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  1. Hi, just a quick update. The bad news is that the project is still at a halt due to my busy job. The good news is we’re having a few new soundtracks composed by Aaron Walz. I believe they would sound great. Sorry for the postponement and thank you for following this project.
  2. I had a few days off, so I made some graphical tweaks for AP. This is just a sort of a showcase, but I'm willing to share these if anyone want it, just let me know. - A new title screen and a splash image before it. Added an Options button. - New color tone for the water cave. Replaced the purple background with animated water tile. - New status bars. - Replaced chests and switches graphic. Using REFMAP chips instead of RM2k3 RTP, so it could match the map graphics better. - Other minor edits: Edited misplaced tile in some maps, edited indoor roof chipset so the corners match horizontal bars and more (that I don't remember)
  3. Nice! Looking forward to this. If the skill system is easier to use, I might be able to finish the game. Btw, I was about contributing some small graphical tweaks I made (eg: in some indoor maps, the roof corners don't match the horizontal bar), but then I saw the never happening section. Just out of curiosity, what is the tracking player coordinates for?
  4. Thank you all for your support! @diegorego75 The project is still frozen, FYI. Its status ain't changing unless I make an announcement and take down the word frozen in this topic's title. I don't know if it's because of my poor English or you didn't read my earlier responses, but I've said the project is frozen more than twice. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Also, I'm no one to tell you what to do, but if you want to do your own AP remake, I'd be appreciated if you do it from scratch, not modifying what I've done so far. Regards.
  5. @diegorego75You got my answer in my previous comment. I appreciate your offer, but I don't recruit people now as the project is currently frozen. Thanks!
  6. @diegorego75 What do you mean by "make some new updates"? If it's joining the team, I'm sorry but I don't recruit people, at least not at the moment.
  7. Hi! I'm sorry for being silent for a while. It's sad to say that the project is currently frozen due to my career change. I spend most of my time studying and practicing. I'll try to get back to this project ASAP and get it done. I hope you understand.
  8. I edited Rhen sword singer face a little to make it fit the one in title screen Edit: Here's the others for different stages of her life in the game. Villager - Slave - Student - Sword Singer
  9. A small additional cutscene I added into the reboot to make it a bit more interesting.
  10. You need at least 12 salamander skins in the inventory to have the hermit making armor. If it still won't work, it might be a bug. As @Scrivener of the Gods said, there's only one fight to free Vel in AP.
  11. I drew a portrait of Ean with a man bun & Iya's ribbon. I tried to mimic AV4 artstyle, it turned out quite well tho.
  12. @Hanahime Thank you! 1. We'll have 'Winged Shoes' later in the game, which lets player walk faster. 4. I'll see what I could do there 5. Ahh, my bad 6. Some dialogues are auto closed. Well, maybe I'll change it.
  13. @icyxivi I will tell the programmer about this. The solution for now is not playing the game in full screen mode. Also, don’t worry, I’m not native English speaker either
  14. @EsmeAmelia Thank you! 1. I've got a report about the zero damage before (yours is the 2nd one). I'm pretty sure that I fixed it before the demo release, but... well, I'll take a look again 2. I'll see if I could add more chests in the woods. Also, could you when the Elden music stops and does not play again? 3. My bad, I forgot to add them to the store process. 4. In the original game, there's only a bookshelf in the writer's house, and it's a tutorial about the battle system. Since we have another system in the reboot, so I'm finding something else to replace it. For the other things, I'll add them in the next update. Finally, it's a good idea for the changing outfit when Talia joins a guild. Well, it's not a problem for me to create more sprites for her, but not changing her clothes in the faceset would be sort of weird. Tbh, I've spent a bit too much money for this project (much more than what I could earn a year), and all those awesome facesets were made by an artist I hire. In order to ensure the consistency in the art style, I'll have to hire him again to create the variations. Eh~ Y'know, that's a problem for me.
  15. @crystalsilverwood Thanks! If you get any error next time, just let me know And as I've mentioned before, we will have Goodie Caves
  16. Thank you all! @Scrivener of the Gods Well, as the trees in Elden are 2 tiles width, so I let the player can walk around the trunk, just wrong priority setup Also, no butterflies are on the same layer as the player. If you meant those tiny yellow animals around the well, they're chicks. I'll try to find a solution for that, so they won't block the way
  17. I made an minor update for the demo. Please download it again and see if it works for you now. TBH, I hate it when my mistakes make players can’t enjoy the whole game.
  18. I just opened the download button, a bit earlier than I planned. You can visit the itch.io page and download the demo. https://anhdook.itch.io/ahrimans-prophecy-reboot It's just a short game, about 30 minutes of game play. I think it's enough for a teaser. And please note that I couldn't compress the Audio folder at the moment, so do not delete it or make any changes to it. Also, I'd love to hear your feedback about it, and please let me know if you find any bugs. Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas!
  19. Thank you all for your support! I created a page on itch.io for the reboot, where you can download the demo and the full game when it's finished. The download isn't available for now, I'll open it in the Christmas Eve in my time zone (GMT +7) So, don't forget to get there to download the demo in the next few days https://anhdook.itch.io/ahrimans-prophecy-reboot
  20. UPDATE: Hey everyone! The demo will be available this Christmas
  21. @ReNoir She posted it on her Facebook. She’s now a senior software engineer in biotech industry, and she’s happy with it.
  22. Hey, welcome to the forum! The Aveyond series are a part of the childhood for many people. I think you haven’t heard the news from the developer. She has officially left the games industry. So, Aveyond 4 might be the last game.
  23. Well, I'm gonna finish the demo for you guys after the exam. I'm having the final exam on Nov 6th, so please be patient a bit more.
  24. I have some updates for you guys and I also want to answer the questions some people asked me. Firstly,... WHAT’S NEW/CHANGED? - Keep all characters in the party - Turn-based battle system - New side quests - New areas to explore - Some minor additions to the story ----------- Next, please welcome our heroes back! ----------- Finally, I've been working on this project for a quite long time and I know that some people are very excited for it. But it would take some times to get this reboot done and also to make it as perfect as possible and I'm also busy with my real life. So, I have thought about making a short demo for it, then you guys can try demo while I'm finishing the whole game. But I'm not sure if I should create it or not. So, I will let you guys decide it. (Vote here: https://tinyurl.com/apredemo )
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