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  1. That would be bad since EA games sucks the life out of their holdings.
  2. Old dinosaur from I don't even know when anymore haha. Haven't been back in years so wow, the forum got a makeover. My first game was Ahriman Prophecy and I found it via google. Took 2 hours to download it (back in the days of 25.5 kb!) but was totally worth it. Have since lost interest in rpg maker games though my interest has slowly returned via excellent horror rpg maker games. Interest include procrastinating, video games, reading, and sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping.
  3. Cat or a dog. Barring those, maybe a chinchilla. Those things are freaken cute.
  4. Hi. Ancient old timer dropping in for a brief visit. I doubt a lot of people remember me given I was pretty scarce toward the end of my run here. Anywho, Hai, I'm KTC. I used to come daily and had lots of fun here. But than life got in the way, I lost interest in AM, and now I just come occasionally to spam the board with my nonsense heh. I'm part of the Brohood, wielder of a Spork, and Defender of teh Slanicks. I used to write a ton of fanfiction centering around Teijal/Rhen (Yes Vamp girl and Swordsinger. It's awesome.) but that well has run dry unfortunately. So if you see me lurking or even posting(once in a blue moon~), chances are I'm just here to wreck a little KTC-style havoc. (I'm also suffering from a bout of insomnia right now so hopefully this all makes sense.)
  5. KTC


    Possibly not quite understand what I'm getting at: According to my uber google skills, there's about 4200 religions, each following their own particular doctrine and sort. The way I see it, a proper 'gamble' would be to believe all of those religions at once in case any of them are correct. Personally, I don't see the point since I'm gonna get cursed into various hells anyway (if the various doctrines are to be believed when concerning my heretic beliefs) so what's one or 100 or 1000 more? lol. That all assumes an afterlife exist of course. My personal belief is that there isn't one and you only get ONE life, this one. Now if only people stop ringing my doorbell proclaiming the savior as the almighty one. There's only one almighty one: The Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  6. Ditto Arggie: I doubt PC gaming will completely disappear. You can't really play money games like COD, Skyrim, WoW, etc. on a tiny screen. You could technically play them with a controller but I don't considering how small touchscreens are, the controller would be larger than the the iphone/android/galaxies lol. Personally, I can't get with the androids/istuff. I prefer traditional pc with mouse/keyboard anytime.
  7. I don't believe the 'fact' that humans are intrinsically evil/good since there are a lot of people who try to change the world for good. That sounds more like an opinion rather than a fact. We got big name people like MLK Jr, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, etc. But we also got the unknown guys who donate for a good cause, help the ole lady across the street, are awesome study buddies, etc. We don't hear about them on the media since media considers them boring.
  8. KTC


    I find the Gamble a funny idea since, well, how do you know your version of afterlife is the correct one to gamble on? I once saw a vid where a man satirizing the Gamble by being Roman Catholic, muslim, jewish, Hindu, and I believe Buddhist all at the same time so he had equal chance in all of them. One can't really do the Gamble since there's far too many religions, each with their own criteria for how to advance to heaven.
  9. Though if there's one thing humans prove about technology and demand, it's that if it's popular enough humans will find a way to make that tech cheaper, smaller, and more efficient. On a scale of 1-10 for nervousness, I put 3D printers in general at a 3. Not much cause of concern currently, but later in the future? Eh hopefully it doesn't come to that. And oh look! I'm online! This is fabulous! <3
  10. How is that showing stupidity rather than ignorance? For example, I find a 3x3 rubiks cube easy to solve. Plenty of people do not, but that's a sign of ignorance not stupidity (even though it's just a simple matter of memorizing the correct patterns and reacting to them appropriately) Speaking of which, *goes fiddles with my 5x5 cube* Cubes for Life!
  11. Ditto Mopiece. I'm of the mind that terrorism exists because hatred exists. Combine that with weaponry and/or a strong enough desire to cause harm and voila, violence. How to fight back? There's the 'idealistic' methods of spreading peace and what not. But the more realistic way would be as mopiece said: beef up security so we can catch it before it happens or at least be able to reduce the damage. Unfortunately, Boston demonstrated a very hard security problem: How do you secure miles of open streets?
  12. Easy - Dragon Age 1: Origins, human origin. You go from nobleman -> poor -> Royalty/high commander/rich/etc. heh
  13. Dragon Age II. It had it's issues but I found it entertaining enough.
  14. Now I think about it, I did play one game where it went: Poor -> Rich -> poor/fugitive. That was fun too.
  15. wait, there's a game where you place a rich person who stays poor? What game is this? I generally like playing a poor kid turning into a powerful rich dude. Makes me laugh when I strike down those that made fun of my lack of money/power. Though playing the royalty/rich => poor => rich again was also very fun.
  16. Peta? The group that bashs Pokemon for animal cruelty, calls fish 'kittens of the sea', say there's a connection between cow's milk and autism (No. Just no.), and that eating meat is equivalent to the Holocaust/KKK/being a serial killer like Jeffrey Dahmer (....NO.)? There's no way I'll take anything they say/show/do seriously after all the above and other crazy antics. I prefer sources that are more objective, less anti-human, less prone to violence/crime, and completely sane.
  17. Imo, spatial recognition and what not isn't even including 'most scientists/left brain people'. It's mostly engineers and architects who need to have good spatial stuff so their projects don't collapse, or hunters. As a bio person, I'm rather offended to be considered 'not intelligent' simply because I never bothered to learn their required skills since it doesn't suit my needs. They are implying any future offspring of mine would also be similarly not intelligent since my 'not intelligent' genes are transferred rather than dying out in favor of superior 'intelligent' genes. ...and this sounds like it's leading to Eugenics ack.
  18. I'm going to have to be the skeptical one here. Intelligence is in the eyes of the beholder and I'm questioning what they think of as 'intelligence'. From what I understand, it's the ability to hunt and gather food. While admirable skills in the past, those skills would NOT help you in today's world where it's an entirely different environment. I'm incline to go with the critics as just because you don't know how to hunt doesn't mean you aren't intelligent. It just means you're probably using your brain for something else, music for example. Also, I'm glad extreme pressures such as 'hunt or die' doesn't exist as Old people, people with disabilities/illnesses/etc., very young people, etc. wouldn't live long.
  19. Subjects like English =/= Math. Math has it's own language: Math Speak As for Biology/Physics/Chemistry/Math = At first glance and on the surface, they are separate. But as you go to upper division work they are very closely intertwined. You can't talk about a cell without the chemistry involved in getting molecule A through B and that motion involves Physics. Since physics involves quite a bit of math Voila! you have a complicated web connecting Biology/Physics/Chemistry/Mathz English... erm how does discussing the differences between Adjectives/Verbs have anything to do with math?
  20. Er, you should read what the peace initiative is after before ranting about whatever: "The Initiative was founded on the premise that peace education—comprehensive curriculum instructing children in the values of nonviolence, tolerance, and compassion—is too often absent from children’s school experiences. The Initiative is committed to teaching these values to children so that we can help curb bullying in schools and create stronger, safer communities." Or if that's too long to read: it's essentially an anti-bully organization and their way to fight is with nonviolence, tolerance, and compassion. I am puzzled why you're bringing in greed, family planning, war etc. when they are not the goal of this organization. Not every organization has to go for 'world peace'.
  21. Considering there are people today who believe the world is flat, I'd say stupidity. (Also because a lot of trying-convert-you-people do genuinely believe that.)
  22. Sure. They're posting things that obviously won't be accepted by the majority of the readers/posters of that corner. So they should know they'll get flamed/banned. Though I think a majority of trolls just do it to tick people off for the lulz.
  23. @esme: naw, I'd call that trolling simply because you should know better. You're not going to change anyone's minds by posting on those boards so you might as well let everyone have their own corner of the internet rather than try to 'enlighten' them. I mean, of all the corners to post (plenty where one would fit right in), they have to go bother a corner where they obviously will be ridiculed/ignored/etc. if not outright banned? Not cool.
  24. Whether or not they believe the stuff they're spouting doesn't matter. They are still trolls imo. Trolls are trying to incite/enrage/etc. people so it doesn't matter what they believe in. For example, as an atheist, If I go to a christian board posting my beliefs, they'll probably ban me as a troll. I'm purposely trolling that christian board knowing I'll get that angry reaction.
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