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  1. You have to find the werebear in the Gingernut Forest first.
  2. Oh, that's pain in the back.... I started that potion so long back, I don't know when. Might have to start all over.
  3. It must be Round of, yes. I think it was 200 and said Share it with your friends
  4. Hi, I started the wrong recipe and need to make another one first. But the cauldron is full and she asks for the secret ingredient (which I don't have yet) The undo vials are not helping either!
  5. I don't care about the ratings. After waiting for YEARS I'm still not disappointed! This is a great game!
  6. No... Didn't buy the scroll at night, not getting the night. Better read through the fora
  7. But the port woman says "No, trade only"! I'm stuck!
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