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    i like anime's such as one piece fairy tail and i love rpg games
  1. mourad la mou

    Getting Attraction Points

    hi guyd i have 6 points and i cant by the love potion did i miss something ?? the buyer keep telling me you are not ready for it nevermind i got it thank you any way
  2. mourad la mou

    the volt

  3. mourad la mou

    the volt

    hi guys i'm in the volt in chapter 4 it says "the king offer to trade clothing with the beggar" i searched all the forest and i didn't find clothing card . and the king's house riddle says " the bagger killed the thief with the dagger" and i can't find any dagger card !!! any help thank you
  4. mourad la mou


    thank you
  5. mourad la mou


    hi guys i have been in a fight with the werebear in the top of the hills but he is too strong i cant beat him he kills myst and robin with a single hit can some one tell me what to do ??
  6. mourad la mou

    A bit stuck...

    thank you guys this topic really helped me
  7. mourad la mou

    Paladin Trainers/Crusade Grounds

    thank you soo much guys
  8. mourad la mou

    Paladin Trainers/Crusade Grounds

    i got three badge and i spoke to her again and she said "did you fail the tests yet " and boyl replays "no " and she said "shut up you " and of the conversation and now i dont know what to do
  9. mourad la mou

    Paladin Trainers/Crusade Grounds

    hi i did fought all three but i don't know what to do next can you help ?
  10. hi having fun whit aveyond 4

  11. mourad la mou

    It's here! ... almost!

    sooooooooooo excited just one day
  12. mourad la mou

    Aveyond on Android

    that's a shame RPG on mobile will be awesome
  13. hi i'm so excited tomorrow is the day !!!! aveyond 4

  14. mourad la mou

    Midnight's Blessing 2 is out!

    cool i been waiting for this game so long