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  1. can you change the coven after joining one.
  2. got stuck at riddle 1. The Thief pays the archer a hefty sum, and vanishes into the night. 2. The Archer fires an arrow at the king, felling him with one blow. HeLP..
  3. i only have thief, archer and poison card. how many other cards are there stuck at house of thief riddle.. other two house are not opening
  4. did that still nothing looking for re-size potion any idea where to find the recipe
  5. stuck badly in this quest nothing seems to be working searched windy valley.. found a ginger bread house but unable to go there searched dragon wasteland mostly every city still don't know how to get there PLEASE HELP.. it's been 3 hours but no luck...
  6. Searched all over the mist mountain and misty realm still not able to find fang.. and unable to leave mist mountain without fang. Help.....
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