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  1. So I have Phye in the deaths of fire - need to find the black anvil.. I have no idea what to do.. there is the golden sword singer statue - what am I to do with it? Is it connected to the great elven tree? - is that the step I need to take in order to proceed with the quest?
  2. I am currently playing it on Mac OS - use Wine !! but it's much slower than the windows counterpart, noticeable but not too aggro
  3. Help please, I am on a quest to fight and turn back the wearbear, only I cannot find the cave that the rodents made...
  4. I've done the nightwatch first quest - was told about about the library. Keep looking for the Archives in the town .. cannot find it. A screen shot or something as such would be very helpful, as I've checked every building, or so I believe, and cannot find the archives nevermind, I found it. Completely forgot about this building.Thank you!!! Please don't double post. Just edit your post. ~Mopiece
  5. Thanks for the reply. That's the room I thought it was but it's different to the guide. I found the book of how to hide secret rooms.. but nothing is happening but the message appearing as to what the book is
  6. Where is the library? As I just cannot find it, have looked everywhere (clearly not).. please help
  7. Where is the library? Cannot simply find it.. help
  8. I have absolutely no idea how to progress. please help! I've gone around the system time and time over and cannot figure out how to progress
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