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  1. The first time when I came across the Aveyond series maybe about 10 years ago, even for now, I'm still quite fund of it. The novel based on which is all what matters, really enjoyed all these stories. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the help, I have just received the letter with my new key. Have had a good talk with you.
  3. My paypal account was connected with my credit card, which expires at 2024.5. Yesterday, I've just paid back with the currency calculated according to my country. The bank cost me 6.88, which is definately more expensive than the market.
  4. Yes, I did. Then the page redirected to BMT Micro order, I finished the purchase with my paypal account.
  5. Finally I have to post it here, since I've received no reply to solve my problem over 24 hours from support@aveyond.com. The day before yesterday, I purchased the key for Aveyond 2 but officially downloaded software didn't seem to consider my key as valid. My Order ID: 41785615, Order Number: 2017-0202-0156-04-338, The administrators here can check it out to see if I'm not telling the truth. The name in this key totally consists of Chinese charactors which I reckon is the very reason caused this problem. Here, again I ask for a tiny assistance if the person in charge would help to change my name for registration as Archonei, and generate a new key for me. Many thanks.
  6. I've purchased one. You guys have really done a very good job. At the beginning, I think you are trying to make it much more like a movie that almost made me forget playing. This series have changed a lot, which is definately a bold move. However, the stories, are made much more imaginative and at the same time more realistic, sort of time have changed, so does the game anyway. I'm now trying to pace myself so that the game won't be walked through very quickly. Love it, just wondering where should I get the following updates and goodies if there is any, and the methods to install it.
  7. Count me in. I'm a big fan and hope maybe some advices will do.
  8. I would like to. So, maybe some personal opinions not technically, but about some part of the stories.
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