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  1. @d_a: Ah, the good ole Lars/dameon 'debate' thread. Is it still around in SH? As for my comment: I meant that both Dameon/Gyendal only wooed the girls to use them for their plans. So any attraction 'points' between Gyendal/Dameon and their respective girls were red herrings and only meant to distract. Except apparently Dameon actually fell for his girl while Gyendal didn't. Shrug
  2. KTC

    Hovel of Stuff

    Some pics that didn't make it to my deviantart (I should probably place them as scraps or something): Meeting your AU self oh my! Kissy times ;D
  3. I used to RP a lot, but I've pretty much retired from it. Why? See below: I struggled a lot to keep up with RPs with 10+ people where it's very easy to get lost in the dust unless you RP 24/7. Then there are the one on one posts that go on for pages meaning waddling through pages of stuff that has nothing to do with your character. Next there were just bad rp-ers that got on my nerves. One short sentence cannot possibly describe everything your character is doing. Other players constantly took over my characters even when I complained. Still others just completely ignored my characters when I attempted to interact with them. Very frustrating. Lastly, right now I just lack the attention span to RP for any long amounts of time. When I can't even get my muses to cooperate with me for drabble writing, I definitely don't have the attention span to stay with an RP. RPs I like: Fantasy hands down. Modern is too close to real life which I'm trying to take a break from and I never got into SciFi all that much.
  4. Though Lars only calls Rhen a dog in the very beginning before his character development and I believe he even apologizes for acting like a jerk which Rhen accepted. I mean, it's pretty much confirmed they've remained good friends even while Rhen's getting slavery abolished IIRC. Dameon being a gentleman was akin to Gyendal's wooing of Mel. Red herrings seemingly abound in both cases though apparently only true in one of them.
  5. @adept: "'Die for our ship', yes?" Definitely XD @amaranth: so....crack pairings? XD
  6. @d_a: Lol! XD Anyhow, subtext hunting is fun yes? :3
  7. @theone: "but the setting of the Old age here on Earth is the same as that of Aveyond, sans the magic and the demons" ^ I again point to my statement concerning rules and how real life rules do NOT apply to a fantasy world like AV. We cannot assume any of our rules applies to theirs. I'm not saying AV4 has to have a gay pairing. I'd like to see one but I know the likelihood of that happening is low to non-existent and I've accepted that. But you canNOT say that the AV world is for/against gays simply because there's no evidence either way.
  8. "Aveyond, as in the world, is set in Medieval times. That's a big no-no setting for a gay pairing. " ^ er no. Aveyond is set in Aveyond times. Medieval time rules only apply to settings that are actually in our world during medieval times. Clearly, AV is in it's own little world and runs on its own rules so whatever rules we follow in our world doesn't necessarily apply there. See the continents constant reconstruction every few centuries. That did not happen during the medieval times. Or for a more serious example: marrying for love. In medieval times, you married to extend your family's wealth or keep the wealth in the family. Love didn't mean anything. Nothing in the games suggests gay pairings are bashed in the AV world.
  9. "Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against straight pairings, but a possible gay/lesbian romance in an RPG would be awesome." <- This. One of the reasons why I liked Bioware games so much. Pairings I like: Well, lesbians/Gay ones (Teijal/Rhen) first. I do subtext hunting often enough that it makes L/G couples more interesting to me than straight. Doesn't help if the subtext couple in question always interacts with each other and any opposite sex partner usually are one night stands. Romance to develop: Throughout the game and there's meaningful interactions between charas. Also, if romance is to happen, than drop hints that there something between said characters. Doesn't have to be Anvil-grade screaming from the rooftops. Subtlety works wonders. It's a big reason why I prefer Lars/Rhen to Dameon/Rhen. Dameon came in late in the game and the love declarations were so left field. Lars/Rhen at first despised each other but gradually came to respect each other and Lars even showed some jealously toward Dameon. No preference on the PC status other than they interact a lot. "Do you like having a choice of who someone should be with? Collecting gifts or doing little things to influence attraction between people? Love triangles, with a little jealousy thrown in?" ^Yes to all of that. It makes the player more invested in the romance, even more so if breaking up with someone to get with another has lasting consequences for the game. Pairing personalities I prefer: Not sure. It ranges from being the couple clashing like no tomorrow (even to the point of trying to kill each other and being mortal enemies) to awkwardly talking about shoes/hair/science and giving sideway glances. Common denominator usually is that none of the people in the coupling are weak and they had personalities. Reason why Ean/Iya was so boring to me was because both characters are wallflowers and uninteresting. They don't have Rhen's rawr, Talia's witchiness, or Mel's spunk.
  10. I don't care if an ending is happy, bittersweet, or pure angst. I care it's well written, has closure, answers questions instead of raising more (especially if it's the end of a trilogy), doesn't mess up the game's universe as we know it, and doesn't pull a deus ex machine out of nowhere. Do I regret playing a game that has a bad ending? Yes. I put in hours of my time into a game that doesn't deliver. It feels like a betrayal to fall in love with the characters and than have a big middle finger be your ending. And for the love of goddess: DO NOT PUT A, "Buy our DLCs!" AS THE LAST SCREEN OF AN ALREADY BAD ENDING. That's just rubbing salt into gaping wounds. Why yes, I'm still bitter over Mass Effect 3 ending. I haven't touched it or any of the ME series since I finished it several months ago. The ending basically amounted to "Nothing you did matter. Everything is screwed." *flips table*
  11. Hmm, that would explain why I'm a little flat *pokes self*
  12. What cha get when you mix a sloth, panda, and chicken together?
  13. KTC

    Hovel of Stuff

    Er, I never said I felt bad/sad about them. I have acknowledged they are bad and moved on to other things I enjoy more, like photomanipping.
  14. KTC

    Hovel of Stuff

    Thanks Amanda @binas: Bleh, they are bad but they make excellent warning signs lol.
  15. KTC

    Hovel of Stuff

    First off, my horrible pencil drawings to scare away people: ~2006-ish. 2008/3/22 6:54:22 2008/5/24 20:36:54 Next up a crude animation I did for a W/W Contest way back: Still here? Okay, some stuff that I'm okay with: SIGNATURES: Contests and Request siggies Personal Siggies Cara Kahlan and their respective good/evil counterparts. *looks at it* yep, still like it lol. Rawr Pirates! Meeting your AU self oh my! Kissy times ;D For more eye scarring drawings and manips of women, check out my deviantart account Here.
  16. KTC

    Role Playing Index

    So you want to role play as a warrior, cat, elf, etc.? Where here's some RPs to try out. Mind you, most of these are ~active-ish so please read the first post of each thread in case there are any restrictions. If players want to add summaries about what each RP is about, feel free to post here and I'll add it. Otherwise, I'm just going to provide the link. "Where the Words Go: An Amaranthian Tale" RP Thread Where the Words Go: An Amaranthian Tale (RP Sign-Up Sheet) A Brief Guide to RP'ing A Wonderland RP? Aftermath - A Free Jousting RP Aveyond Academy RP - Coming Soon Baka Rangers Assemble!!!! >:3 RP Thread Calling All Baka Rangers! (sign-up sheet) Belon's curse (RP link) Blevia (RP all are welcome) Bubble baths (the soap opera RP) Careworn: Simple RP (INFORMAL) Charon 5 (official) Children of the Eye – RP Thread Children of the Moon [Discussion Thread] Children of the Moon [iC Thread] Chnge The Destiny Rp DL-RP Dragon Lord Academy Finals : An RP Quest Duskwood High ** (Vampire RP Disscussion/sign-ups) ** Duskwood High ** (Vampire RP) ** Elvarica vs. Daemonia (Open RP) Enter an RP Tournament Galdoon (Character sign up!) Galdoon (The Angels Clash!) RP Guardians of the Seventh Relic...A freeform RPG Guild Life Journeys :: RP Sign-ups and Discussion Guilds Saga- A new RP? SLOTS ADDED! Guilds Saga- RP Thread Harvest Moon RP [sign-Ups and Discussion] IMPROV QUEST! AN RP WHERE THE AUDIENCE PLAYS! Kleptin's Fighter Pit Labyrinth rp Layman's Guide to Roleplay Legends of Nerimue- RP Magic, Demon, and ect. R.P Meranian Crystal RP Sign Ups Meranian Crystal RP Thread OPEN RP! EVEN THE AUDIENCE PLAYS! Pokemon (fan) RP R.p about Teen life Riddle Palace - A Riddle RP Ridgaellan Prep- A curious RP Roleplay Revival!! RP Fan Gossip & Discussion Thread RP- "The Last Stand to the Land of the Dead" RP: Aveyond: The Sword of Shadows RP: Moonas Jurny (sign up) RP: The Medical Field Run Away.. Or Die Trying [if in this r.p read this as soon as possible] Run Away.. Or Die Trying- R.P Run Away.. Or Die Trying- R.P (Remade) Runaways RP Shichi Rangers (sign up) Spirituallya Academy - a rp- NEEDS MORE PEOPLE AND TEACHERS! The Asylum Escape RP The Children of the Eye – RP Sign Up (Warnings) The Fate of Jumi's Race - RP Thread The Fight for Independence -RP (open spots) The Future of Witchcraft (RP) The Master RP Sign Up Thread The Master RP Thread The Quest to save the Queen- Adventure RP The Rollercoaster RP Rollercoaster RP [sign-up sheet] The Supreme Evil (open RP) The Supreme Evil (RP Sign Up) The Three Sides - RP thread The Three Sides RP - SIGN UPS!!! (STARTED!!!!) The Unexpected (RP Sign Up) The Wars of the Roses RP? Vampire Territory -r.p Velacia RP - RP Thread Velacia RP Sign Ups 2 Velacia RP- Sign Ups Verite -- Danse Macabre RP Waves of Destiny Waves of Destiny : Discussion and Sign-ups thread Witchrot (RP) Wonderful Objects [RP Help] ALIGNMENTS [url=]Aa[/url] [url=]Aa[/url]
  17. Naw, you only have 769 stuff in the collegium lol.
  18. er, rps aren't moved to SH. They stay in HBT.
  19. Hmm, so would all the RPs going on in the HBT be moved here? Also, edit function is missing.
  20. And the edit button is missing in this thread Oo
  21. Nice! Would you prefer one person sticks to one thread (ie posts all their artwork on one thread), or one thread for each artwork? edit: I miss you edit function
  22. KTC

    Hate crimes

    @kenneth: All gay people aren't part of the community. Closeted people do not want part of it, 'converted ie I was once gay but due to xxx camp am now straight' aren't part of it, haters who are secretly gay want to destroy the LGBT community, etc. Also, how would that community help you out if they aren't there in your location? Not every place has a strong LGBT community where there are allies to help you. Some are very conservative/fearful/hateful that being out will be very bad for you. I feel bad about using theone again to make a point, but he said that in Pakistan being out will pretty much put you on the streets and paint a large target sign to humiliate, harass, and kill. If you have a community present in your area, than good for you. But not everyone is as privileged as you and therefore shouldn't be encouraged to do something that might get them killed. Sides in the end, we're looking at this from opposite sides of the spectrum: While I may be loud about rights online, you can bet that I would grovel/hide/etc. if it meant keeping my family and myself safe. You're more inclined to be "out and proud, to devil with the consequences" even if those consequences can be very bad for you.
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