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  1. Lydia dresses

    you can with the magic amulet you get from the treasure island ( location of golden frog ). To activate it go to inventory and select the amulet. Now you will be able to buy both dresses and yes you have to have pemberly OR room in the castle
  2. Aveyond movie

    can you please send me the link so i can see him
  3. similar games

    is there any game that is similar to aveyond series with the same artwork ( i mean especially at size of the characters and look of the world map ) and that is not as complicated and long as 3 stars of destiny.
  4. Games Like Aveyond

    i know for two Midnights blessing 1 and 2 Vagrant hearts 1 and 2
  5. Aveyond movie

    Check this AWESOME picture made by fan it will be sooooo cooooool if there would be aveyond movie.
  6. Villain's Pendant

    In my final arena battle i used Boyle Robin Myst and Ingrid because her death spell worked on enemies
  7. Lydia dresses

    yes after you go on a small island near moo hantchery and kill the ghost that guards the gold and golden frog you will have some kind og green pendant in your inventory. Select that pendant and lydia will discover that she can charm edward. from now on you can buy booth dresses in each shop
  8. Rpg maker vx ace

    Please can someone tell me is there RPG maker where characters look like from aveyond
  9. Iya's dresses goodie for Aveyond 2?

    then someone should make one
  10. robin and his sword

    i did everything you wrote but i still cant make a key same as before
  11. robin and his sword

    oh no but i cant create key because it asks me to upgrade robin sword and i cant so conversation just ends without even mentioning keys
  12. robin and his sword

    yes her and thanks where is windy tower
  13. robin and his sword

    where can i find insert blade for robin"s sword and can he make any connection with elf mechanic and get any skill in battle
  14. magical walls around the island

  15. how to pass the pale white circles around the island and land on them