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  1. Hello! In this year - 2016 - is someone who still play this game? I'm frustrated. I'm in Ordune and I couldn't pass the ball games (chamber with red switches on the floor and a black heavy ball). I play this game at "Easy" option and I'm frustrated because I have only 1 minute to solve the puzzle. At the "easy" option is very, very frustrated to have 1 minute to solve the puzzle. With 1 minute I'm not able to pass the puzzle. I hoped that in version "easy " to have more time available to solve a puzzle . With only a minute to solve them I not be able to solve any puzzle and I remain stuck in one place. It's no fair to remain stuck in one place and not to be capable to continue the game. Is by chance someone who have a saved point after the Ordune? I want to continue this game, not to remain stuck in one place. I appreciated any kind of help. Please!
  2. Let's continue with my problems... I managed to solved quest about exotic pet and other quest. Now I am at "Vault quest". I have this card: and in King house I have this riddle: and into the Vault I have this I don't know how to resolve my problem. Any helpful idea?
  3. I make a big confusion and it's all my fault. I cofuse Windy Hills with Windy Valley. I managed to find the end of world. Now I begin to be upset to that "friend" of mine, because I do not remembered some information. And now, after I finish The end of the world quest and after I will probably receive the tiny furniture, I think that I must return to Hiberu and I don't rememeber where I find him when he give me the quest about tiny furniture. I am so stupid sometime... ( I round and round in Boppity Woods and I don't seen any exotic pet. I think that in Boppity Wood I find the grape for one of my sidequest but I find 4 and I must find 6 and I don't know what I must I do or search. Thank you for all useful help. Your help is very, very precious for me.
  4. Very useful information for me and I am very grateful for this. I continued with my question: yes, I find the Windy Valley but I walk round and round and I din not find The end of the world. I don't know what I am supposed to do or what I've mist... Trade for Fang... is in town that exotic pet? Or I must walk in other place to find it? I am confused about that quest. And at last I was sure that Boyle's Revenge is near the end of games, but I have a long way before finish games, so I was patient. I returned to my games with this information and see what happen. If I have another problem, I return there.
  5. Merry Christmas! Forgive me for my bad English. I;m not English native speaker. I register on this forum because is my last option for the event happen in my life. A friend of mine bought this game and sent me as a gift for name birthday, but he forget to send me the strategy guide. What kind of friend is that? I was very happy when I receive this game, but becauste that friend I’am very… very stuck on game. My journal for Main Quest say: 1. Trade for Fang 2. End of the world 3. Boyle’s revenge And because of “that friend” I don’t know what to do and I cry so many times… And I still crying. Please, help me. I want to progress… I don't want to cry anymore!
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