lot of twisted and changed personalities of each character. See how the author shamelessly makes fun of the awesome game. Warning: Mild Language and Suggestive Themes. Aveyond:The Sword of Shadows (by:Heimdall) Once again, history is endangered to repeat itself! A rogue leader plans to break the Sword of Shadows. A Psychic Mage is destined to stop him before countless souls of demons are released. Luck shines as he encounter friends and allies and stop this madness. (Active Story) Blood of a Necromancer (by Tei): Told from Tei'jal's point of view, the story follows her adventures with a party consisting mainly of Vampires and Necromancers. A somewhat long story that can get violent occasionally. Child of the Werewolves (by dragondancer) - SUMMARY HERE - Children's Games - (by Candide): They didn't know why they still did such juvenile things. Not that they actually cared. Rhen/Lars Dark Angels at Midnight (by taffy 97): This story is about some young children that were kidnapped at birth to be made into weapons for a certain mad scientist. But the children must outrun many more dangers than they expected when they get out of there isolated little hospital rooms, and into the big city world. Can they survive alone? ~Dreamworld~ (by Heimdall): Alon, a young ranger ventures in the Dreamworld which was in its distress unaware. He meets with other characters who are a part of the prophecy that will either destroy or save the whole Dreamworld. What will be the outcome? What would be in store for Alon? Edge of Love (by Stardale/Heimdall): Duane, a man in desperate need of love, goes on and continues his life, his job as a call center agent after he was being betrayed by his loved one. See what his future lies. Ending a Black Heart (RxL) (by Aveyondstars): The end battle with Ahriman is just the beginning, the fairy dust doesn’t work on Dameon. Then later Lars looses his powers, Rhen meats a prince and Lars becomes jealous. When he and Rhen get kidnapped by an old... friend and get taken to Gretchen, Things get a little bit froggy when Gretchen messes up and Lars finds himself a little greener. But Lars's powers are growing, darker and more powerful than before. The dark and light aren’t all that they seam. The only thing keeping Rhen and Lars connected is themselves, only they can destroy it... only they can save the world. EDWARD's DIARY (by theone): A diary about the adventure, Edward thought and Kingship. Evil Rhen (by Love): Will Rhen turn to the dark side? Exsors (by marian_frae and RaineGryphon): (alternative link) A story of four teens coming into their own while thrust together into unlikely circumstances. Each holds their own unique abilities that they must learn to control. A massive prophecy revolves around them which they must learn to either fulfill- or break- for the good of the world. The typical feelings, hormones, and confusions teenagers must face are escalated by the stress and added confusion of the situation around them. Before they can conquer their enemies, they must first face themselves. Fate - Tales of the Maurva Family (by Rainy): A long story with many parts, each telling the life story of a member of each generation of the Maurva Family, from Talia's great-grandmother to her son. From the Beginning: The History of the Daevas (by kazaana/kaz): A prequel to The Agas Saga that tells the story of the daevas before they were daevas: where they came from, and what made them who they are. FBI: Lar's Quest (by electric_dreams): Summary Pending Fighting For Love (by Love): A story set after Rhen becomes Queen and marries Dameon. How does the story continue after that? "I Don't Want To Live Without My Wings" (by Kirroha): This little light-hearted piece of fiction is about a young Naylithian (Naylith is a place in Aveyond 3, for those who haven't been looking at the screenies ^^) who was born without any wings. I am making sure not to spoil anything for AV3 for you all, so yeah. ^^ Actually, I'm just trying for something light-hearted after all that angsty Lars/Rhen drama in Eternal Poison. So, here goes! Lars's Diary (by gabriela): A diary by lars, with story twists. Written by a rhenXlars fan Legend of the Ego Eagles (by OneFeather/nancyheavilin): Mythology from the Woolly Islands RP. Like Father, Not Like Son (by Basset and whitelily): A story following and Lar's point of view in Aveyond. Love Laws - Av2 Noncanonical Pairings (by Medea): Summary: Just because they are silent doesn't mean they do not exist. Loves hidden in the casket of their hearts, unspoken, ignored yet alive - here you will learn of the hidden sinful passions effaced from the world of propriety. Miracles: Tales of the Pendragon Family (by Rainy): A long collection of tales, each telling the life story of a member of each generation of the Pendragon Family, from Rhen's grandmother to even her grandson. Never Wanted (by Basset): This story picks up where Aveyond left. Rhen is now queen of Thalis, a job she never wanted. Nick's Time Travel (by mikasalla}: This story is about Prince Nicolas (or Nick) Time Travel from the current Aveyond 2 to the time after Ahriman's Prophecy. It is most likely about Nick's journal and diary. One Stake(by trendytwins): All the vampires were killed and the last vampire eventually falls in love with the murderer of all the vampires. Will she put it aside and lead a happy life with this man, or will she avenge all the dead vampires? And can she survive long enough to make her decision? Revolution (by Rena): The daevas are spurred to rebel against the bonds Elini has cast over them--or at least, some of them are. Others are resistant to the idea. But if the two sides do not choose to work together towards one goal, they will most likely destroy each other. Which path will they choose? Rewind (GoN spoilers, Rhen/Lars): (by Aveyondstars): Set at the end of Gates of Night, Mel and the others are watching a movie that Te’ijal and Lars somehow managed to film of Aveyond 1. Although it’s at the end of Gates of Night, it is mostly from Lars’s perspective, with Mel’s thoughts added in every so often. Rhiannon Rising(by CherryWine): A brief glimpse into the life of a young bard as she begins a dangerous journey for the sake of her mysterious master. Separate Lives: Devin and Talia (by Dis): A continuation of the story that takes place after Ahriman's Prophecy and before Aveyond 1. The story centers around Talia and Devin and the years to come after their journey. From magick wielder-to-Dreamer, from knight-to king of Thais-to hermit, this tale is an attempt to fill gaps between games. SHATTERED TIES (by Kirroha): That was when they said: The little girl couldn't find an answer. She searched in the hot sand until her hands burned. The little girl couldn't find an answer. She searched in the sea until her skin tore. The little girl couldn't find an answer. She searched through the nettles until her knees bled. I tell her, perhaps you're looking at all the wrong places. What are you fighting for? Can't you see the answer is right there? Or was it? ...It wasn't. ...It was. ... Or was it? Stella - Before the Fall(by Qwillie): Story of where Stella came from, completely independent from the "real" AV3 storyline, in anticipation of the release of AV3. Active until the release of AV3. STOLEN TRUTH - Vel's Life Story (by Kirroha): Vel wasn't just a thief. Her harsh life story and her road to freedom wasn't all that simple. Regarding Lord Zorom as her savior all this while, will she ever see the light...? Story of 2 tiger cubs (by princessfurball): A story about 2 tiger cubs who lose their mothers and have no family they know of. It will tell of their different challenges they go through as they grow up from cubs to a full grown tigers! Take A Chance (by taffy97): Take a chance is about a young thirteen year old girl with trouble out to kill her, she is trying to use her brain to outrun it, but she finds that it's not going to be that easy. She meets some unexpected friends and comes to be up against more than she expected. "...Thanks A Lot..." (Sana96) Lars finds Melinda, a seven year old runaway slave who collapsed in a cave after being chased by city guards. Through out the story Lars finds out about Melinda's sad past and tells her some of his own secrets. The Art of Being Lonely(by marian_frae): Two young people find each other seemingly at random. Together, they find that they are different than they thought before. And together, they might master the art of being lonely. The Agas Saga (by kazaana/kaz): A story of the daevas through the course of Aveyond, which attempts to answer the question, what would have happened if the daevas decided to overthrow Ahriman and try to take over the world themselves? The Beauty of a Song (by Rena): Though Lynia is far from the most beautiful girl in the kingdom, she does have the most beautiful voice. That is how Prince Matthew heard of her, the reason he came to know his future bride. But their happily-ever-after is not so simple as one might hope. The Changeling (by CherryWine): Fifteen years ago, after Rhen defeated Ahriman with the help of her companions, she walked away from her duty to take up the throne of Thais. Now she must pick up the pieces of her long-forgotten life and begin a new quest to fulfill her true destiny. The Felain Chronicles - A Collection of Short Stories (by Feanaro): An ongoing look into the life and adventures of Briarios, Felain warrior. The Genocide (by bryan_pasa): Rhen's daughter has the Juaran sign, after the Dark Wizards and Mages have known of the child that bears the sign of a Juaran, the Dark Wizards and Mages atempted to kill all Light Priest and Priestess buit except for the two that they targeted most, Rhen and Her child. Will they Survive? The Last Story (started by lycanvamp_of_shades. Other people can contribute): A story about two children and the mystery of the villagers who were sent into the woods by gods and never came back. Other people can contribute to the story! The Line of Fate, It Was Destined (by mirandayew): It's about 5 people whose lives were brought together by fate. 2 girls and 3 boys. All of them have an elemental dragon orb in them, they have to reunite and find their master. The Little Joys of Living, Lying, and Falling in Love (Ed/Mel) (by Blurble): Once upon a time Amanda Fae put a six-month time skip in LoT and then kept dropping tantalizing little hints about what happened during those six months. An attempt to fill in the blanks, with some material pre- and post- skip as well. The Pendragon Conspiracy(by Winter_Vivaldi): A cross between the RhenxDameon ending and the Lars ending. In a last-minute decision, Rhen leaves before the Wedding Ceremony and heads out to find herself. The Thais Government, in an effort to keep the name of the country clean, decides to continue the ceremony--with someone replacing Rhen. The Price of Recollection (by Smirksweetly): "Humanity has a price." RxL (active) Thornless Rose - Unofficial Title (By Calixte9): A young woman bound to a one way relationship is one day abducted by a strange man. Although his intentions are unknown to her, she fears that it is for malicious reasons and is unsure of what to think. The Thieves of Camelias (by taffy97): In the Thieves of Camelis two young sisters are put into a hard desician, A desician called life, but the sisters find that there desicians will get harder as life goes when they are kidnapped by some unexpected guests, how will Mara get out of this!? Tied By Fate(by mirandayew): In a world where corruption and deception lie at every corner a 16 year old girl has to prove her innocence and fulfil her destiny along with 5 others. All of them did not know that they were all tied to fate by the same string. To Find What You Truly Want (by princessfurball): A story in which everyone in the end have what they have always wanted. Tragedy (by Sana90): Rini Mathews a normal 12 year old girl has everything she ever wanted.Her life is sweet and nice.She even had her own cat! But Rini discovers on her twelfth birthday something that will change her life. Un-Tall (by Elemental): Mitsuki Hayama, despite what everyone says, is not short. She's just... un-tall. A fanfic based on the game Eternal. (Eternal was created by Ryo-Kun and is still a work in progress) Anthology: [ATOY] (none yet) Poetry: [PETY] Qwillie's Poetry Nook (by Qwillie) : A place to find poetry that I hope will brighten your day, or possibly give you a laugh. The Unfinished Prophecy: Destiny's Curse(by Forgotten_Bard): An struggled journey, starting with a lone swordsman and soon grows to a party of three allies, across the lands against the sentries on ancient evil is about to close. An ancient prophicy that fortells this battle remains incomplete in the Tomes of the past. The future is unknown and fate is undecided. Will the salvation of mankind be marked in trumph or destruction?
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