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  1. where is this crop destroyer??? i only got a "witch doll" where do i give that?
  2. any help on how the room in wind tower that i killed crystallus looks like??? or i will kill him later??
  3. where is crystalus blood supposed to be? i go around and aroynd teh wind tower unable to find it any help here?
  4. i see the 3 lakes but i cant see the sparkles :/ any help on that? nevermind i got it xd
  5. my current status is militant squirrel 18% so u are telling me i have to finish the "werebear tracking" side quest in order to be permited to enter busybeak if i understood correctly????
  6. i have robin and im 18% militant squirrel but stil day or night the guard turns me away when i enter the hills! what am i doing wrong???
  7. what do i have to do in order to be allowed to enter busybeak hill???
  8. omg! ty soooooo much i think i entered EVERY building in the city except this one! ty XD
  9. if the halaina library is the first door at the left entering the castle ive found it, but it seems impossible to find the plans in there!!! pliiiz help me! it really frustrating
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