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  1. Thank you, Katikitt. I think I'd describe it is....gaterific!
  2. I also put it up in the Collegium, for prosperity. Or posterity. Whichever comes first. Ode to Gates
  3. tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick... tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick... tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick... tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...
  4. Hmmm...Just 16 hours until GoN is released. As I will probably be fast asleep at that time, I hereby humbly offer my poetic contribution to the final countdown: ODE TO GATES When one thinks of “gates”, the obvious choice, Is when a fence is in need of a door. But you’d be surprised, if you just look around, There's a half-dozen options or more. Here’s one: Dr. Robert Michael Gates. He’s U.S. Secretary of Defense. He studies the maps and moves all our troops Before the big war can commence. And then there’s Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Who got involved in a dispute and a brawl, When he said the police were acting all wrong After an innocent 911 call. And if you should visit Kansas City, KS, And need something tasty to chew. Out of hundreds of restaurants for you to pick, You ought to try Gates BBQ. And who can forget the big man, Bill Gates? Of him we’re not always so fond. For it’s his name we curse when our new PC Has Vista and won’t run Aveyond. And if you’re in need of hoses or belts Or hydraulics anywhere in the nation, You don’t have to worry, they’ve got you covered: They’re known as the Gates Corporation. And, finally, for all you intelligent students, Living somewhere outside the U.K. If you want to attend Cambridge U, The Gates Scholarship is most surely the way. But out of all these gates, Only one can truly excite. For me, only one gate matters: It’s Aveyond: Gates of Night.
  5. Oy, 48 hours? And I haven't written my pre-release poem yet! I'd best get a move on! (Never fear, poetry freaks. I'll have one done by tomorrow!)
  6. I suppose you'll all want another poem for the GoN release? I'd best get started.
  7. Ummo: Thanks for the keyboard shortcut for the Items menu. Will be helpful. Kirroha: I hadn't gotten far enough into the game to have found the Hatchery yet, but once I did arrive, I noticed the option. However, the tutorial led me to believe they were a very rare commodity (which would mean non-purchasable). tiniponi: Thank you for the teaser on the monster-avoidance item. Curious: if I have the item, will it always work or can I activate/deactivate it as needed? (I'm assuming it's an on-off type of thing, but wanting to confirm). My favorite thing is when Te'ijal calls Galahad "Crumpet." Makes me giggle every time.
  8. Now that I've had a chance to really spend some time with the game (and get thoroughly trounced during the finaly battle, LOL), I'm going to comment on the regeneration of enemies. I have mixed feelings about the partial regeneration of enemies on easy and normal modes. On one hand, it makes it easier to get around, especially through the lower-level areas where you're obliterating each enemy without even trying. On the other hand, it makes leveling up slightly more difficult, because I sometimes have to go hunting for something to slay. I don't know if it's possible, but a feature for future episodes/games might be to have enemies vanish from areas once your party has attained a level that pretty much makes the enemies pure hassle rather than a way to earn experience points. That way, you could move through those lower level areas without spending your time battling monsters that don't give you anything worth your while. Leaving the enemies in harder areas intact would make it easier to level up and gain experience. I know I could use the transport system to get around instead, but sometimes that's not an option (and sometimes I just like walking through the maps, because they are so pretty). Just a thought.
  9. This isn't a "bug" per se, but really just a minor thing I noticed. Didn't know where else to post it. When Mel first arrives in Thais and goes to see Headmaster Ulaf, Edward speaks up for her as possibly fitting into Professor Gray's class. One or two of his speech bubbles (when he describes Mel as being able to blend into walls and that she "fits the criteria" ) are labeled as "Headmaster Ulaf" instead of "Edward," even though it is clearly Edward who is speaking.
  10. There is that cliffhanger bit. I get a bit frustrated sometimes waiting for a new book in a series to come out. However, if new chapters do come out every 3-4 months, I don't think I'll fret too much. It beats waiting 2-3 years for a new one. I'm going to reserve my final judgement on the chapters issue until three or four have been released. It's really hard to tell how the frequency will impact playability.
  11. Now why didn't I think of that? Deactivate Galahad. *hits forehead* I sold the cursed armor I found so I'd have funds to purchase food to keep them alive. Well...hmmm...I might just start the whoel game over again. We'll see.
  12. I'm not anywhere close to finished yet - just haven't had the time to really sit down and focus. I'm currently having a devil of a time trying to keep Te'ijal and Galahad alive long enough to get them to the Overworld. Anyway, I gives what feedback I can right now. STUFF I TOTALLY DIG: 1. I love the music. It's awesome and captures the spirit of the locations excellently. Props to Aaron Walz! 2. The scenery/maps are beautiful. The artwork is amazing. The colors are rich, the detail amazing. 3. I like the "disappearing corpses" feature, wherein they vanish once you've collected your loot after battle. Nice touch. 4. If I read it correctly during the tutorial, battle experience is earned by ALL characters, including those in reserve? That is a terrific feature. Love it. Of course, I'm not far enough into the game to HAVE reserve characters...but when I am, I know I will love it. QUESTION: does that work the same for resting? If I go to an inn, will my reserve characters' stats refresh, or will I need to switch my party and rest again? 5. The plotline switches (from Mel to Te'ijal and back to Mel again) are unique, interesting, and give an challenging twist to the game. The only thing that concerns me a little bit about that is that - for me, at the moment - I am stuck, as I cannot keep Te'ijal alive long enough to get her to Overworld. Those little green things keep killing her. In previous Aveyond games, if I knew where I needed to go to advance the story, but the monsters were too strong, I simply went out and hunted up a few more levels until I was ready. But I can't do that now. It makes it more of a challenge, definitely, and therefore more interesting. But I may completely change my mind about that if, by Sunday night, I'm still stuck and have depleted my food and money supplies to where I simply cannot continue. STUFF I'M NOT TOO KEEN ON: 1. The order of the menu items (not the menu at the bottom of the screen, but the menu you bring up when you click Escape). I prefer to use the keyboard controls when playing Aveynod and the "Items" menu is halfway down the column. A bit of a pain to have to hit the arrow key to go down every time I want to use an item. I would prefer it if the "Item" menu item to be closer to the top. This is not something that is totally ruining the game for me, it's just a mild annoyance and a preference. 2. Green Warp Eggs. I like the idea, but are they supposed to work every time you use one, or are they a random event? Reason I ask is that I attempted to use one during the first plotline switch, when Te'ijal was trying to convince Galahad to help her. Those skeletons were destroying Galahad and I had nothing to help him with, so I tried to warp out of there and it did not work. Now, given the extended scene that happens after that fight is over, I wondered if perhaps the egg was disabled for that particular battle, so you wouldn't miss the scene. If that is true, and the eggs will work all the time during the rest of the game, then I like the feature just fine. However, if they are a random event, then I'm not really liking the idea of something so rare being so random. If I could purchase a bunch of them at a store and they were random, well, that's OK. But randomness and rareness just don't go together.
  13. In AV1&2, if you had a "clothing" item (not necessarily an armor item), you equipped it using the "Item" menu. Examples of this would be: student and sword singer uniforms and ball gown in AV1, and Iya's traveling clothes in AV2. However, in this case, the "dirty clothes" are actually armor and provide protection. They aren't just for looks.
  14. I will definitely write something...once I've finished more than about 30 minutes of the game, LOL! However, I'm loving it so far. Is there a thread already in place specifically for feedback on the game here? I've poked around a bit and don't seem to see one.
  15. Re: Strategy guide - this seems to be picking up in popularity for the more complex games. I see quite a few over at BFG - Return to Ravenhurst, for example, had an extensive one. I think that while yes, you could find some things free on the forums, it saves you the time and sometimes hassle of searching and reading through page after page of posts that don't apply to what you're searching for. And it's all packaged in one handy little convenient place.
  16. I know it's separate, I just wanted to say something in case somebody else has the same problem. For me, switching card helped, and maybe that's what would work for somebody else. Now if I could just download the game, I'd be set.
  17. Wasn't sure where the correct place to mention this is, but I had trouble with the Plimus site when purchasing my key. Four times it refused my credit card: not that it said the card didn't work, but it kept bringing up the message that I had not filled in a required field, and that field being my credit card number. I re-entered the number several times, being careful to check the numbers. Each time it indicated that I had not filled in that field. Finally, I switched from my Visa to my Mastercard and it worked. I don't know what on earth the problem was - my Visa is certainly valid and the number was correct. But I just thought I'd mention this here in case anybody else runs into the same problem.
  18. Honestly, the first thing that came to mind is a stuck hot-key that corresponds to the journal - but I'm not sure if you can even open the journal with a single keystroke (instead of going through the menu.
  19. Great poem, Qwillie. Perhaps next week will you write "Ode to the Aveyond Addicts"?
  20. Kinnison: I copied the instructions as I found them. No mention was made as to whether it was Vista or XP.
  21. This is true, I agree. However, some of the drivel we were forced to read was simply awful and I couldn't for the life of me figure out WHAT it was supposed to represent. Especially some of the early American writers. Ugh. The Scarlet Letter does have those qualities you mentioned and so it makes for a good "classic" to be considered required reading. And I liked it too - it was far better than "Billy Bud" (which I couldn't get past the first paragraph of). But sometimes I wonder if "they" pick some of these novels merely for the pretentious factor. LOL. Getting back on track: I'm thinking that it (Scarlet Letter) deserves a re-read. I've been looking for new material and it's been 15+ years since I picked that one up. I'm gonna go find it again.
  22. I guess it's worth a try, but I'm thinking since the power indicator flashes on the drive that the port is functioning. Out of curiosity, I did a spot of research to see if there are other answers out there. One approach I found suggested this: 1. Insert thumb drive 2. Right click it in my computer and go to properties 3. Select the hardware tab 4. In the "All disk drives" list, ensure the usb drive is highlighted 5. Click the properties button to open the properties for your usb drive 6. Select the Policies tab and ensure that "Optimize for quick removal" is selected and not "Optimize for performance". 7. Choose "Optimize for quick removal" option if that is not the case and click okay to save your settings and close the properties window. //Assuming your usb drives partition is now corrupt 8. Go to Start->run 9. Type "compmgmt.msc" without the quotations and press "Ok" button. 10. In the computer management console's list on the left, go to Storage->Disk Management. 11. In the list of drives, right click your usb drive and choose format. The whole thing made my eyes glaze over, but it might be worth a shot.
  23. I had the same problem; I ended up just tossing the drive in the trash. I honestly don't know if there is a way to retrieve the data. My IT consultant didn't seem to think it was feasible. But you might ask around, check with the pros (those that deal with broken PCs and such).
  24. The Scarlet Letter was one of the more bearable novels I was forced to read during high school. The trouble with these "classics" is that they have little, if any, meaning for modern day students. What makes a classic a classic? LOL, I'd like to know if, seventy years from now, there will be a generation of high school students moaning about how unfair it is that they have to read through SEVEN WHOLE BOOKS and then right a report contrasting the conflict in the Harry Potter series. ROFL Anyway, back to Hawthorne: Dimmsdale was a bit of a hypocrite, wasn't he? But perhaps he hoped that if he remained anonymous, he could hope to soften the blow a bit for his child (and the mother). I dunno, it's been so long since I read it.
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