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  1. Thank you! I've been racking my brain. I went back there but I must of missed him.
  2. Can someone please just tell me what city or place I need to take it to? I just can't remember.
  3. No matter how I manipulate my character, I just can't get in that cave.
  4. I never really cared about a game's ratings. I've played some games with really low ratings that I enjoyed but obviously according to the ratings others didn't. That's what is so great about indie gaming companies. They offer demos and give you the chance to test them out. It's nice that companies like the makers of Aveyond offer the games on sites like Big Fish,Steam and Wild Tangent because I never would of heard of Aveyond otherwise. My personal opinion is if a game catches your eye give it a try and not worry about how many stars it has.
  5. Thank you! I don't know why I thought that was a store during the day. I totally missed the light on the sign. I already had enough trouble finding my way back to Tor and the back alley in Halaina. Thank goodness for forums!
  6. Banana boy told me to go to the empty house on the east side of town and talk to HIS boss. Which town? I can't get past the guy guarding Busybeak Hills. All in all I like this game. There are a few minor bugs. Mainly getting stuck in doorways which is solved by using one of the arrow keys, I usually use the down key. Sometimes the enemies bodies can't be found after a battle but that could be because they are drawn toward the character and you end up stepping on one right away so I end up fruitlessly searching for one I already scooped up. Sometimes the "corpse" is there but you can't collect off of it. But pretty minor bugs for a new game. The only big glitch so far was the cave by the castle in Halaina which leads you to the 2nd goddess statue. I got completely stuck in the doorway and unfortunately hadn't saved for awhile so I had to backtrack a bit for that one. I had quickly turned as I didn't want to go in it and that caused me to get stuck.
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