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  1. Long time player - first time poster I've really enjoyed the Aveyond universe. I must admit that Ean's Quest is still my favorite... in fact... I may play it again since it's been a long while Nonetheless, this was a pretty good game. I played without the strategy guide to force myself to work the problems by myself but will admit that I did use the forum when I got really really stuck which happened a few times and glad it did because if it wasn't for that I may have played non-stop It took me about 32 hours to play and I missed one of the Blood of the Ancients so I didn't finish that task. I'm pretty sure there is something else I forgot too but can't remember right now. I also realized too late (my bad) about the attraction points so I don't know what other endings I could have created - great! an excuse to play again Robin was my favorite character - so cute and willing to help and didn't let the negative comments bring him down. Really enjoyed his development and how he pretty much got along with everyone. I won the final battle with Boyle, Myst, Phye, and Robin. It was not easy but somehow it got done. Final Veredict: 4/5 (spoilers ahead) - Overall a very well thought-out game with a fun storyline and plenty of things to do. - I HATED THE BEARS! IMO they were unnecessarily hard and for nothing (where's the beef?) - I LOVED THE RIDDLE STONE - what a nifty idea to make it possible for anyone to find the goodie caves! I found one cave by mistake and finally figured out Riddle 6 way late in the game so I probably missed a few caves (I only got three). - WAS THERE A WORLD MAP? If so I missed it and that made playing really really hard... I kept forgetting the names of places or in which direction they were. I hope it was my mistake, if not... please never make such a complicated world and no map. - INSTRUCTIONS COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER - of course everything makes sense to the people making the game but some puzzles were crazy complicated. It took me forever to get how the swords worked in the dungeon - actually, almost everything about the dungeon was pretty hard; unnecessarily so IMO. - I LOVES THE RIDDLES I was really hoping for a dragon Keep'em coming!
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