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  1. How do you start Phye's list? Is it a quest?
  2. Have you talked to the elder oak after getting the other party members? Hint: the elder oak has a weakness for elves
  3. Oh okay I made the cookie Boyle before knowing there would be other options. Thanks for the answer
  4. Do I have to have all the attraction points for the character I want for Ingrid?
  5. But i put down the cards on the table, but the barrier is still there Oh, sorry nevermind i was just being stupid
  6. I know that I've seen a fan somewhere in a shop, but now that I need it I just can't seem to find it aging. Any clues on where it is?
  7. Image the quest to get it, and I found it in the shop, but I don't get the option to buy it. So how do I get It?
  8. Oh! I just assumed that the man wouldn't let me through. Thank you!
  9. I can not for the life of me find the gingernut cave anywhere
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