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  1. shadesofgrey00

    Sword Singer Melodies

    Thank you!
  2. shadesofgrey00

    Sword Singer Melodies

    I figured this out late on my second play through. Anyone have an idea of how many there are or the locations? I can only remember a few.
  3. shadesofgrey00

    Attraction points

    So I did all of the things for Boyle in the spoiler but I only have 5 attraction points. The only one I don't remember getting a message about the attraction point is the second one. Did I need to do something after completing it, or should it have been automatic? Edit: I found it. Apparently I didn't save it after I did 5 so I had to redo it. Second question: Anyone know if anything is possible between Myst and Robin? They are adorable
  4. shadesofgrey00


    Okay thanks. I was in the 40s so its probably just me using not a good strategy. I'll try mixing it up a bit. Its helpful to know I'm more than strong enough to manage it
  5. shadesofgrey00


    I'm having the same issue. The dolls were easy and I'm able to remain healed fine. But when he does that fury heal it undoes everything, even the devastation spell. Any idea what ballpark his hp is? Or what level you were when you beat him? So that I know when to come back.
  6. shadesofgrey00

    Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

    I'd be up for beta testing. I've done it for another independent game developer but never for you before.