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  1. @kirroha: Eh, I wouldn't call the second batch trolls as trolls usually mean bad things. You don't want to be called a troll. The second type...honestly with how the internet is I doubt a lot of those people are trying to make you laugh. I see a lot of serious questions that makes me question humanity's "intelligence" or lack there of.
  2. A lot of trolls don't care bout looking superior. It's to see how many they can annoy and how many they enrage. They want to provoke a reaction and the more people that react, the more lulz it is. Probably why the best way to get rid of a troll is to not respond. If they can't provoke a reaction, than they have nothing to feed on.
  3. @d_a: Actually my first reaction to anything that even remotely looks barrel/bush/chestlike/fake wall/-y is to search it. Even rpg2k3/xp/vx games make me do that. Probably a habit I picked up from the many point/click games (where a lot is pixel hunting) and of course rpg games lol. *waves at skyrim*
  4. Er, shouldn't looting barrels/baskets/graves/trees/drawers/closets/bodies/corpses/chests/jars/dirt mounds/etc. be instinctive by now in an RPG game? >.> Or is it I just played way too much skyrim? XD
  5. @ipink: Because shaz ask for our opinion.
  6. 1. Pretty much all yes to your question. I hate fighting things that are low level to me since that means they give inferior EXP (Like 5 when I need a 1000.) and rewards (2GP is useless when I require at least 500). I also hate fighting if I don't need to fight them and am just trying to get from A -> B as quickly as possible but all these monsters are in my way. This could be solved with a fast travel. Another thing I get tired of quickly in AV is the battle music and victory music. I like some variety in my battles though I usually fix this by putting my own music on. 2. Level scaled monsters sounds interesting. Might get stuck though if you level up but your equipment is still 5 levels behind meaning the monster is going to kick your butt. I like the 'monsters only appear once' solution, but balancing that sounds like murder. Especially if you're trying to farm for levels and/or equipment but you've already killed everything around/below your level. I'm intrigued what a real time based AV would be like, but it crashed APv2 so I'm tentative about it. What I would like the most is something like Pokemon: Skip all battle animation and victory scene. Oh, and add a flee button. That way I don't have to fight monsters unless I want to, and if I need to farm I can do it as quickly. Because to be honest: Almost nothing in RPG games will get me to not get tired with fighting, especially ones where I have to farm to level up and/or get equipment. It's bound to become repetitive and tiring. The only games where I was alright with fighting most of the time were games with excellent Balance in their fighting system like Grandia 2. In that game, I just had to fight the monsters that were in my way and never had to actively grind for gold/EXP. I'd kill about 10-20, and than bam! next part in the storyline. No backtracking or anything like that.
  7. Dressing Up Not too interested. I get equipment that makes my characters more powerful so I have little interest in how they look. (Hence why I'm running around Skyrim in a Jester outfit that I dislike for 50% of the game.) Buying Houses Sounds good though I probably would not like it if it was mandatory. Farming gold for a house does not sound appealing to me. Fast Travel YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. While I understand going through it at least once to get there, I dislike having to walk slowly to B only to learn that I forgot something at U and have to backtrack >_< Cooking/Crafting As long as it wasn't as hellish as the first incarnation of crafting, I'm okay with it. Seriously, that first one was an abomination. Taking from Skyrim: what about a system that lets you eat an ingredient to learn of its side effects and that way you can theorize how it works in a recipe? And eating it will affect you too. Intelligence Agencies I like Portal 1/2. I definitely like puzzles in my RPGs. Shovel, Lockpick, Magic Key Definitely! Nothing more annoying than a chest that's just taunting you with your inability to break it! Better yet, what about something that will let you smash the chest open for lesser rewards since you 'damaged' the goods? Guilds I'm definitely all for this. Attraction Sure, gives a little more realism to it. Though hopefully no red herrings like Gyendal. Love Triangles + This would be very interesting though I'm not sure with the execution. Split Party That sounds pretty cool and require a bit more brain power to play with characters you might not have before.
  8. @agas: yeah, I wouldn't mess with food in the bio labs. Though there was this one time in the labs we only needed the orange peels so threw the rest of the fruit away. That sucked because the oranges were thinned skinned, were big, and look good. I grew up in the city and I still don't have any hang ups with chicken heads. I'll give you that I don't deal with 'freshly grown cabbage right from the ground' but chicken heads? Naw.
  9. Er, Snails are NOT disgusting. And neither is slugs for that matter.
  10. @ MeeCakeyMakey: what's so gross about them? They taste good when cooked correctly.
  11. Never? I see it all the time here. They got the newest iPhone and everything. I even saw some with top notch MP3 players like the iPod. And I've seen quite a few with them eReaders. As I said, people are generally wary of something they don't understand. But if you understand the tech, it's not scary and you can see if it might benefit you in anyway. Heck, I'm using ancient tech compared to some of the old guys I see on the bus with them iphones/ereaders/ipods. XD
  12. The neck is definitely tasty and yum, skin. Dang, now I'm craving chicken.
  13. KTC


    You mean his rant at Obama's chair? That was weird >.>
  14. Lots of older people (or people in general) don't get with tech because they don't get how to use it. So they stick with something they understand. But if they get it, they'll embrace it as well. I mean, I see old people with cellphones way more complicated than my old dinosaur phone. >.>
  15. @bemused: But boiled crab is not as tasty as...erm chinese crab? I don't remember what's it called. Had black bean I think. I saw my mum cook it one time and it's pretty brutal to the crab lol: Take the still alive crab, pull the shell off, take out the lungs/internal organs as they don't taste good. Keep the stuff in the shell though, that's where the taste comes from. Cut the limbs and than cook the whole thing. Taste soo good. Haven't tried chicken head yet, though fish head taste good. Crunchy.
  16. What's wrong with the head cut off and feathers plucked? That's completely...normal around here. Though I am used to seeing the head attached too as Chinese markets tend to have the head included. Only non-chinese stores get rid of the head also.
  17. KTC


    I'd advise staying away from any topic related to Romney and/or Obama. Obama vs Romney is just destined to get ugly with both sides being very stubborn. If one of you feels the debate is becoming more of an argument, I strongly recommend just dropping the whole thing before it blows up. Be the stronger person (meaning don't try to get the last word) and just walk away. Reassurances or whatever you're trying to do only works if you're both level headed about it. But if one/both parties becomes upset, it's gonna get ugly fast.
  18. @kenneth: and your example does not work for me. Examples only work if they are an example of what you're trying to prove. I see no reason to follow/use a faulty example regardless if I understood the original intent or not.
  19. @d_a: which is walking slowly to me. If they're lucky, I just move them a few steps away from the doorway. If they aren't, I put them into a wall XD
  20. No, because the copyright gods have spoken. In all seriousness, there's no such thing as 'justice' in copyright issues. Just money and how much money you have. As for your CEO: Bill Gates is as bad as the rest. Even if he didn't startup Windows, someone else would have probably gotten the idea and done something with it. As for your toilet: I don't see much of a problem for this. They are not providing a public toilet, only to paying customers. Do you know how disruptive and rude it would be to have people constantly streaming in/out of the restaurant just to use the bathroom? Not to mention it would make it harder to maintain said bathroom if it was turned into a public one.
  21. Companies are always in a piss match with each other over copyright infringements. There's no such thing as 'fair', only how much money you can get out of the other guy.
  22. I like meat too much to give it up. And most of the veggiemeat I did try were poor substitutes for meat. As for seeing meat stuff being chopped up and what not: Most of the places here already have the raw meat chopped up and all so that is not a problem. Killing something and chopping it myself would be a problem as I do not know how to do that.
  23. I only like if the main character dies if it makes sense in context. That means no lazy "deus ex machina" type of maneuvers where it's "suddenly kill main character for the lulz". That's just evil and frustrating.
  24. Or could just make NPCS walk faster. In AV, they tend to be pretty...slow. I just end up either moving certain NPCS into walls (can still talk to them I believe) or just quicken their walking speed.
  25. Could you live today without electricity, knowing you have to use lamps, or having the electricity being cut from a certain hour? Sure. It would suck though. No refrigerator. Disease would go up as you can't make meds. Can't wash stuff easily. Forget about cars. And in todays first world countries? It'd be utter chaos and anarchy if electricity went out.. Could you survive one year without the Internet,o r it is much less than a year? Sure. It'll be lonely though as I generally enjoy talking to people online more than in real life. What importance does the technology have in your job? If I end up in the medical field: Plenty. How else am I gonna phone for meds, get meds, get patient records, get patient stats, etc. without technology. How much did technology simplify your work? I point to everything I said above. Do you enjoy the newer technologies appearing every day? Yep. Do you feel nostalgic about that old, Slowpoke computer, on which you played Dina or Ahriman's Prophecy, or Tom and Jerry, or whatever? Heck no. 25.5 KB internet made downloading a 20MB file (aka AP) a 2 hour long process, and that's assuming you can even keep your internet running. Computers were so slow. (I mean SLOW. It took minutes to start up). And the DOS system made even installing a simple program a pain. The only good thing about the old computers were some of the games, but even those can generally run on the newer computers with a few tweaks. Which are your favorite contexts in which you would like to use technology in? ( as in school, with family, playing, communicating, etc. ) Chatting with friends/forum/fanficton/etc.
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