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  1. I'm really picky with classic rpg games and it seems like this genre is dying out. Obviously, Aveyond is my favorite game hands down. I've been lucky enough to discover Stargazer, Dawn's Light (although I hated the third one), Edolie, The Witch and the Warrior, Leah's Tale & Ella's Hope. Amongst others like Wind Child & Midnight's Blessing... well, what else? I play these games over and over. I'm disappointed that Aveyond has focused more on rpg making than actually selling games. I do understand that there's not a big market for it but I don't want this to die out. Share away if there's any great games like these!
  2. Actually, they haven't- especially with Edolie. You had the exclusive content and not even steam's $6.99 will tell me about the side quests & troll trees. I'm absolutely maddened. Wayback machine isn't allowing me to access this content either.
  3. There is no Edolie forum anywhere now. Eridani games is shut down. I'm soooo irritated trying to figure out side quests and troll trees.
  4. I got this right after I posted. I thought she was the mom all along.
  5. duh, thanks. I overlooked that! it was driving me nuts.
  6. I only have 4 cards- arrow, thief, archer & poison. I opened first door but now am stuck on everything else. What am I missing?!
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