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  1. Great game, totally worth it, will play again! Thanks Amaranth I expected nothing less! Sorry for lack of a more detailed review but I'm lazy.
  2. I can't find where the portal before Ulrock is to make Robin's sword anybody remeber where it was?
  3. I have defeated all five demons but I only have two blood of ancients where do I get the third one?
  4. Wow thank you jeez this is a great game but it can be complicated sometimes.
  5. So I have been trying to get a whispering Grub for a re size potion for a while now. I thought I heard that I need fang to get the whispering Grub so I started doing the Tor mayor quest line. ( I thought I needed fang because of some dialogue how fang could smell whispering Grub better than Myst can) But for the mayor I needed a agreeable potion which needed a moon tear which I found out I needed Hi'ber'u to get which is the whole reason I need the whispering Grub in the first place. So now I am back to square one, where do I get the whispering Grub?
  6. Thank you didn't even think of going there
  7. I have to get a moon tear for an agreeable potion but i have no quests that give me any clue where to get it.
  8. Thank you I didn't realize it was not possible for me to do it yet.
  9. Can't find the were bear entertainment but found the food and sleep.
  10. I am having Same glitch I will reinstall. Just finished downloading and reinstalling it didn't change anything. Any chance this will be fixed anytime soon? I'm posting in the technical support forum as well.
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