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  1. Did anybody else click on the merry-go-round in the backyard at the End of the World, with the fervent wish that Boyle would climb on and go "Wheeeee!" and go around a few times? I did. I clicked several times, each time with the diminishing hope that it would actually happen. (Myst and Ingrid on the see-saw would have been good, too.)
  2. Pretty sure I got all of them. I'll have to check into that.
  3. When I first arrived in Hanalia, I wandered up to the castle and decided to peek in the cave before going to visit the King. I go in and click on the gate. Boyle says, "It's locked." Then, Myst says, "Robin! Why don't we use the key we found in the Gingernut Cave?" I thought, "Who the heck is Robin?" And nothing happened. So I shrugged and went on. Eventually, I found Robin and did the whole Gingernut Cave thing (and got a bunch of keys). But now when I go back to the cave in Hanalia, Boyle just says, "It's locked." So I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be able to unlock that door at this point? Am I missing a key? Or did I somehow lose the ability to use that key after the first weird conversation with a character I didn't have in my party yet?
  4. I'd love to beta for you guys! Such great games.
  5. Discovered a small glitch inside the cottage when one is searching for the pieces of the firewood. In the display at the bottom where it shows which pieces still need to be found (and the found pieces are marked with a red X), one of the wood pieces is incorrectly marked off. Am I explaining that right? What happened was I found a piece of wood that appeared to be the "end" of a log (a round piece with tree rings visible). However, the same piece in the display list at the bottom remained "open" (meaning it showed that I still needed to find it). I'm guessing the other piece got marked with the X, because I was sitting there trying to figure out where the round-tree-ring piece was (thiking to myself "I'm SURE I already found that one!"). In the end, I noticed a dark piece that looked like bark - it was X'd off as found, but I clicked on it and completed the FROG scene.
  6. Oh, well, I love the HOGs, so good to know. Still...can we get some new words? (LOL)
  7. *Rage wanders back into the forums, flushed with success because she FINALLY beat the darned Orc Castle quest in GoN* Hang on a tick....so what's the game coming out in winter 2011? It's got the words "Twilight" and "Dark-something" in it....it's not part of the Orb series? (Obviously, I have yet to complete the series, as I just beat the stupid orcs....)
  8. Rabbit, I didn't have that trouble with YDF at all, and my home machine can be pathetically slow at times.
  9. There's nothing wrong with diversity either.
  10. YAY! I give a poem I get a release date.
  11. OK, you asked for it!!! A Gypsy's Poem by Rage We’re waiting for “A Gypsy’s Tale” We hope Amanda will not fail. She first said May, and now it’s June, The best we’ll hope to get is “soon.” If you’re anything at all like me, You’re sitting, waiting, patiently, For the magic moment when We’re allowed to travel to Hamlet Brenn. A mystery, an evil power, And secrets trapped within a tower. Humans, fairies, serfs and vassals: (I only pray there’s no ORC CASTLE!) Hopefully soon we can all start to grin When we finally get to meet Reylin! Now....about that release date....
  12. A poem, eh? Well, if that's what it takes....LOL, give me a few and think up something.
  13. I'm known for my patience, but I think that since we're already 5 days into the month of June, we should have a game by now. (I tease; seriously, just waiting patiently.)
  14. That is an unusual dream experience, TF (seems better than calling you "The Fool"). I don't think I've EVER had a dream where I've switched perspectives. I've been debating for some time about doing a guided meditation with my hypnotherapist regarding the "unfinished" dream. I don't know why I've been so hesitant about it; maybe there's something there. I'm not sure how much of a dream expert he is, though we've touched on the subject before. I might have to ask him about your perspective changing dream. Intriguing. As far as "almost dying in a dream" - yeah, been through a few of them. I save myself rather frequently, as I have a lot of lucid-dreaming periods, and that gives one a measure of control, though I usually just force myself awake if it's too terrifying of a nightmare. A number of years ago, 9 or 10, I was going through a difficult period (long story) and my doctor prescribed Remeron, an anti-depressant. Well, the only thing it did for me was make me eat and sleep....and not dream. I know that scientists say that we ALL dream, every night, but don't always remember them. Some people remember more than others (obviously I'm one of the remember a lot more type of people), but for somebody to say "Oh, I never dream" isn't accurate. The brain dreams on purpose, even if we don't know what that purpose is. However, I truly believe that the Remeron eliminated my dreaming. I didn't like being on the drug anyway: it didn't help, I gained 35 pounds in 2 months, and always felt like I was merely an observer in my own body. I felt so disconnected when I was awake. And the drug really knocked me out at night: I would sleep so hard, for so long, if I didn't need to get up, I would just sleep. But no dreams. Perhaps it is true, that I just did not remember my dreams. It was a very strange sensation, after 2.5 decades of always remembering dreams and very vivid technicolor dreams at that, to suddenly have no recollection at all. I felt...well, quite honestly I felt like I did not know who I was. We stopped the medication. It wasn't doing any good, and the side effects (non-stop eating & sleeping) were VERY concerning and bothersome (and that's an understatement). As soon as I weaned off the drug, my appetite returned to normal, all of the weight melted off me as quickly as I'd put it on, and my sleep habits stabilized. But the dreams did not return. It was a full YEAR after I stopped taking Rememon that I started dreaming (or, as a scientist would correct me, once again remembering my dreams). However, the lack of dreaming after being on that drug scared me to death. I felt cheated, or more like robbed, as if a special, sacred part of ME had been forcibly taken. I almost felt as if I'd been violated. But the did return, thankfully, and once they did it was as if they'd never been gone. That experiece is one of the reasons I'm VERY hesitant with medications, as I don't want to lose that part of myself ever again.
  15. I don't much care for my flying dreams. I dream frequently and vividly, but thankfully not often about flying. I never have wings in my flying dreams; it's just me, in my regular human body. But right about the time I figure out that I'm both dreaming AND flying - lucid dreaming is very common for me - I fall. I always hit the ground. It's always concrete (like a sidewalk). And I always wake up with that ache in my lungs like I've just had all the air pushed out of them. (I don't think I've ever woken up dead, but you never know. LOL) Now, oddly enough, when I do deep theta-state meditation (which is about as close to sleep as I can get without actually being asleep), I love to fly, and do so consciously, willingly, and joyously. I either fly as myself or as a winged creature, usually either a bird of prey or a dragon. Scarier than flying dreams are pre-cognitive ones. If you've never had one, I can't begin to describe them. As the name implies, you dream of something that you will later encounter in real life, in the future. Obviously, you cannot know that any given dream is "pre-cognitive" until you actually experience the reality you dreamed about, but the ones I've had (two) both have extremely similar "sensations" (it's the only word I can think of) than my other dreams, even the ones I remember for a long time, don't have. The memory of those 2 pre-cognitive dreams is also very similar, extremely vivid and detailed, even for such a vivid dreamer as myself. I remember every single detail, from the texture of the mortar between bricks, to the color of the eyes of the big dog that met me by the mailbox. Both of them have "come true" in a sense...well, that's not entirely accurate. The second one I had barely a year or so before I actually experienced the things in the dream. Everything was there: the car I purchased, the dog, the size, shape, and even the wrapping paper on the Christmas present. Even the guy on the tandem bicycle. Watching all of these things come into my life - and remembering them from the dream - is beyond bizarre. But there was a sense of finality - of closure, of understanding, with that dream. It's as if something inside me were saying, "Yes, you understand. Now you can move on." The earlier dream...I don't have that closure. I was 8 years old the first time I had the dream, and it returned to me twice after, identical in almost every respect (but one, and I'll mention that later), the last time being when I was 14. (I'm now 36.) I dreamed of the high school I would attend...but it was in a city I'd never heard of, in a state over 1200 miles from where I lived, and certainly wouldn't have consciously imagined ever going there. I dreamed of the main starway, the cafeteria, everything incredibly accurate, down to the painting of the school's mascott, the Patriot, on the wall by the stairs. The really odd thing about that painting is that while it was there the 2nd and 3rd times I had the dream (1986 and 1989, respectively), it wasn't there the 1st time (1984)...with good reason. It was painted in 1985. I still have a feeling of expectancy that goes along with the still-fresh memory of that dream. As if there's somethig more for me to uncover, something I need to learn before I can move on.
  16. She's honestly not worth the energy you are wasting fretting over her. She's rude, yes, but thank your lucky stars she's not malicious or violent. In my school days, I had classmates who spread vicious lies about me, to other students and to teachers, in an attempt to get me in trouble (or, in one case, to get a seriously violent student to threaten me with bodily harm). I know it's seriously annoying and would drive anybody schizo, but the best way to beat her - truly - is to just ignore her. So she doesn't provide input when you are paired with her to do work. Fine. Beat her at her own game by asking your teacher to swap pairs. Say something like, "Julia (or whatever her name is) is not taking this assignment as seriously as I am. I would prefer to work with a partner who will focus on the task at hand and work with me to do a good job." If the teacher tells you to tough it out, then state that you would prefer to work alone, as you do not want somebody else to take the credit for your hard work without contributing anything of their own. Any teacher worth his or her salt will figure out what you are saying. If they argue that part of school is to learn to work with others, your rebuttal should be that it's not: you're in school to LEARN, and how will your partner learn if YOU are doing all the work? You have a right to not have your work stolen from you, which is essentially what she is doing by refusing to participate. But she's not worth the hassle, honestly. Tough it out until the end; hopefully you won't have to deal with her next year.
  17. Rage

    Romantic Advice?

    Rage is also 36, so she has some experience under her belt. If it helps, pretend that you're auditioning for a movie role or a part in a play, and have to really "put on" your casual attitude. It might help control the nervous-nellies.
  18. Rage

    Romantic Advice?

    Are you on speaking terms at all with Terry? As in, do you ever say "hello" or chat between classes? Why not try the casual approach? "Hi, Terry! Excited about the upcoming vacation? Got any big plans for the summer?" As the conversation moves a bit, perhaps toss in, "Well, maybe we can hang out or something, go to a movie." His acceptance or rejection of this will probably tell you something, and you don't have to get embarrassed about it or worry what others will think. Keeping the entire conversation casual and friendly can help disguise your true motive. If you suspect that perhaps your personalities may clash, the best way to find out is to hang out casually, as friends, for a while, before making a decision on "asking him out." You never know: he may not have looked at you as relationship material, but after being friends and casual for a while, he might change his mind. And remember that we girls tend to take commitment a bit too seriously sometimes. Why start to date a guy you don't know if you will actually be compatible with? Date a bunch, just casually, before making any decisions. Why not? Guys "date around," so why shouldn't we chicks? Also remember that sometimes a little "resistance" can go a long way. If you're know for just casually dating and don't seem intensely interested ("seem" being the operative word) on nailing down a boyfriend right now, guys do tend to be more interested and might actually start to pursue you. Good luck!
  19. Perhaps a bit late weighing in on this one, but I thought I'd toss my 2 cents worth in anyway. I loved YDF and play it through several times a year. A couple of ideas if a re-release/update/whatever is considered: 1. Possible name change? I was never keen on the name. Perhaps something like "Mocha Mayhem" or "Coffee Craze" or something? "Enchanted Coffee Shop" even. (I personally like "Mocha Mayhem".) 2. More or different power-ups for higher levels. Pogo's bakery shop game "Crazy Cakes" has powerups you can get when you serve customers quickly. Things like a one-time "fill selected order immediately" type of thing. Customers who are satisfied could leave either a tip or a "bonus gift" of a powerup. Or, purchase power ups with your tips, like the decorations. 3. I really like the ability to create your own recipes. It's creative and fun. However, in order to play with your own recipes, you've got to create a LOT of them or your game is going to be BO-RING. Perhaps, during regular game play, you have the option of creating your own drink recipe to come into play in future levels (or import a recipe you've gotten from somebody else). Sort of integrate the story-line gameplay and the "your own recipes" one. (Plus I LOVE the idea of trading recipes on Facebook.) 4. Actually purchase upgrades. Each "day" has an earnings goal. Why aren't we using that money, like in Cake Mania? Let the player choose which upgrades to purchase (extra blender, bigger choco grinder, etc). I know that some upgrades are necessary for game-play to continue (vanilla grinder, etc) but those could be required purchases, like the type in Farm Mania, meaning you have to actually purchase them before the other upgrade items are "unlocked" for you to buy. 5. An "End Day" button that will end and save your day once you have reached your earnings goal. In the lower levels, when the recipes are few and easy to remember, I often end my day early. But when the recipes get more complex, I often want to play a bit longer to practice. However, sometimes I get to the point where I'm done practicing, but I can't end the day because I will lose my progress, even though my earnings are complete. Also, sometimes when the "Closed" sign appears, and I finish that last order quickly, I have to wait for the timer to run out. That is rather annoying. The day should end automatically if the Closed Sign has appeared and the last order has been filled. Not a big thing, though, really. But it would be nice.
  20. I might be showing my age with this, but how many people remember the original Oregon Trail game? In my elementary school days, Oregon Trail was loaded onto a honkin'-big computer thing on cart that was wheeled from classroom to classroom. Each class got one week out of the month with it. It had educational games: math, science, language arts, etc. If you got through all of the games, you got to play either Oregon Trail or this other game whose name I cannot remember, but it was something with a dwarf and a mine, I think....gosh, it's been a long time! Ah, the brilliant glowing green text of the monochrome monitor shines like a beacon in my memory. I can't recall the exact tidbits that I learned from playing Oregon Trail, however the one thing that stands out in my mind is that I always - ALWAYS - wound up dying of dysentry. Or maybe it was cholera. It was funny that this topic came up in the newsletter, as I've been playing around with RPG Maker for a while, trying to come up with my own tangential learning style game. Unfortunately, while I am a brilliant writer and a not-so-inherently-bad programmer, I absolutely suck at graphic design. If I were to ever actually sit down and do this game, it would probably consist of a stick figure walking around a white screen with witty dialogue and informative side-notes.
  21. Today, on "How It's Made"...adventure games...magical orbs...aaaaaand forum explosions.
  22. I feel like I'm in a Mythbusters episode. "Today on Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie see just how many Aveyond fans they can cram into a forum...before it explodes. And to give it just enough OOMPH for Adam, Jamie plans to ensure a new game release at the same time."
  23. Hey, who stepped on my foot? Watch it, will ya? *oof* Ow! Quit sticking your elbow in my ribs. Getting a little crowded in here, isn't it?
  24. G minus eight minutes, thirty-two seconds. (G for Gates)
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