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  1. go to harakauna. talk to mouse. But you might need to do something first I don't remember what.
  2. I'll be sure to remember this and refer to this when I'm playing. Thank you so muuuch. :)
  3. I searched the FAQ for golden frog, that's how I found Baby Trade but there was n omentions on where to start (as of all other side quests) so I asked. And I'm pretty sure I'm missing some quests as well. there are 'correct' decisions to be made! Oh that means more variety for me! yeah~ I'll definitely do a separate save then. Thanks for reminding me!
  4. well I didn't buy the strategy guide.. ^^ I would like to try the game on my own lol. Thanks for the baby trade one. I missed that out.
  5. Okay. I'm on my side quests now and need some help. They were enjoyable. BUT!! I need help on finding more sidequests. I really don't want to travel here and there so I would be happy to know what I've missed. What I need is where to start the quest. I have done many sidequests already, like golden frog (have not found yet),tutor, pixies completed, the man who speaks in riddles. I thikn I still need the "Stop Baby Trade" side quests. I've been through the cities but I missed something or someone. I just do't know who. I would also be happy to see a list of all teh sidequests if someone is willing to do them.
  6. does anyone has the link to the zipped/rar file of the maps. I really don't want to downlaod them one by one.. thank you
  7. it's the crowbar? you can find it in the palace where all teh treasures are. explore.
  8. and by the way, it wo uld be great to name out all teh areas. that's what maps are for. ^^
  9. just a thought, woud be great if all the maps are zipped and available for download without having to download individually ^^ and thank you for this world map. I needed it.
  10. Oh!! I found them!! thank you!! Strange that it would be different ^^ Thank you soo much!! Thank yoU!!1
  11. yep, i followed what you typed and there was no save folder. I think I give up.. Thanks for all the help.
  12. The run method doesn't work, it syas folder doesn't exist. So I tried Application Data. There is a folder for this, but there is no "Grimms Hatchery" O_o This is so weird. All my other Amaranth Games or games I got from here are inside, like the Aveyond series.
  13. can you be more specified? I dont have a "program data" path. And I have searched "My computer" for any files and folder named "save_" There is nothing. Where do all teh save files go to?
  14. I know this is asked before, but the save folder is not in the appdata folder, neither is it in the /hatchery/gamescripts folder. There is nothing!! If anyone is still playing help me find it... thank you.
  15. Thank you! I'm at Faiara already, the monsters there are hard! Thank you guys. I love this forum.
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