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  1. Thanks for the info Mopiece. For some reason I must have dropped the 1st demonic sulfur in the cauldron way earlier before I got the second and third because I did revisit all three caves blocked by the white gates and searched. I know this because I did restart an earlier game (Current game was around 50 hours long, Earlier game was around 22 hours where I was doing the Wearbear quest) and due to knowing where to go, I found better armor and weapons earlier and was able to complete some of the tasks earlier. This time I made 3 extra save points first so I can try to see if I can replicate throwing sulfur in one at a time (each time saving before i throw one in, then leaving cave, saving, then exiting and restarting the game and repeating) I also just remembered that for the original save when I looked in my journal, I know I had the two demonic sulfurs but the quest still showed 0/3 collected. Before AND after I threw them into the cauldron. Could this be a glitch? Well. Whatever the reason, I am still glad I am playing this wonderful game and cannot wait to play again from the start in Easy and Hard mode.
  2. Hello all. I am in the process of getting into Ravwyn and so far I have completed many different things like defeating Arinya, Crystalis and Icetooth. I have collected 2 of the 3 Demonic Sulfurs but I cannot for the life of Boyle find the last one. Is it possible that If I have found it already before finding the other 2 that I might have tossed it into the cauldron and it can no longer be recovered if I saved after doing that? I have tried after getting the other 2 sulfurs to save before tossing them in the cauldron (they disappeared from the inventory) and it still asks me for sulfur. So I exited without saving and restarted at my last saved point (thus never tossing in the sulfurs). I believe I have exhausted all my options and am here to ask for help just in case I have missed an area where Phye is needed to get through. Thank you in advance.
  3. My main quests is to finally go to the Shadow Isles and I would like to complete some of the side quests still showing in the list. 1) Archaeology - I have found the place and have no problem here. 2) The Dark God - Cannot complete this to find water in Busybeak Hills unless I have access to Busybeak Hills first. 3) The Expert Tournament - Will try to complete this after getting strong enough to defeat the Werebear. Edit: Nevermind the above. It seems that after researching Gingernut forest, I found one hidden bug that brought me up to 21% militant squirrel, Then when I talk to Banana Boy he tells me I have reached a new level and can finally enter Busybeak Hills to do another werebear salve quest. One bug made the difference for me. Onward......Now!
  4. Thanks Argoyle. I followed your steps and found there was no narrow path to go through. Just the smaller bone ladder to the west and to the east a bone ladder that led to a water area with centipedes. I saved just outside of wasteland at north entrance (sorry about not taking a screenshot) and decided to copy save files. I uninstalled the game and Installed the game again, copied saved files back in once I reached Myst Valley area. Restarted game and followed your steps again and YAY! I saw the narrow path. Thanks again. You saved me from this 'lost' cause ;D
  5. I am loving this game. It's very challenging without help from this forum but I love the task. I have hit something that is either a glitch or just not enough info to help me find Lorelai in the Dragon Wasteland. On my main tasks I show the "End of the world" and "Shrink recipe" tasks. I have scoured every place I can walk in this wasteland and I see there are places I can't reach that have chests and bags. I have killed centipedes and Kobolds over and over. Checked out every place I can that have bones big and small and I cannot find Lorelai. Is it possible she is in one of the Kobold caves? Maybe she is in another place like Briar Woods or Windy Hills? Any help will be appreciated. Spent about 90 minutes on this task continuously and 3 days on and off with no results.
  6. Thanks a Lot Mopiece. I have been through that town so many times but only went up those stairs once during nighttime,
  7. Currently, i have the "Werebear Tracking", "Legend of Crab Island", "Find a Ledger" and the "Intermediate Tournament" as the side quests. The "Castle Plans" is the only thing in the main quest (Except for Boyle's Revenge - which is the only permanent one until end of game) I've searched every nook and cranny of the castle and talked to all I can in Halaila (Day and Night) but no one is selling or offering a "resize potion". I guess I'll head back to Tor to get the Ledger and try to complete the Intermediate Tournament until then. Thanks, HunterReese.
  8. I have gotten well into the game. I have started the Night Watch tasks and am up to the part to bring the three things the Werebear needs. I have found two of them. It's food and it's bed. I know where the 3rd one is but I cannot go there because I need Phye in my party. Can someone tell me where to find Phye and will it be during the day or the night? Thanks in advance.
  9. If I were to be a character in an RPG world, I would probably be a half squirrel - half cyborg human. My duties would be to electronically scan all who enter the realm to detect possible attackers. I'd also be responsible for creating inconspicuous weapons like exploding acorns, bloodhounds that cannot sniff for blood, thus making their searches faster, and maybe time portals hidden in pies.... ...or maybe I'd be one of those people in the background that when you click on me to chat, I'd say "Clicking my character assures your 'DOOM!' " Or maybe a spotted pony. ;D
  10. Hello all. I'm ba-ack! From my username, you might remember my original I created back just after Amaranth Quest was out and Aveyond was in Beta. I'm sorry I could not bring back my "KennySouPk" name due to overwhelming spam and hacked attempts. I haven't been in here since medical issues changed my life in 2010. I would occasionally peek in here to see the progress made on this site. I missed it so much but my heart still remains embedded in the roots of Amaranth. (My body limbs were unfortunately scattered around by my squirrel army before they deserted me.) So as long as Amaranth games exists, so will my love for this place. Live long and Try/Buy these games!!!
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