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  1. Thank you for your answer, I'll wait patiently then.
  2. I sent my game so Amaranth (Amanda, I guess) could check it out. After I pressed "submit", it said I would be contacted in one week. It's been 8 days since then and I didn't receive any email or anything. Yes, I always checked the spam mail box and there was nothing. Did I do something wrong? In case the staff or someone responsible for testing the games sees this, my game is called "A New Gospel: Primal Darkness"
  3. That didn't answer my question. It's done electronically, okay, but could you give me more details?
  4. How does it work? Do they transfer the money to my bank account? How much of the money will I get? I live in Europe, will it work the same way? Tell me everything, please. P.S.: I don't know if this is the right place to post this. Sorry if it isn't, I'm new here
  5. Is it a resource from other person used without permission? A plot ripped from another game? I'm in doubt because I'm almost finishing my game and I used a few resources, like sprites, battlers, music, etc... from other people (with their permission and they will be mentioned in the credits, of course) and I don't know if I should check that box that says "This game contains no ripped resources".
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