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  1. OMG! That did it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  2. Well, thank you for trying to help. I do appreciate it.
  3. Yes, the barrier is destroyed. I've tried closing and reopening the game. I've tried sailing up to the dock using both the mouse and the keyboard. I'm at a loss. :-( Is there another way to get to there? Through the mist? Merged posts. Please don't double post. Just use the edit button to add more information to your post. ~Mopiece
  4. I tried that. Still doesn't work. Sigh. And now I'm wandering all around Shadow Isles to find Kubala's cave to be sure I picked up the blood but I can't find that either. Maybe I should just walk away and come back in a couple of hours. OK, I found the blood in Kubala's cave. Now I just need to figure out how to get onto the snow island. Merged posts. Just use your edit button to add more information to your post. Don't double post. ~Mopiece
  5. Is the ice cave the one on the snow island? If so, I can't seem to land there with my ship. I sail up to it but I can't get out of the boat.
  6. I've decided to join Lorelai's coven but I can't remember where she is. Help?
  7. Oh, duh! I must have spoken to everyone EXCEPT him! Thank you!
  8. I'm close to finishing the game and am trying to finish up the side quests I have to do. One of them is the intermediate tournament in Tor and, I guess, the expert tournament. I won the beginner tournament but every time I go back to the tournament organizer all he says is "Bad Luck." Did I do something that won't allow me to do any other tournaments? Or do I have to trigger then next tournament in some other way?
  9. I got to the end of the world and walked through the house to talk to the carpenter. He sent Boyle and Robin to fetch water which they did. Came back down the mountain but can't enter the house. I get the little person icon indicating that I should be able to enter but for some reason I can't. I've checked that I do have the water. Was there something else we were supposed to do? Or is this some sort of technical glitch? And if it is, what can I do about it? I have tried going back to autosave which puts me back in front of the house but it just happens again. Thank you for any help or advice.
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