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  1. I wasn't really disappointed yet i won't be gushing about this one, hmmm...that would be green then? It took me a long time, around 30-ish or something and i feel sore and bone tired. You have no idea how many times i've missed having a handy speed crystal. I hate walking, really hate it. My favorite character would be Robin, isn't he just adorable? that i wanted to buy him a new collar and a kennel (insert evil laugh here) but seriously he was just so pure except his obsession with kidnapping but that was funny as hell. What I Like: First and foremost: Having the ship at your beck and call. Yep i was one of those dippies who got stuck because i forgot where i left the skudder or just forgot i left it on the other side of the world and i now have to repeat the whole game *shiver* because otherwise this will be the sucky ending. No more shovels (HURRAH!) It was really annoying to have to make a note on all those dig-ables because you can't have the shovel early on and to have to make an effort to come back to them only to find out that its just (then) useless covey balm or some other cheap good. Though i feel sorry for Myst. Isn't she the most abused character in the game? In my opinion more so than Boyle. I mean she's been thrown around, transfigured to slither through cracks and made to dig out holes, poor thing. The darn MPs Oh goodness, i'm just so happy that i don't have to spend so much on MP restoratives. In fact i don't think you have to spend anything on it. There's enough free covey balm to last for the entire game and for once covey is actually useful. Eye Candy So far the most visually pleasing Aveyond yet except the Shadow Isles, i really hated the constant downpour. It was just so alive and vibrant and it really kept me motivated throughout the game. The fact that the characters have alternate expressions is a nice improvement (less weird and makes for better believability when characters are feeling strong emotions) and the way they pop up on screen during certain exchanges is great because it makes the conversations harder to miss. The Plot Well this certainly felt like a more mature Aveyond. Well not in a sleazy kind of a way thankfully. It had more emotional weight and complexity than the previous ones. Its not just about having a choice to raze and rule the world in darkness or to fight the long arduous and expensive boss battles. It was less linear and more fleshed out and the conversations held more important knowledge than the usual banter and posturing exchanges. The MC Boyle. I love that he was so loyal to Fang and very sentimental about it and his relationship with Ingrid does feel like Galahad and Tei 2.0 and this time around i actually love both characters individually and as a couple. Galahad just felt more like an accessory and i never actually used him in the main party. What I don't like: The bugs & glitches I've never encountered something this bad or this many throughout the previous Aveyond games and it was just a little frustrating. A losing battle Some people were saying it had the hardest aveyond fights ever and i beg to disagree. See, i somehow got it into my little brain that Hercules was just a sub-boss and all my characters were under level 50 except Boyle at the time. I didn't get to fight Ice Tooth (not even his kid) or Crystallus and yet I beat Hercules granted it was just Ingrid left standing at the end but i really wasn't prepared, i had very few restoratives and yet i didn't get to use my myrica and tinctura but please in the first aveyond when I was this level it was a struggle even to beat those monsters in Ahriman's lair. Heptitus was more like Crystallus and i was also caught unawares but it was also tough to get through and i lost and had to gain more levels before redoing the battle. To my horror it just went a little bit longer until that boss demon got stoned and then it was already rolling into the final cutscenes and the credits and i was just left confused and very bummed out. Going places I thought there would be more cities and towns even likkle villages and different realms even biomes. There were just so few places to go and as ironic as it sounds even though i hate walking, i love exploring new places and it was a bit of a let down to know there were just few cities and it felt like Wyrmwood had so much unrealized potential. Variety in the places would've been great. The bulk of non-hostile non-humans were even smooshed between Ulrock and Wyrmwood which was such a shame. I really liked all those supernatural towns. Familiar Aveyond stuff Look I get it, it doesn't have to be about another prophesied chosen one for it to be Aveyond but there were so many nice Aveyondish things (that were common in the previous ones) left out. The versions of express travel for one thing (did i mention i hated walking?). The mist realm is ok but it can get confusing and i have to go round and round to find the right place so even if its free i'd still prefer the former as a means of traveling. The training schools and universities not for Boyle but for say Rowen. I wish it was a bit more challenging to get all her skills or at least more elaborate than clicking on a gold statue. The maps, okay they weren't all very useful to me but the world map was kinda and it would've given the whole thing more adventure-ishness. Oh and among other things Dragons! it was not fair to tempt people out when the characters would imagine riding a dragon and then providing not the coolest ride ever but more of a blow torch. Incongruous Hercules' being a human here just isn't in keeping with the series. It would've given the series more legitimacy if it had parallels plot-wise with the old games. I don't mean the Pendragon connection but just you know i hoped there it was more consistent especially in the little things. I need closure Whatever happened to the old guy in the house in Briar Woods if you chose to convince him to go to Windshire. I looked for him but he never did show up and that Wanted girl, i thought i'd see her again if you refuse to give in to the bribe. Oh and who is Scar really i didn't seem to have figured that out and it was a shame that Boyle and Ingrid were right about the mystic by the end and the badger he just disappeared all of a sudden. I know i said i liked the plot but there were just a few loose ends. All in all it was good game i just had different expectations and well it also had its flaws. I wouldn't be fangirling but no regrets here.
  2. Thank you so much guys, i decided to not use the strategy guide or any help for the first time who knew it could be so tiring but exciting as well at least up until the part where i finished the game prematurely because for some reason i thought Hercules was just a sub-boss *pfft*. Too bummed out and lazy for the moment for a repeat but thanks for indulging me. Now then its just the charcoal that remains a mystery.
  3. Ok so i have a few random questions and there might be SPOILERS so please don't read further unless you've finished the game and thanks in advance to anyone who'd be kind enough to answer: 1. Is the rooster in Tor at all significant to the game or does he just get alarmed when people approach like any regular chicken? 2. Is there any use to the lavender in Weeville? 3. The charcoal near the warning sign about demon portals in the "other" depths of fire area 4. How to purchase the other love spells in Ulrock? or are they at all available for purchase? 5. Are the totem poles in the Whisper Woods just decors? 6. Does Scar (you know the one who supplied kobold items to the dealer in Tor) ever reappear after you've finished locking up the mayor's enemies? I've just remembered I haven't figured out his real identity. 7. I've got "ancient trash" in my items menu and it doesn't show up when you're in the store, does it have any use besides as a saleable item? 8. Whatever happened to the wanted girl and the old man in briar woods? i thought i 'd see them again 9. and last and most important of all, am I the only one who thinks Chester looks a lot like Heptitus? I'm so sorry if this is really long, these questions have been bugging me and i haven't bought the strategy guide.
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