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  1. Just finished the Game!! have a bit of a question, Aveyond 4 was suppost to be on Mel was it? hope there will be a new one!
  2. Yea, I was lucky not to get involved in none of them, because I had run, without fighting them! but now arrived to hercules. Fisrt fight was ok, One Devastation and done dusted, but now the prob is when he uses the Gems. I used 3 times devastations but still not dead haha, plus using lots of demon food haha
  3. Need Help, just arrived at skull Mountains and there is hercules, but cannot go near him because, when I approach the skull minons, I get defeated. My team are Boyle, Mist, Phye, and Robin. How can I Defeat them. Thanks
  4. Hi I Found the bear before completing the 3 whereabouts, and now just finishe the quet of the whereabouts and told me to ue the Anti-Potion on the bear to turn him human, but now the bear is gone. What I'm Going to do thanks
  5. It would be awesome to try Aveyond 4 Beta testing before the release!! Been playing it since 2007. So.... Exciteddd
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