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  1. Woot, in game maps are basically done, all 142 of them. Still need to test them to make sure the maps are tracking player coordinates well but in theory should be all good. Gonna record how I did it in case I lose my precious spreadsheet: 1. Get Original game map size. Calling X/Y coors as: Size X, SizeY. 2. Screenshot game map in rpg2k3 exactly down to the very pixel. Calling X/Y coors as: UnmodX,UnmodY. 3. Shrink the UnmodX,UnmodY to fit a maximum of 320x240 size while maintaining proportions. Calling X/Y coors as: Call this image ModX,ModY. New coordinates: CoorX = ModX/SizeX CoorY = ModY/SizeY Since rpg2k3 does not do decimals and we need far more precision than single digit whole numbers: Variable PX=Player X coordinates Variable PY=Player Y coordinates If CoorX =/= whole number: 1. PX*(CoorX*100) 2. PX/100 If CoorY =/= whole number: 1. PY*(CoorY*100) 2. PY/100 This would be it for maps that are 20x15, but for other size maps: AddX = (320-ModX)/2 AddY = (240-ModY)/2 Finally: FinalX = PX+AddX FinalY = PY+AddY Maps should be set at 100% zoom and 160,120 coordinates, the center of the screen. Player tracking coordinates on map = FinalX,FinalY.
  2. I’m slowly combining everything I did to the game over the years into one neat package rather than scattered about on my harddrives in various states. Wish I kept better documentation over what I did exactly cuz half my notes look like they were written by a madman. Open to suggestions though do note the Never Happening section at the bottom. Done so far: Fixed Fairy Fury Join all guilds Changed save button to something else (my preference since I keep hitting save when I don’t mean to) Way to reset invisible barriers since one of the most common bugs Reset Guilds All 8 goodies compiled into the game Exp bar In game maps + player location on maps - 2/10/2020 ————- Currently working on: Easier to use skill/item system. Currently system is quite clunky. Letting you swap characters on command rather then let it auto swap. Air Balloon (I wanna fly again. Aka Dragon!) Difficulty settings. Repeatable Coliseum fights with some type of tournament progression system. —————- Next up: ——————- Distant maybes if I can figure out the coding: Monster repellents: I wanna be able to run amok without monsters ruining my day lol. Have some ideas but haven’t tested them out yet whether feasible or not. Letting you have all party members in your group though still only letting you have 4 attacking members. Much easier said than done. ———— Never Happening: Anything graphics related: I like the old graphics. Replacing the combat system with something else entirely: No. Remaking in newer rpgmakers: No. ————— Random note: there is something incredibly funny about coming back to rpg2k3 and AP and feel the code somehow became easier to read in the years apart. Like, half the stuff in the distant maybe would have been hard no years back.
  3. It's okay if I double post? I'm updating with info I found while scrounging around the code with fresh rusty eyes. *bursts laughing for 30 minutes* Okay, so you know how fairy fury wasn't in the 2.xx game and everyone including me thought it would be hella hard to put back in the game? On closer inspection, it's due to a TYPO. Yes that's right, the most powerful spell in the game was nixed because of ONE. SINGLE. DARN. TYPO. ONE NUMBER! A variable was set to 9 instead of 8! THAT'S IT! I'm crying. 😂
  4. *browses old notes and code remnants* Apparently past me was working on an in-game map system, air balloon, join all guilds, and making the coliseum fights repeatable. Wow was past me ambitious. Current me is relearning rpg2k3 but I apparently still remember how to make simple cheats aka gimme 100k gold, best weapons, and exp lol. Not sure if I’ll get any of that done this time around since I feel like a noob again.
  5. KTC

    Hi! Again!

    Thanks, I remember you too. Yeah, things are good over here.
  6. KTC

    Hi! Again!

    Hi ya! Long time no see!
  7. I guess this is open for business again. *dusts off rpg2k3* wow, what do all these buttons do again XD
  8. If you have 3 saves, they should named as: Save01.lsd Save02.lsd Save03.lsd etc. So to delete 1-2, delete Save01 and 02.
  9. KTC

    Aveyond ships

    Fav? Teijal x Rhen I somehow wrote a lot of fanfic about them lol (And it somehow got 100K views so I'M NOT ALONE in my crack ship love XD)
  10. Legally? I don't believe so since the original files are encrypted and you'll have to decrypt and decompile the whole thing in order to mess with it in rpgmaker.
  11. There were 3 versions of AP. AP v1 was the very first version as seen in Kingsfield's link. AP v2 was a revamped version with new mechanics, textures, etc. but than there was a bit of a scuffle between the creator of those textures and amaranth. AP v2.1 is the current one where Amaranth replaced all the offending textures with free textures. So if the one on your CD isn't v1 or 2.1, than it's probably 2.0.
  12. Updated link to Kingfield's guides. Both now in a zip folder.
  13. KTC

    Hi! Again!

    Wow it's been a while. Hi! I'm KTC. I was around a long (long) time ago, like Ahriman prophecy v1.5 ago lol. I'm actually surprised I remembered my password. Just dropping in randomly. Place looks a lot different from what I remembered.
  14. Yeah, just rename the new pic to sunset and is a .png format.
  15. I'm not actually, I've only recently come back after several years of inactivity due to someone pming me haha. Not sure how long I'll be staying this time, but we'll see. You can contact Amaranth to fix the name issue stuff and I think the club is gone sadly.
  16. I recommend playing it! It's really fun and worth it even if it gets nerve wracking and tensions remain high till the very end.
  17. Game discussion thread since the last thread seem to have disappeared with the revamp and none of the games I'd like to talk about are mine so it wouldn't fit in the Free Games section of the forum. Anyone played good games, want to discuss one, or rage over bad ones? Recent games I've played have that actually rewoken my interest in rpg maker games: Misao, Witch's House, Mad Father, Ib. (All are free and available here) Before those games, I didn't think it was possible for someone to create a good horror game from rpg makers. Boy was I wrong. They all have solid storyline, creepy athmosphere, lots of scares, and Witch's House in particular scared me badly. I don't want to give spoilers away so I'll just discuss my impression of them after playing through them. Misao: More humorous than the rest (developer even says it's reminiscent of B horror films), still had plenty of good scares and storyline. Ib: Graphics are on the weak side even for an rpg2k game, but filled to the brim with monsters, puzzles, scares, and storyline. Mad Father: Ho boy, story is filled with many twists. Scary, puzzles, and monsters! Good audio and atmosphere. Love it. Witch's House: This game is my favorite of them all. While playing, I became increasingly paranoid and twitchy due to literally everything is trying to kill you. The sound, music, mapping, etc. were all great to create a sufficiently scary and creepy atmosphere. The storyline is also awesome and I actually froze in place with my jaw to the floor at certain revelations. This game is somewhere in my top X list. I recommend playing these games with headphones, alone, and all lights turned out. Helps with the experience greatly.
  18. Bumping this since I'm somewhat back on rpg2k3.
  19. Uploaded a goodie with exp bar, invisible barrier fix (since most common bug), and reset guilds.
  20. Updated all links to account for forum update and removed bad links.
  21. Reuploaded everything I found on my harddrive. Probably missing a few.
  22. Looking through my old folders and found it again. Enjoy.
  23. EA doesn't make the games, they publish the games from companies they own. I'd argue that some of the companies are known much more for their story/characterization than the shooting part. It's just unfortunate that EA, due to forcing companies to release games before they're ready and stick in badly implemented multiplayer, ruins the product. Bioware for example has made great games that usually have awesome characterization and somewhat decent storyline. If you asked me whether I prefer Mass Effect or Aveyond, yeah sorry Aveyond. Mass Effect is it (if I just ignore the last 10 minutes or so). My love of quirky Teijal doesn't hold a candle to the love I have for my dorky archaeologist turned badass Liara haha. Same with Dragon Age: Origins which doesn't have any shooting unless you've archers in your team heh.
  24. Came back because someone pmed me (THAT was suprising), but nice changes. A bit sad about Brotherhood being gone, but to be fair we were the least active guild anyway. Might pop in every now and then to see what's new.
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