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  1. I haven't found such a setting in Tapatalk, so I guess it must be me having Windows Mobile. As much as I know, the writings under the post appeared only for those who had an Android.
  2. That's what made me worried me in the first place. Hopefully it's just due to the operative system, not due to the malfunction of the device.
  3. I have just noticed something weird, and I don't know whether it is something site-related or the problem with my phone. I'm using a Windows Phone and have been answering to posts with it via Tapatalk a couple of times. The weird thing is that it is never written that I have used the phone to submit under the words in my post, like I have seen it done with another members who have used their phones. Is it a problem with me, or someone has just changed the way the posting works?
  4. It will be hard to pick up something that is *not* a mistake. - I was searching for flowers like... too long for me to count. - Searched an entire night for Veldarah. - Wandering around aimlessly and accidentally stumbling upon insanely high level monsters. - I couldn't figure out that I need wax for the monster, so I was getting frozen endlessly. - It took me two weeks to get a pomegranate. - I tried to beat chickens with a stick... Oh, and Lorad too. - I kept forgetting the boat. - Staked all the vampires... duh... - Filled up my list with all low level classes. - Leveled up like an insane thing just to get Elini... Not my fault, she wanted experience. - Went to visit the vamps without the necklace. - Couldn't tame the dragon for a week or so. - Duh, overlooked the dungeons I had to finish to save the druids. - Getting defeat gazillion times. As for the other Aveyond games, there weren't that much mistakes, just missing a quest or two.
  5. If you have fought the demon it's the end of the game. No more progress is supposed to happen story-wise, but you can still play and end some unfinished quests. By the way, does anyone know what exactly Luba does to betray the party? I never found any information on it except the letters in the cave spelling out that Luba is a traitor.
  6. Who wouldn't want to test this? I know that my chances are slim to none, but I'm signing up anyways.
  7. I love the layouts and the color scheme. Still have to check will it work on my phone. Don't know much about the old site, but judging by the listed things it sounds fun. I'd like having such additions.
  8. Hi, I'm Ana, 21-years-old, and in love with RPG games since I was a kid. I'd been lurking around this site for about a year or so, so I decided to join. I love Amaranthian games for their funny characters, engaging storylines and pretty graphics. I know there are more modern graphics out there, but I'm a fan of older ones, especially those for RPG Maker XP. In fact, Aveyond was the first RPG I'd ever played. Hope to have fun here and get along well with the other members!
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