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  1. Is no one going to talk about the fact that Boyle is probably a Darkthrop descendant!?
  2. If I uninstall and re-install the game, will I lose my progress?
  3. I try to craft the key on Phye's anvil but it doesn't give me the option. Whenever I try, the only thing he comments on is Robin's sword.
  4. Where can I find and inert blade for Phye so he can make Robin's sword?
  5. To be able to marry Boyle you need 7 attraction points, 6 minimum to buy the love spell
  6. The master tournament Phye's Redemption Send Galahad Home Demon Blood The Shadow Isles The dark god Kobold Stones New Preserves Priestess Collection Boyle's Bad Luck Boyle's Revenge
  7. I can't seem to get Ingrid to buy the gargoyle for Boyle and I need this to marry him. I walk up to the seller in Wyrmwood but it does not give me the option to buy anything other than the items on the table. Help? Thanks!
  8. No, I've already rescued the turtle eggs and now the birds have snatched the actual turtles. There are only two swimming turtles left and I take them where they're supposed to go and no sign of the turtles.
  9. Can someone please help me locate the snatched turtles? I've been looking all around Shadow Isles and I can't seem to find where the Burglar Birds have taken them. Do I have to unlock one of those weird portals to get to them?? Thanks!
  10. That's the one I can't go anywhere to because whatever was supposed to pull me back up is still there.
  11. Can someone please give me detailed instructions on how to get to Windy Valley?? I've been wandering the map for so long now and the only place I can get to is the small part of the Valley where you can't get back up to. Please please help!!!!
  12. Can someone give me the exact location of the person who needs the 6 grapes collected? Thanks!!!
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