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  1. callmedan

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    UPDATE: Hey everyone! The demo will be available this Christmas
  2. callmedan

    Dear Aveyond, I will never forget you !

    @ReNoir She posted it on her Facebook. She’s now a senior software engineer in biotech industry, and she’s happy with it.
  3. callmedan

    Dear Aveyond, I will never forget you !

    Hey, welcome to the forum! The Aveyond series are a part of the childhood for many people. I think you haven’t heard the news from the developer. She has officially left the games industry. So, Aveyond 4 might be the last game.
  4. callmedan

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Well, I'm gonna finish the demo for you guys after the exam. I'm having the final exam on Nov 6th, so please be patient a bit more.
  5. I love your header! :kawaii-wave:

  6. callmedan

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    I have some updates for you guys and I also want to answer the questions some people asked me. Firstly,... WHAT’S NEW/CHANGED? - Keep all characters in the party - Turn-based battle system - New side quests - New areas to explore - Some minor additions to the story ----------- Next, please welcome our heroes back! ----------- Finally, I've been working on this project for a quite long time and I know that some people are very excited for it. But it would take some times to get this reboot done and also to make it as perfect as possible and I'm also busy with my real life. So, I have thought about making a short demo for it, then you guys can try demo while I'm finishing the whole game. But I'm not sure if I should create it or not. So, I will let you guys decide it. (Vote here: https://tinyurl.com/apredemo )
  7. callmedan

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    Aww, thank you @Mu11berry
  8. callmedan

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    I forgot to let you guys know that I created a topic on RPG Maker forum last month https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/ahrimans-prophecy-prequel-to-aveyond-reboot.97282/
  9. callmedan


    Hello! Welcome to the forums!
  10. callmedan

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Some new update for you: - We're having some new maps that didn't appear in the original game. I have done those new ones. - I'm currently fixing the old maps that are too big, too ugly and too different from the original game. - And another screenshot: Queen Vlissre of Venwood
  11. callmedan

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Thank you! @Mickychi I created those For the green orb and golden holden, I edited RMXP RTP and for the branches stick to it, I created it from scratch.
  12. callmedan

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    @Mayflower I don't want to give any estimate because things don't go as what I expect it to be But a new screenshot is okay. Here's the lastest scene I've done: Venwood Library
  13. callmedan


    Great! Thank you!
  14. callmedan


    Hello, I'd like to ask if we will have an action to create a minimap or we just create it with Unity objects like Image and Render Texture? Thanks!
  15. callmedan

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    @17gchartier It's a free game