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  1. So I remember there is someone that mentioned swordsinging in the early stages of the game. But I can't find that person no matter where I looked... Spoilers please???
  2. Yes, I have unlocked all the 3 colored doors. So how do I unlock the chest in the King's house? Please don't double post. ~Mopiece
  3. Hi guys, so I am stuck on the riddle from the house of the king in the Daintree forest but I have unlocked all other houses. So is there a specific card I am missing and which cards are required to unlock the box? Thanks
  4. She doesn't do anything after I pick them up. My cauldron is ideally holding the resize recipe but nothing seem to work for me right now. I am starting to think of this as a bug...
  5. Yeah... I can't do anything after picking them up and thats whats making me stuck on this game for hours...
  6. I have that But I can't get them seem to work... All I can do is to pick them up and thats it...
  7. Maybe I need to cancel the resize potion which is being brewed right now. Spider eyes are part of that but how am I supposed to cancel the brewing potion?
  8. Actually I have all the ingredients, but the weird thing is that "nothing happens" when I try to make the potion or add any materials to it...
  9. Thanks again. If thats the case, then I don't need the tear yet. However, I am stuck on the quest to even obtain the agreeable potion even though I have all the materials and recipe...
  10. Thank you very much for your help!!! I have agreeable potion quest and Mayor's enemies quest for now. I have the recipe and spider eyes for the potion. However, I can't get access to the tear of the moon as I stated
  11. But I can't even get into the Mudsludge swamp because of the Demon
  12. Is the tear in Divisive thicket then? I keep on falling into the ground...
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