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  1. I think AV2 is weaker because, as has been mentioned before, none of the characters are memorable especially the mains. They felt as bland as Bella did in Twilight. Fortunately for them, I don't hate them. You have to care about them to hate. And I'm surprised we're bring storyline into this as all of the games have simple storyline. They all revolve around saving the world.
  2. @d_a: crack writers who write totally serious fics FTW! XD (I'm guilty with creating my own history for Teijal, heck my own vampires to suit my stories. And AUs are so fun! Especially when Teijal/Rhen are evil with the Oracle being an Ebil boss and helped take over/destroy the world :evil:.)
  3. While Ean went to another world to save a friend is admirable, plenty of other games/novels/plays/movies/etc. already have this plotline making it more a cliche than anything. What ELSE does he do that makes him memorable and stand out from the rest of the crowd? Seeing as I don't remember anything... If you write AV2 fic, you're just putting your own spin on the game and is in no way canon. Hence you can't 'know' how they would react in certain scenarios because those scenarios didn't happen in the game. Also, as a fellow fanfiction writer who writes about a crack pairing in total seriousness (meaning I don't even have game subtext to feed on. Yet I still write T/R as if they were totally happening.), I still find Ean/Iya very boring.
  4. 1. Ditto D_a: I don't hate Ean. But he's so boring of a character that I don't care about him either. 2. Where exactly are they going that needs them to travel through monster filled lands? The villages seems largely self sustaining so I don't see why they would venture that far into the wilderness. And it's not so bad with the monsters: I often just run right past monsters so I don't have to fight them.
  5. My understanding of 'love is forever' is that it'll survive for eternity which, since humans are mortal, cannot actually be tested at all nor are their any anecdotal. XD
  6. How can love be forever if humans can't live forever ;P
  7. I think of it as more of a double edge sword. Love is one of those things that if you got it, it's requited, and the people's personalities are compatible (meaning they can compromise and are secure in their feelings. If they're constantly clashing, love alone probably wouldn't be enough), it's possibly one of the best feelings in the world (if opinions are to be believed). And I mean real love, not crushes/passing fancies. Some couples (some even here I think) have stayed together for years and are still loving each other. But if it's unrequited or the persons are uncompatbile/unsecure, it can turn quite nasty.
  8. Play violent bloody gory videogames.
  9. Unfortunately at your end? You need to be able to physically manipulate the game to fix it. You can try reinstalling the game though these problems tend to pop up randomly.
  10. I don't see how having nukes means people are getting more cruel. Technology has always been a double edge sword. On one hand, it can be incredibly deadly, like the the nuke on hiroshima. On the other hand, it can be benevolent like creating artificial limbs for people. Just because we have high tech doesn't mean people are linearly getting crueler. Also, I do not think any country with nukes will actually use their nukes as they will doom their own nation too. It's more of a deterrent rather than an actual 'rawr, I bomb you now!'
  11. @lehvus/craigers001: I can fix those, but I lack the resources right now to fix them. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get to them until late July.
  12. Are we talking about animal rights or people being crueler in general? I'm gonna go with the latter as I don't have enough time to get into animal rights: Are humans cruel/mean still? Yes. Are they worst than the past? You're gonna have to give data that surpasses the Holocaust, Rampant legal 'justified' slavery, etc. in mass cruelty before I can get with the idea that humans are becoming more cruel. Are they getting better? *looks over at gay rights slowly inching forward to acceptability, women getting rights, civil rights movement* Yes. We take a long time to get progress (Heck, I probably won't be alive for some of the stuff I wish to see like full LGBT acceptance) but we're inching there.
  13. Lol, it'll save you the disappointment when the 'left field' pairing is canon....or you'll be pleasantly surprised if fanon turns into canon XD
  14. heh, I think it's safe with the AV series to assume this: Any pairing the majority of fans adore, it's most likely going to be another pairing that's gonna be canon. AP: Devin/Talia = Fan favorite. Devin/Alicia = canon AV1: Rhen/Lars = Fan Favorite Rhen/Dameon = canon AV2: Ean/Iya = canon and...well not really fan favorite but no one objected to it. But no one cared about them much either. AV3: Mel/Eddy = Fan favorite Stella/Eddy = canon Three out of four games without fan favorite canon for main couples? Now that's a record lol.
  15. @ivana: I haven't played Dragon Quest, but DA is fun XD Oh, and I got one: In one of my games, my gal has about 10,000,000 gold on her back and 1000 pounds of equipment on (entirely by legal means btw). Yet she's able to fight and run as if she's broke and naked. Where does she keep it all and what type of strength drugs/potions is she on cuz I want some XD
  16. Dragon Age: Because they're made by non-magic humans and Dwarves can't use magic. Being even slightly magical means you're gonna get dumped into a tower for the rest of your life, assuming you're not a Dalish. So no, majority of chests in that game aren't enchanted or special in any way. Hence the fanmade mods to break all of them with smashy fists! XD
  17. Naw, the chests are plain ole non-enchanted wood and you got xx sword of invincibility. Smashiness should be enabled (and is thanks to certain mods heh.) I mean seriously, I have a ~10 foot golem on my side and a puny chest is just begging to be smashed. But of course, I can't.
  18. Eh, I have a logic issue more with why I need to open a chest with XX key instead of smashing the lid open but you can't satisfy everyone lol.
  19. Eh, I don't get why 'dead' status is so jarring. It's just one of those rpg things, like why I can travel from one end of of AV to the other tend and back 20 times but is still only 1 day game time. Or why our characters don't ever need to eat/sleep/use the toilet/etc. I'm fine with dead/knocked out/incapacitated/fainted. I really don't pay attention to the wording since in battle, it means I'm down a fighter and need to do some reviving asap.
  20. "I thought this thread was for games/various media in general and not Aveyond specifically? That's why I brought up the zany love dodecahedron, because some games can insert that into the gameplay without treating it as primary issue." I assume it was, hence why I put in a general gaming paragraph before the AV one. Romance dramas could work in games but you need to put in a lot of effort to actually make it good, especially if you have multiple love interests in the game. For example, Mass Effect 2 had about 6 Love interests and almost all of them were good. (Sorry Jacob, you're just not that interesting. ) AV isn't one of those games.
  21. I'm hating how trite this sound but I'm bad with words: I'm sorry for your lost.
  22. Romance drama could work in a game, but only if sufficient work is put into it. Let's say there's a love triangle. Scenes would need to be written for how they all got into the triangle, the tension/limbo state, and finally the conclusion where one of the persons is rejected. It get's even more complicated if there are more points to this love polygon. Since AV tends to treat romance as secondary (maybe even tertiary priority), I don't think AV can handle anything more than a single love triangle if even that.
  23. Low amounts of people or if there must be a lot of people, make sure they know the rules and that one sentence posts is not role playing. Oh, and someone needs to have some type of plot in the works as I've played no plot rps and they tend to go no where. Though, I can't really talk as I think the longest one I was on lasted for a couple of months. *thinks back* ugh, my newbie RP days were horrible writing.
  24. Still a pixel too big. Now it's 440x136.
  25. your signature is too big. 440x135
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